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School Supplies Getting Out of Hand?

As I am going through the school supplies list for my kids... What happened to the basics? I understand giving the parents more of the responsibility to get supplies used through out the year, because the schools don't have the money...

But come on really?! Some of these are just crazy!

For my preschoolers..
50 count clear page protectors
container of Clorox wipes
2 each Elmer’s washable glue sticks and 8ox glue
wiggle eyes
3M Command adhesive strip refills – mini/small ( must be 3M brand and size)
#2 Ticonderoga pencils ( must be Ticonderoga #2 pencils as they are the only brand that fits our pencil sharpeners)
1 box each of Crayola washable Classic Colors markers (1 broad line – 1 fine line)
1 box of Crayola colored pencils
1 box 8cnt Crayola crayons.

This is on top of the regular notebooks, folders, scissors.

For the older kids~
#2 Ticonderoga pencils ( must be Ticonderoga #2 pencils as they are the only brand that fits our pencil sharpeners)
2 boxes each Crayola Classic Color, Crayola Bright Color Markers ( broad line and fine line)
2 boxes each Colored pencils
2 boxes 12 ct2 Dry erase erasers
1 pkg. 8½x11 white cardstock
1 pkg. 8½x11 colored cardstock
1 pkg 8½x11 colored copy paper
1 pkg 8½x11 white copy paper
4 scotch tape dispensers
2 boxes of Gallon size Ziploc baggies
2 boxes of Sandwich size Ziploc baggies
2 boxesof Crayola Crayons
10 glue sticks
10 8oz bottles of glue
3 lg pink erasers
3 pkgs wedge cap erasers
2 pkgs Dry erase markers
2 dry erase erasers

This is on top of the spiral notebooks, loose leaf paper, folders, pens.

Then add picture day is on the first day of school. This is a lot to except parents to buy with one child, let alone families with multiple children… or 5 like us ;)

Do you agree some of this isn’t necessary or more so taking it to extremes? I know the times have changed in the last 15 years since I graduated but that all of this is needed?

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

I understand that if we don't get the items that it will come out of the teachers pockets and I don't think that is right either! But my main gripe is... why do they need classic and bold colors, fine tip and wide tip markers?! honestly Is it really teaching them anything different by using 4 types of markers? Why do they have to have wedge eraser caps and the large pink ones... wouldn't one or the other be ok?

There is more to each list, these were the ones that I found too many or not necassary. Why do they need clorox wipes? What happened to bleach and water and a rag? I know that is what we used at the preschool I use to work at.

My son who is in high school this year also needs a compass, protractor and a calculatar... all a specific brand. The calculatar they "want" him to get is $75. hmm... he isn't getting that one. Last year I had to buy him 3 cause he lost them/ were stolen.
Oh forgot to metion the book covers for each book used, the paper bag/ home made ones are not acceptable.

To Leigh R. first of all... I DO volunteer at my kids schools and I am involved in the PTA. I have seen where "some" of the supplies go. But this year it has doubled from last year. I was just wondering if this is simular to others or if its crazy ( like I think it is). If you don't want to read yet another school supply question that you get... the subject line says what it is about. You can skip right over... THAT is something YOU can do instead of being rude. Thank you to the rest of you.

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I have 3 kids, one 7th grader and two 1st graders, I don't mind getting the supplies that the schools want/need my problem is it has gotten to the point where the schools are brand specific and they don't sell those brands at the dollar store, and to get the good deals at the other stores it is for the Roseart brand and the school only wants crayola.

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that does seem extreme. 10bottles of glue!!!!!!!!!!! 2 boxes of crayons and markers - won't one box of each last all year. to me it sounds like the teacher is supplying their room for years to come!
And I know many schools are having a hard time with budgets, but in some states (Michigan being one), the schools can NOT require you to buy things like that. So if it's a hardship for you, talk to the teacher ...

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Looks like mine - plus I have to buy a box of bandaids, and 3 (!) boxes of kleenex tissues... 10 bottles of glue though? thats insane!
Oh and wipes - a box of wipes, and huge amounts of different color folders, but the have to be specific colors. It is ridiculous.
Where I am from (Wales) there are no school supplies lists, the school "supplies" the school supplies!

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I will send whatever they ask. I think of all of the stuff we go through here at home on a monthly basis and we are not home nearly as long as they spend in school working all day long.

