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I want to know has anyone ever heard of someone who claims to be pregnant with a cyst in the fallopian tube as well as the fetus being in the fallopian tube have you ever heard of a doctor putting that person on bed rest can the fetus survve ? Can the pregnancy go full term?

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This person is a 46 year old woman who had an affair with my husband and now claims to be pregnant by him every time is something new she is saying is wrong i knew it was a lie all along she is supposed to be due in september so right now she should at least be 4 or 5 months along and i just never heard of anyone living let alone giving birth to a child i just dont understand why she would play games like this with someone's emtions as well as someone's marriage how do i feel ? I feel like someone ran over me in a big truck we are trying to make it i am rying to work thru a few things by myself with prayer and guidance

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well Ive heard of cysts in ft and Ive heard of tubal pregnancies but no I dont think a doc should let that person be pregnant it can cause that person to bleed to death as baby grows.

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From what I know (disclaimer: I'm not a health professional) that is pretty much impossible. The fallopian tube is WAY too small to house a growing baby. Because of the major threat to the mother's life, I would think that any dr. who put a patient with an ectopic pregnancy on bedrest to wait it out is (IMO) crazy!

I have actually heard of it.
Here's what I copied from wikipedia:

On 19 April 2008 an English woman, Jayne Jones (age 37) who had an ectopic pregnancy attached to the omentum, the fatty covering of her large bowel, gave birth. The baby was delivered by a laparotomy at 28 weeks gestation. The surgery, the first of its kind to be performed in the UK, was successful, and both mother and baby survived.[9]

On May 29, 2008 an Australian woman, Meera Thangarajah (age 34), who had an ectopic pregnancy in the ovary, gave birth to a healthy full term 6 pound 3 ounce (2.8 kg) baby girl, Durga, via Cesarean section. She had no problems or complications during the 38 week pregnancy.[10][11]

These are both non tubal ectopic though so it's a bit different. I don't believe that there would be a chance the baby or mother could survive a full term tubal ectopic pregnancy...
As for cysts I don't know of any specific cases but I'm sure its possible. Stranger things have happened I think...

Hope that Helps


I think if the fetus is in the fallopian tube, it will unlikely survive, then if the tube ruptures it could be fatal for the mom. That's my understanding.

Just had a conversation about this 2 nights ago...a friend of mine-her sister in law recently had emergency surgery b/c she had a tubal pregancy and started bleeding-there was so much blood they couldn't tell which tube the fetus was in by ultrasound. I have never heard of a tubal pregnancy that didn't end in miscarriage. Bed rest won't change that in the least!

I have heard of someone having a cyst in the fallopian tube while pregnant and being put on bed rest to monitor the cyst. I have not heard of anyone being allowed to continue a pregnancy in the fallopian tube as this can lead to lots of medical problems or even death. If this is really the case, I would insist on a second opinion from another medical practice. Good luck.

I have always heard a tubal could be fatal to the mother, when the baby gets to big the tube can explode.

no but if this is you I would be going to the doctor ASAP good luck

Yes there have been cases of cysts in the fallopian tubes. However, an ectopic pregnancy (fetus in the tube) will not survive, and may cause very dangerous health risks to the mother, as well. The cyst in the tube can also endanger the patient's life, as the cyst may grow to the point of causing the tube to rupture, thereby causing extreme pain and possible hemorrhage. While bedrest may help the cyst to reduce, it is not safe if there is also an ectopic pregnancy involved.

well Ive heard of cysts in ft and Ive heard of tubal pregnancies but no I dont think a doc should let that person be pregnant it can cause that person to bleed to death as baby grows.

if the zygote is in the fallopian tube, the mother requires immediate medical attention.

I haven't had any experience with the cyst in the fallopian tube, but I know that if it is a tubal pregnancy it can't go full term. The tube will burst once the fetus gets to a certain size, so I think it is impossible to have a viable tubal pregnancy.

There is a wonderful website that might help you deal with the affair and the fall out.
It is http://survivinginfidelity.com

I have not heard of that. I had one pregnancy that was ectopic and the Dr told me there was 0 chance of the baby surviving and could cause the tube to burst which will cause complications. I'd go for a 2nd opinion.

Hi there,
I know that the egg usually gets fertialized in the tube and than moves to the uterus and then attatches to the wall and grows. A fertialized egg does not have room to grow in the tubes and can be very serious.


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