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my 8 month old lilttle girl just started the screaming/screeching "stage." We've tried 'shhhhh mamamama/dadadada/bababa" and "shhhh no no no" and "shhhh bad bad bad", raspberries, screech back at her...what seems like EVERYTHING. any ideas on how to stop this? my mom said she's never even HEARD of a baby do that. but i guess they all do their own thing right :) any help would be great, and i'll update on the progress :)

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Hi A. - she's just having some fun with her voice. Just try to distract her into a different activity.

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It's totally normal. I hear lots of babies doing it. We called my son a pteradactyl when he was about that age. It was hysterical. Mine especially loved it when we did it back. :) I just didnt let it bother me and tried to save the shushing for when we were in public. Shushing doesn't really work, but if I let him do it most the time, then if I really needed to I could distract him sometimes. Your daughter will probably outgrow it pretty quickly. Mine only did it for a month or maybe two. That is one of those things I look back on and miss now. :)

I've looked over your other responses and maybe I just read it completely differently than some of the other moms. Is she doing it in a happy way? Obviously if she seems like she is in pain or upset, you should take her to the doctor. My son did this all the time, but it was very obviously a happy thing. By eight months old, I am sure you know your baby's cries and what they sound like when upset. Even if I couldn't tell, the belly laughs immediately after the screech would have clued me in. And I have only taken care of my one child, but have been around enough other moms and babies to see that lots of babies do this is as a happy thing. I would not panic that something is wrong with her if she doesn't seem to be in pain.

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My youngest was a screamer. Today, at 16, he does really well in the Debate club.

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Try a little tylenol. Our son started doing this and we realized he was trying to tell us that he was in pain. Good luck!

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MY 19 month old daughter LOOves to screech in the grocery store--- I think its the acoustics (LOL) shushing doesn't work, but distraction is usually a go go to plan. The sound is so high pitched and piercing I am afraid the freezer doors will shatter. She just giggles happily with herself (as mommy's brain reverberates). I do try to explain to her that she can use that voice outside so when she does it there I screech back and she thinks that is just a hoot!
I have to say it will pass and she will discover a new trick that she can do and perhaps peace will reign again;-)

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Hi A. - she's just having some fun with her voice. Just try to distract her into a different activity.

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We also call my daughter Baby Teradactly! At 2 she as acquired the nickname of Loud Spice. She talks and talks now and REALLY loudly. She has been one of those babies that has loved the sound of her voice since she realized she could use it. Before she could talk, your daughter's age, she was a SCREECHER too. We never figured out how to get her to stop, she just started doing it less and less....and by the way, I hear her crying for me now from her crib. :) Gotta go give her a little kiss and tuck her back in.

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My daughter went through this also a few times. She picked it up from her cousin one time while we were visiting them (around 12 months) and practiced it while we were stuck in traffic for 2 hours in DC! Not fun. As long as your daughter doesn't seem to be in pain or doing it angrily, you probably have nothing to worry about. I will say that my daughter seemed to 'forget' about the screeching after a few days to a week. Maybe longer one of the times. Distraction is good and not reacting can be helpful, since babies LOVE to get you to react. That did help for us, as she would do it more when we gave her a lot of attention. She's a pretty big personality, so it kind of makes sense. Good luck!

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I have an 8 month old too that is testing her voice, and there is nothing wrong with her. Some babies go through a stage like this and others do not. she really likes it when we are outside, or in a place that echoes :). If it hurts your ears (as my daughter does lol) just try distraction. Now, is she fussy when she is doing this, or completely happy? This is something my duaghter does when she is happy, not upset...if your daughter is upset then something may be hurting (teeth, ears, ect.) to which I would def. take her to see a doc, but if she is happy, then I wouldn't worry about her health...

LOL well I wont say I have taken care of hundreds of children but at least 40... and They absolutely go through a stage that they learn to scream and make other loud noises... they figure out the can do it..(like a million other things, crawling, walking, running, talking, as they get older.. riding bikes, playing outside, etc) and they WANT to DO IT CONSTANTLY!!! I would consistantly say SHHH when she does it and then go on with what you were doing, not giving it too much attention.. If she thinks it will get your attention.. then that makes it fun!! Also she doesnt talk so thats her way to communicate.. obviously you would rather her NOT be so loud about it.. once she starts talking it will get better cause then you can tell her to use her words... God BLESS!!

My kids both did that. It's just a phase. If we were in public, we'd use a distraction, but otherwise we'd ignore it. I know it feels like it will last forever, but it didn't.

Sorry, I have taken care of hundreds of children and have never seen an 8 month old have a screaming/screeching stage. There may be something wrong with her that you just are not seeing. I would get her to a doctor and have her checked out. Also take her to a ENT and have her ears checked. She may be having hearing issues that are causing this. Do not leave a stone unturned as they say. Your daughters health is important and I would find why she is doing this. Also, have there been any changes in your home to upset her? My nephew when he was 1 started the screaming/screeching all the time. They finally figured out why he was doing it. They had moved the furniture around in the house. When they put it back he was fine. Some children and also pets do not like changes. If I move anything in the house my lab gets sick for a few days. Hopefully it's nothing but do get her checked out.

My Daughter is also 8 months old right now and is doing the same thing... and we have also tried everything. Sometimes it helps to pat your hand over her mouth so it makes her voice change.. you know what I'm talking about. But now our daughter does it herself sometimes.. its not as annoying as screaming though. Good luck to the both of us.. I'm guessing we just have to wait it out. Oh, giving her something to munch on is definitely a good way to get her to stop screaming!

Hi A.,

I could often quiet a crying child by changing their enviroment, like taking them outside. I would also get quiter as they were getting louder. Those things worked for me.

I agree with Liz B to make sure she is not in pain. It could be normal teething or she could have a tummy issue. Try to see if there is a pattern.

R. Magby

My son did this too! Your daughter has discovered something new that she can do. It delights them that they can do anything on their own and will do it over and over until they discover how to do something else. My son has just learned to click his tongue from the roof of his mouth. ALL DAY LONG we hear clicking lol Check for some incoming teeth too because that sometimes encourages a baby to be vocally louder (crying or screeching). Don't tell her "no" or try to stop her because that could discourage vocal skills/communication. Scream or screech back at her playfully... it is a form of communicating, and that goes for any noise she makes. You are right, babies do their own thing. It gets funnier from here too :D

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