Again, I encourage each of you to become involved volunteering inside your children's schools.. YOU will then understand EXACTLY why these supplies are needed and how much each child uses.. Remember they are in classes all day..

Maybe some of the supplies are also for the art dept.. Maybe for the music class rooms? Heck, even in PE sometimes, they also need supplies.

The calculators for advanced math are expensive. Our daughter needed one in middle school it was $150. It was for advanced math and she used it all the way through high school. She could have borrowed one from the school, but it had to stay in the classroom.. IF she had lost it, she knew I was not going to replace it.. SHE could save up and save it..

I remember very clearly my mom complaining about having to purchase school supplies each year and it was not nearly as extensive as it is now.. I guess it is just a right of passage for each year that school funding is cut, we will have to make up the difference ourselves..

OR you could send your children to private school and pay tuition? Then you could demand the supplies be provided by them.

Or stay at home and homeschool your kids.. They you can use the pencils and pens your spouses bring home from work. Or have your kids do all of their work on the computer.. No paper needed. You would be in control of not using so many supplies.

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If you don't provide it, the teachers have to cover it out of their own wallets. I think teachers are just being better now about saying what they need so they don't have to do that, especially when many are taking pay cuts due to furlough days.

Our lists were extensive, too, but I'm fine with that (not in a "Yipee!" way, but I accept it). I also send in the optional items on the list to help out.

ETA: I'm floored by the post from 8kidsdad. As the parent of a child with a disability, my jaw about hit the floor. Wow.

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We homeschool now so it's a moot point for us, but it got ridiculous before I pulled my kids out of school. I could easily spend $200 for one child.

But hey, in our public schools our high school has a professionally done ASTRO-TURF football field.

Meanwhile my son's private school fought for years with their city to turn on their lights, and had to routinely play at 4:00 pm in the blazing south Florida heat.

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I have to say I have seen a ton of supply lists, and having been a teacher for many years myself and making my own supply list, yours is way out of control. I could not justify that. I would not be happy to receive that list as a parent. Do they expect you to rent a van to lug all this to school on the first day? Or will you just send the older kids with a wheeled crate? Bring it all in on a forklift the first day. Jeez. Lol at the wiggly eyes though!

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My list for a 3rd grader is very similar to yours. I think the massive amount is so they can cover the students who don't buy ANYTHING! They pool all the supplies together and then dole them out to each kid. What happened to each student bringing their OWN supplies, labeling them with their names, and putting them in their desk in a pencil/storage box? That's what I did in elementary school. If I ran out of something - I either told my mom or the teacher sent a note home to buy some more. And don't get me started on the fact that nothing gets sent home at the end of the year. Not even the $7 scissors or the 6 out of 10 black and white composition notebooks that were required. She only used 4 all year. We never got 6 returned at the end of school. I was tempted to ask her teacher where the other 6 were, but decided not to be a snarky B&*%#@! I feel your pain!

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The thing is... you would be really surprised by how much "stuff" your kid goes through in a year! 10 8oz bottles of glue isn't that much and those little bottles don't dry-up.

As long as they aren't going to hit you up for mid-year replenishing, this is pretty accurate!

At my son's daycare (where I pay a small fortune), we have to bring in supplies quarterly to keep the tuition cost down....
4 rolls of paper towels
2 tubes of Clorox wipes
2 boxes of wipes
2 boxes of tissues
** This is for a home daycare center and we do this 4 x's a year!

The supplies have to come from somewhere... schools have no money for many reasons (some legit and some not) but if they try to raise the taxes people freak out too.

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They lost me at wiggle eyes.

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Our lists are similar with more crayons and folders added on. Blah! Plus, they just passes another school bond this past Spring( I voted NO!). Our school district is pretty well off. The kids have computer lab that they go two PLUS every grade(k-5) has it's own portable computer lab with laptops(20-25 per grade). Sell some of the lap tops and provide the copy paper and construction paper for you classes!
Our teacher out here are treated posh too- you are very encouraged(meaning they ask each child to provide money) to buy birthday/Christmas/teacher appreciation/and end of year gifts for the teacher. They have monthly teacher lunches which are provided by the parents for the teachers. They have parents come in twice a year to watch classes for teachers to take a longer lunch(that is paid for by the parents) and they have parents come in to watch classes so the teachers can go to their annual teachers conference in Dallas(why would this be during the school year?)
So I have a really hard time feeling bad for these teachers having to buy some school supplies for their class.

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