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Scar Tissue After Vaginal Birth

Have any of you ladies ever heard of scar tissue in the vaginal area after giving birth? Because of the pain it is causing during intercourse, the doctor is recommending steriod injections. Has anyone ever heard of that or known of it to help? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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Betasol Propionate cream was what I used and it worked a miracle. Twice a week for 6 weeks then every 10-12 days . Applied around vulva area toward back. You have some good advice from others. I hope something helps soon.

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Oh absolutely! If you tore or had an episiotomy, I don't think it's at all uncommon to scar. I have scarring and at 2 months it still hurts occasionally. The doctor recommended putting something on it if it's still bothering me after a while, but it wasn't steroids. I think it was silver nitrate?

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I used an estrogen cream after my vaginal birth to help heal and lessen pain during intercourse. My situation was not due to internal scar tissue, just due to the normal "wear and tear" (no pun intended) from birth and a newly healed episiotomy. I didn't use it as often as prescribed or inject it (like Monostat) as prescribed, but I just rubbed a little internally and where the episiotomy was a few times in a week and it helped a lot. Good luck!

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I tore badly during delivery, and my midwife has recently recommended to me getting myofascial release massage to break up the scar tissue and heal the fascia in that area. It will obviously require internal massage and possibly be awkward, lol, but I would rather do that than go the route of steroids, etc. I've had myofascial massage on my back and neck before and it is very effective.

My SIL had an episiotomy with her son recently and the scar tissue started forming outwardly, kinda forming a lump, and it was very painful for her. Her doctor ended up slicing it off. It sounds brutal to me, but as far as I know it helped tremendously.

I had the scar tissue issue. My doctor removed the scar tissue (small, outpatient surgery) then gave me testosterone cream to rub on my thighs (alternating thighs every night) for a few weeks, and it really helped.

Betasol Propionate cream was what I used and it worked a miracle. Twice a week for 6 weeks then every 10-12 days . Applied around vulva area toward back. You have some good advice from others. I hope something helps soon.

I had a lot of scar tissue after the birth of my son. I didn't have pain during intercourse but I did feel a lot of pressure in my perineum whenever I would walk long distances.
When the doctor was stitching a few little tears after the birth of my daughter he asked if I wanted him to fix the scar tissue problem. I don't know what he did, but he took care of the problem!!!

Did you ask your doctor if there is any way to eliminate the problem? Steroid injections seem like a hassle.

Good luck! I know this must be frustrating!

I had some scaring after my episiotomy. We never did anything about the scaring but when I delivered my 2nd child the scar tissue wouldn't stretch to let the baby out and my dr. gave me another episiotomy and then it healed great the 2nd time. But after my first one I had a re-virgin thing happen. Apparently it is very common. where your body goes back to like you are a virgin and you have to stretch it out and start over. My dr. gave me some vaginal dilators. There worked really well. they are five plastic tubes ranging from very small to pretty large. you put one in you and lay in bed for about 20 minutes. Then as each size gets easy and painless to put in you move up to the next bigger size. It worked great for me. Isnt it crazy how giving birth can really mess you up!

I had the same thing and had the steroid injections (shots) after my first-born, they were more painful than the natural childbirth and I would never do them again. You have some great advice that I would recommend following from these other great ladies, rather than going with the steroid injections. Good luck!

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