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Second Baby Shower with Second Child??????

I am a mom to an almost 5 year old boy and am expecting a baby girl at the end of October. My son and new daughter will be five years apart. My close friend wants to throw me an intimate baby shower for this pregnancy because she feels having a girl after 5 years deserves a bit of "showering." I feel a little awkward as I have read in the past that two showers is tacky. Her argument is that because I have no "girlie" things and much of my old gear/equipment is ruined through three household moves, she believes it's ok to have a small shower with close friends. (It's totally true that we are out of the baby loop) So, I feel torn...especially about making a registry!!! Any thoughts??

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I have two kids and I had a shower for my second. I did not have one for the first because I lived away but my co-workers had one for me.

My first was a boy and second was a girl. So I understand and yes...have another shower. It's not tacky. It's fun. baby equipment changes and safety regulations usually get better so go ahead and enjoy this pregnancy...register!!!

Who cares what people think. Celebrate!


I just attended a neighbor's 2nd child baby shower. It wasn't tacky in the slightest (she was having another girl, but the sister was 5 or 6 yrs older). EVERYONE loves shopping for baby stuff and seeing all the new little baby "garb" items they've come up with (in this instance you'll have to ask for the "little sister/big sister" items as well! Relax and enjoy. If anyone thinks it tacky, they need only attend and they will realize, hey, this is kind of fun. If only for a reason to party, have a great time and enjoy!

GO FOR IT!! You deserve a baby shower....after 5 years and now a girl I think its fine....we gave my close friend a shower for her second daughter...her kids were 7 years apart and much had changed since the birth of her first...dont feel weird or torn...Again I think you deserve it!!

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When I got pregnant with my forth, my friends did the same for me, but it was a surprise. We planned a girls night out for dinner, and they showed up bearing gifts. Personally, I don't think second baby showers are tacky,as long as they are kept to your closest family and friends. However, I wouldn't go as far as making a registry. I would just hint or flat out tell your friends what you need. You already know about the shower. If it's only a couple of people, just pick 3 or 4 big things and everyone can chip in. The "girlie" clothes and stuff will come when she actually arrives. My friends got me a high end diaper bag, a bathrobe and slippers for the hospital, a basket of newborn neccesities,and a gift card for Babies r Us. Believe me, small get togethers are great. I also hosted one. I made a special dinner, and we all just hung out on the couch, laughing and talking about old times. That was great too! Whatever you do, good luck and congrats!

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Enjoy this time and go for the "spinlkle" Here is a little poem we used for my sister in law's shower and she was in the same boat.
Pins, Diapers and Bottle Galore
Kristin and Ed are having one more
Big Brother Ryan has plenty to share
This is only a "Sprinkle" to show that we care
Please Join us to celebrate before she is due
Let's be sure she's wearing PINK, not blue

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Hi B.,

congratulations on pregnancy and for having such a good friend who wants to celebrate your impending girl.

i had 2 showers. first was bigger and more people. second was because i will have first boy in 2 generations of my family!
so my mom wanted to do something nice for me with a few of my friends at a restaurant. it was special. no big party, but i did need boy things for sure and its nice to welcome every baby in some way!

Hey Rockin'Mom, first of all whomever told you that a second baby shower is tacky is completely wrong. Seriously? Last I checked EVERY baby is special and should be welcomed to the world just as much as the first one. I have a wonderful network of friends who threw me a baby shower for all three of my pregnancies. And I didn't ask for any one of them. In fact my third shower was a complete surprise and I was shocked. From one Denville mom to another, grab that baby shower and run with it!!! Go gor it girl, you and your baby deserve a shower. And not for nothing, you need one!!

Hi B.,

I just went through the same thing! I have a daughter that is 3 and I just had a baby on June 28th. I questioned the whole second shower thing but my sister wanted to have me a shower to get some blue. It was a small shower and she actually did a brunch type thing with a few games and it lasted about 2 hours. She didn't call it a baby shower but a mommy's shower. She also had a basket for the big sister. It was really cute and it made my daughter feel special. My friends and family all bought her something small such as sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc.

I did register and it was well worth it. Don't feel it is tacky. Have the shower and register!


As long as it is kept SMALL I think it would be OK. However, I would not register! Have fun.

Let your friend throw the shower! With my first it was a combined effort between relatives and myself. But if you are having another baby and someone else throws the shower, thats fine. Especially five years later, you've probably gotten rid of the unisex stuff like the tub and playpen. Have Fun!

Hi B.,


I think that you should go forthe second shower. I am trying for baby #2 and my family will be throwing me a shower when the time comes. Whoever doesn't wantto attend doesn't have to. You will need Girlie things and what better way to receive them than by friends and family.

Good luck and plan away...

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