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Screaming in the Car

I need help. My 6 week old sometimes will scream in the car. In fact if he's not asleep before I get him in the car then he screams. I've tried checking the seat, changing the temperature in the car, made sure he was fed and had a clean diaper and anything else I could think of. I usually have to get in the backseat and hold his hand and talk to him until he eventually goes to sleep and then the slightest noise can wake him up and even stopping at a light sometimes he'll wake up and the process starts over. I spoke with the dr nurse (his dr wasn't there at the time but another was) their solution basically was to just deal with it and he would eventually get used to being in the car. We have pretty much gone on car trips every day since he was a couple of weeks old. I would think he would be used to it by now. Some trips are fine and he sleeps well in the car the whole time we're in the car but there bad days are getting more frequent. The dr's office is suppose to call me again today with hopefully a solution because I basically told her that "deal with it" was not a solution. Any suggestions? My husband and I are suppose to travel to his mom's in Dallas and I'm praying that there won't be screaming for half the trip. HELP!

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Thank you to everyone who responded. I plan on trying them all to see which one works for us. For the trip to my MIL we got to Georgetown with him screaming and I had my husband pull over and my 7 yr old and I switched so I was in the back. I fed him a little more and put some Lavender Lotion on his clothes. Once we did all of this I put him back in his car seat and talked to him a little he was out and slept the whole trip there. We started this process before we left my MIL for the drive back and he slept the whole way back. So we figured out the long trips now we just have to figure out the short trips. Unfortunately I can't just stay at the house like someone suggested withbaseball games and practices, groceries and everything else but I do try to try to space them out when possible.

Thank you again to everyone who responded. It definitely makes me feel better that the solution is not to just deal with it.
Thank you,

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My daughter did this for awhile too. I started taking her clothes off of her until we got where we were going. Then I would redress her. I hope this helps.

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My son is 9 mos. and has finally grown out of the car crying stage. Whew! The only thing that helped when he was younger, was cracking open the windows. If he gets a little fussy now, If I sing to him it helps.

Good Luck!

My daughter did this and it was discovered (accidentally) that she loves Heavy metal rock (much to my horror), but when it was playing on the radio she stopped crying and when it wasn't she screamed. I only tell you this to say try every kind of music you can find and see if you have a freak kid too :o)! Good luck, it is hard to live with I know!

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do you have a portable dvd player that he can listen to the chatter with? are you stressed while driving. those itty bitty babys pick up on that stuff fast. try soothing music. we had a light up frog toy that he loved playing with. sorry i dont have any better ideas other than making sure no sun is in his face and he is soothed, comfortable too. good luck.

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I'm sorry to tell you, but this is completely normal and they do eventually grow out of it. Hang in there! It's painful to hear your baby cry and not be able to fix it!

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My daughter did this for awhile too. I started taking her clothes off of her until we got where we were going. Then I would redress her. I hope this helps.

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My husband and I learned early with our first (of three boys) that my voice would calm our baby in the car. Oh, I could be saying "what a pretty day" over and over again, just as long as I was talking! I do wonder if having all clothes, but diaper, off will help. I didn't try that myself, though, I would want to keep a thin cotton cloth or blanket between his skin and the seat straps.

One other thought is to have a mirror in the back of the car -- I found one framed with a teddy bear that went on the top of the back seat (there was some sort of fastener but I recall ending up with safety pins with our cloth upohlstry). Looking in the rear view mirror I could see his face in the mirror and, I believe, he got a kick out of being about to see me!

And, for me, we went through a period of time (I don't remember how long) where I would sit beside him in the back seat. That presents the problem of hardly being possible. Just thought I would mention it anyway. See if a relative can drive you two on errands or best friend.

Good luck!!

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It sounds to me like your baby is car-sick. I was when I was a baby and my son was too. As I got older the car-sickness got better, but it wasn't until I was around a year old when I stopped screaming in the car. My son stopped crying and screaming when he moved out of the infant car seat/carrier and into the bigger seat. The doctor told me that the larger seats are more stable, so it was likely that he felt less movement once he was out of the infant seat.
I've read what the other Moms wrote, and I agree you should try soft music, a mirror, and talking to your baby. It might help and is at least worth a try.
Good luck.

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Unless there is something physically wrong with your baby, I don't know what you think the doctor is going to be able to tell you. This is quite common for babies this age and I understand how much it can grate on your nerves, but you are going to have to figure out a way to deal with it.

I installed a clip-on car fan that would blow over my baby's head and she really loved it. It was partly because she was getting too hot facing the rear.

My little one was breastfed, so I limited the use of the pacifier...but the car was definitely one place where she could have it all she wanted. You baby just may be feeling his first pangs of abandonment when he can't see you.

Good luck.

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It could be his hearing like motion an you should get a car mior so he can see you his eye site it just comming into focus. Some kids just don't like the car unfourtnly. Good luck!

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My husband and I wore out this one cd that we had played when I was pregnant. It was the ONLY thing that worked....sometimes! My son was totally fine in the car in the day, but the minute it was getting dark, he screamed! It wasn't fear of the dark, bc he slept in his room in the dark so we had no idea and still don't really. It is so hard to take and gets you so frazzled. He really didn't stop for a long time, sorry! I think that probably music is your best bet. Of course maybe a toy from his room that he sees at home that smells like home. Also I know a lot people put up those mirrors to help with that as well, plus you can see him when driving. Also just check and recheck everything. Make sure your carseat is a the right incline for his age, that there is nothing irritating that could scratch or stick him and that the air can get to him fine. I wish you all the best, I know that can be soooooooooo frustrating!

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