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Scrunched up Toenail

My dd's pinky toenails looks like they've been scrunched to a V, and have always looked that way. I thought that maybe it would flatten as she got older, but no sign of that yet at 3. The pediatrician said it's nothing to worry about and to just file them down (they grow up instead of out). I just wanted to know if anyone had seen these before and if they do eventually grow out flat or do they always grow up if they start that way. Thanks.

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My daughter's did that. We had to have a blood test for a completely different reason and she ended up being anemic. She's two now and I've had her on Flintstone's vitamins with iron for about three month now and her toenails are very slowly flattening out.

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All my dd's toenails were that way from birth, they seem to grow straight up-it's wierd! She just turned 4 and her toenails started looking more normal this summer. They are still sharp, but much better. My nephews did that too, when my sister saw dd's toes she said her son's were like that too and said-they would be ok as she got older.

My oldest son has pinky toes like that. They're not as "severe" as they used to be (he's nearly 13 now), but still like that. They grow mainly up too. They seem thick to me, probably due to the V-shape. Very odd-looking toenails. They have never caused a problem. I just have to be careful on the trimming them down.

My toenails (except for the biggie toes) grow up but they have always been flat. After I trim mine, doesn't look like I really have toenails. My sister's toenails grow up too.

my little toe nail is different too real small and doesn't look the same as my other toe nails its that way on both feet may have something to do with the shoes we wear and my nails on those two toes are hard to cut too good luck

My daughter is 25 years old. Her pinky toenail still grows in a 'v'. It's not really noticeable to anyone. She keeps it polished just like the rest of her toes. Not even noticeable!

My daughter's did that. We had to have a blood test for a completely different reason and she ended up being anemic. She's two now and I've had her on Flintstone's vitamins with iron for about three month now and her toenails are very slowly flattening out.

Hi, I have a 17 month old little girl whose left pinky toe is like that. I just thought she got it from her Daddy because one of his is like that. I have often wondered too if it will grow out.

H., both of my daughter's pinky toenails were that way. My oldest is now 10 and hers started looking normal a couple of years ago. My youngest daughter is 6. Her toenail still looks like that. I dont know why but I guess there is nothing wrong with them. It's just a freaky toenail thing. Just wanted to let you know your daughter is not the only one.

My girls' toes were funky like that too. They are 8 and 9 now and the nails are perfectly fine :}

Hey, H.! My five year old's pinky toenails are the same way! It looks as if they were pinched and stayed that way! The other two boys do not have this problem. Anyway, it has never caused him any trouble or pain. It just made them nearly impossible to clip! Now it's starting to look more normal and getting a little easier to clip. I guess because he's getting so big! I'm hoping they will continue to flatten out. Good luck with yours!

My granddaughter has the same thing with one of her pinky toes. So does her mother...and so do I. Must be hereditary. Mine still grow up instead of out. They get so think that I clip them instead of filing them and it doesn't hurt.
W. Q

I have this problem on my big toes. So does my father, and my grandfather. It is hereditary. Just make sure you keep it trimmed and filed down. She won't have problems with it until late in life (70's or 80's) when the nail becomes too thick to clip. It's nothing to be worried about.

My pinky toes do that as well, I thought it was because of my ballet dancing as a child (toe shoes sometimes mess with your feet pretty bad). Until my daughter was born, by the looks of things, it must be hereditary. I've never asked the doctor about it, mostly because it doesn't give me any problems, just wierd looks when I get a pedi (lol). I have found that clipping the top of them helps to keep them low, and easier to shorten. Good luck H., and don't worry.

Mine (all 10) have been doing that since childhood, and never stopped (I am 36). Doctors have all noted that it is fine. My fingernails do not do this.

I just indulge in a pedicure about once a month, so I don't stab my husband with them when sleeping :D

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