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Scared About Babies Being 15 Months Apart

I have a 10 month old son, in 5 months I will be having a little girl. I am scared!!!! On top of all of this my husband is away with the military. Right now I am living with my parents, I have been here 5 weeks but I am starting to feel like I want my own place. My parents help but it is not the same as my husband helping me. I get along with my parents but again I just want to be in my own space. It is nice to be able to put my son to sleep and then run errands at night. There are lots of pros to this situation.

I want to hear from other moms with children that are close in age and tell me what they would consider the best situation....Can I do this all by myself ALL the time and still be sane if I were to move back to Arkansas?

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Hi My first daughter was 2 months early 10/18/01 and only weighted 2lbs 3 oz. My second daughter was 0210/03. She weighted 7lbs 14 oz. My first daughter was about 14 lbs my the time sister was born. I have enjoyed them both. When they are close it's almost like having twins. We would have to get a birthday present for both of them.

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I felt like I had to write you. When my son was 6 months old I got pregnant! Using birth control the whole deal. I was terrified, sad, all the emotions! I had people tell me it was easier with them closer together but that only calmed some of my fears. Would either child get enough attention, would I be able to do it? The answer is YES you can! The first few months are hectic but they are with all newborns. My kids are 2 1/2 and 17 months and I'd do it all over again. They are the best of friends. Constantly giving each other hugs and my son is already protective of his sister. We never went through the "regression" with my first, I think because he was so young he never resented her. I love it! They are interested in the same things at the same time, so it's so nice.
I'm not going to lie that the beginning is easy but honestly when is life easy with a new born? You will love both babies the smae.
Can you do it alone???? I've been a military wife and I'd say you can if you take advantage of the loving caring women who will help you because they are also alone. Let your Commander know of the situation and I'm sure he will make sure the other wives help you out. DO not be to stubborn to accept help! DO NOT worry about how clean your house is. Just worry about loving those babies. You'll be amazed at how strong you are and the strong bond you and your kids will have. Make sure you do get some time to yourself by letting others help.
I've already written more than enough but if you ever need anything that I can help with over email PLEASE let me know.
With love & support

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I have so much to say! I have 3 children and 2 of those are 15 months apart. It's a lot of work, but so worth it! They are 21 and 22 right now and are SO close! But as I look back I wish I would have done one thing, and that was to ask for more help or accept more help! Take it while you can get it! My husband was gone most of the time and I was so busy doing the daily stuff, hitting the rotine of living that I can't remember the small stuff! It's sad! You need time to make those special moment and remember them when you have two so close. The older one will love to help with the baby by bring diapers to you and throwing the old ones away. I envey you starting this journey. So stay with your parents and enjoy while you can. These are really the great times when they are young, lots of work but these are really the fun times. Spend your time teaching loving and remembering! Take the help while you can. When your husband gets home you will still need the help! N.

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It depends what your resources are back in Arkansas. I have two boys, 3 & 2. They are about 16+ months apart. Some days are better than others, but I wouldn't change it for anything. It's like a built in friend & they have great fun together. I have a great support system (besides my spouse) though with my local MOMS Club (www.momsclub.org) chapter. I have met tons of other stay-at-home moms with kids the same ages. We get together a lot & really help each other out when our spouses are gone. Would you have a support system with other military wives too?

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Hello My name is M., and I am also a military wife. My husband is in the navy which he is also deployed right now as well. Our sons name is carson and is 13months old. I can not say how it is to be expecting anothe one or how it will feel tyo have 2 under the age of 2. I can say how it is to live wiht just me and my son. I do have fmaily close by, but it can be tough to be just us. I would just say go with your gut. How long is your husband gone? Is it your family here or his your staying with? Do they give you your space? Go with your gut and what your feel is best for your children. Depending on where you live we could get together sometime. I wish I ahd better advise for you. M.

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This is a tough situation. I have 2 boys who are 16 months apart. My oldest son will be 6 next month and my youngest will be 5 next July. While they were babies I had a lot of help from my husband as well as my daughter who is 10 years older than my oldest son. However, our situation changed and my daughter no longer lives with us, so I had to learn to cope without her help. My husband helps whenever he's home, but I'm a stay at home mom, which makes me their primary caregiver. I've learned to adapt and am doing fine. What I'm trying to say is that the decision has to be yours, but I think that we learn to adapt to whatever situation we're put in. I also know that it's difficult to raise your children while sharing a house with another family because you try to instill your values and beliefs on your children, but there's sometimes interference. I've been there and wasn't happy in those conditions. Anyway, best of luck to you. Hope this helped.

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If it was me and you got along with your parents I would stay as long as you can. Having two that close is going to be very hard and expensive. Having the help would be so nice. You can have your independence when they get a little older.

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Well from one military wife to another. I understand where you are coming from. Congrats on the upcoming birth. My husband has now done 3 deployments and they don't get any easier. It doesn't matter where you live as long as you have a great support either from family or family support from the military. As long as you have one of these you'll find your inner strength and realize that you can do it. My son is now three and my husband was depoyed his second time when he was just 2 months old. I wouldn't have been able to do it without my family. They helped keep me strong. So hold your head high and look forward to all your new beginnings.

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My girls are a week shy of 15 months apart. They are now 3y and 21m, it is awesome! They play together, keep each other entertained, and you can tell that they will always be close. I had my oldest in daycare until my youngest was 2 months old and it really help since I was healing from a c-section, and gave me extra time to bond. It sounds like you will have some extra hands around which is great. Make sure you don't try to do it all - that's my greatest weekness. I promise it's not as hard as people think it is. And it's a lot of fun.


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