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Scar Tissue After Hysterectomy


I would like to know if anyone has ever experienced painful scar tissue after they had any kind of surgety? I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago and I am having some pain where the incision is. I went to my GYN doctor and she said that I have scar tissue, but if they go in and clean it out, it will just produce more scar tissue. She prescribed Naproxyn to me and told me that I would just have to tolerate it until I have more severe pain which might be another problem. Can anyone give me any advice on what should I do? I want to go and get a second opinion, but looking for more information.

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I Don't have scar tissue.However i just had a hysterectomy 6 weeks ago I thought i was going to feel better .but i don't when will this be better ?

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The best advice I have is to see a physical therapist who specilizes in muscles of the pelvis. This person should be able to break up some adhesions and do myofascial release. Sometimes (s)he might work internally, potentially awkward for some of you, but this can help to get right to the source. I went to a PT who changed my life---freed me of painful intercourse/chronic constipation/hip pain. Took 9 months of weekly treatment, but what a difference! C.

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I have had several abdominal procedures, ending with a full hysterectomy at age 32. I am now 46, and have suffered with adhesions(sticking together) for years. I had one surgery to remove the scar tissue that was affecting my colon, but have ignored the problem since. The pain is always there, but you do learn to live with it.

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Hi S.,

My name is D.. I'm a physical therapist and have worked with women with internal scar tissue problems after abdominal surgeries such as hysterectomy and C-section. Your doctor is right in telling you that another cut to try to remove scar tissue will just create more of it in the end.

My suggestion to you is to find a good women's health physical therapist in your area. Your OB-GYN may be able to give you some direction. Use of manual therapy techniques like deep tissue scar massage/scar release and myofascial release has worked really well for me in the past with other patients. The treatment is not the most comfortable, but will give long term results in alleviating symptoms like abdominal and back pain, to name a few.

If you are unable to find a physical therapist in you area, write back to me and I will talk to a collegue of mine to see if she can't help me find someone for you. In the meantime, try hot compressions to both your abdomen and low back at the same time, 20 minute sessions several times a day. There's also some stretches that may help, but try to find a PT in your area first that can better assist you. Write be back if you need to.


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I can't really answer that for you, because I too have suffered from pain after my Hysterectomy in 2008. I now have been told I have a demaged Left Kidney and ureter and scar tissue that have stop my bowels from moving at all. They want to do major surgery to fix the demage ureter and cut out any and all scar tissue if they can. Ifeel the same way if I let them cut out scar tissue it will cause more scar tissue, and I'm tired of them messing me up don't think I will ever be the same again no matter what. I don't know how I can live with this daily pain either Pray for me

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I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago and I have very painful scar tissue issues from time to time where they removed my left ovary. I had a bad bought this weekend and needed help getting out of bed. It is so painful, I almost regret getting the hysterectomy.

I am not sure what to do. I don't want to have a surgery to get it removed, as you are right, it only produces more. I end up taking Motrin and use a heating pad.

If you would like to talk more, please email me at ____@____.com.

Thanks and hope you are feeling better.


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Hi! I had a very similar issue when I had my c-section.I had my son in 1998 and shortly after I started having some pain on the left side of my incision. Mostly this pain would occur around the same time as my menstrual cycle and would last about 5 days. The area was always sensitive to the touch, sort of like a bruise, but it was very painfull around my cycle. I kept addressing the issue to my doctor and he insisted it was just scar tissue and advised me to take pain relievers when the pain became to intense. I lived with this pain for about 7 years before I adressed the issue again.I had just got remarried and my husband and I were talking about having more kids and I was concerned that the pressure of the large belly would be too painful. My doctor then ran all kinds of tests for cysts but nothing turned up and the pain got worse once I stopped talking birth control. So out of desperation I finally went to a new doctor and within 20 minutes she new exactly what it was! It was a small mass that was just skin deep. She said that sometimes during surgeries like that small masses of abnormal cells get trapped in the incision. So 3 weeks later I went in for a quick reletively painless out patient surgery and I have had no pain since. P.S. after my surgery I concieved six weeks later, had another c-section in January, and still no pain!! Hope this helped you some. I know how frustrating it can be. Good luck!!

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I would definitely get a second opinion! I had a severe case of scar tissue after having a c-section. A year after having that c-section I ended up having a hysterectomy and my ob cancer doc told me that my uterus was attached to my stomach lining by the horrible amount of scar tissue I had so that was one of the reasons for the severe pain I suffered with for a year. He did his best to get rid of as much as he could during that surgery and it definitely did help. I don't think you should ever have to just "wait until it hurts more"....that's not very helpful! Definitely seek a second opinion!

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I had a total hysterectomy 13 years ago and I am having pain associated with this surgery. I'm told it's scar tissue. It hurts and your doctor said it only makes it worse if you have it cleaned out? Geez :(

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Hello, I had my hysterectomy in 05, and I am now have EXTENSIVE pain in my lower abdominal area. I have had this pain for almost 8 months. I have had EVERY test done possible that I could have done. I went to the emergency room because I was in SO MUCH pain, and they FINALLY told me that it may be damaged car tissue from my hysterectomy. So, I don't know what to do from this point on....

I got scar tissue built up after my hysterectomy too. I was was only 31 yrs old when I got my total hysterectomy and I'm 41 yrs old now, I still get pain. I have had several surgeries to help with the scar tissue, but it doesn't help. All it does, is create more. I try to deal with the pain the best that I can. Some days are good and others are not. Best of luck...

If this is new pain, I would take it more seriously than your doctor. So many cancers of the reproductive system go undiagnosed, because doctors aren't taking women's pain in that area seriously. If cancer runs in your family, get it checked out by someone else. The key to curing reproductive cancers in women is EARLY DIAGNOSIS! Good luck.

I Don't have scar tissue.However i just had a hysterectomy 6 weeks ago I thought i was going to feel better .but i don't when will this be better ?

I had a hysterectomy also I had scar tissue also and was ran around in circle telling me to take motrins or give other pain meds that make me sick. Until I went to Center for women health and I seen a doctor there he did surgery and im doing fine. I see him once a month so he can make sure im fine.Do some research on some Gyn doctors in your area cause I really don't like how that doctor treating you.

FYI for anyone having had abdominal surgery. Scar tissue is something to be monitered carefully. They can take a look with an ultrasound. My grandmother had a hyesterectomy and ten years later she died because the tissue had wrapped around her intestine and cut off the blood supply. Her symptoms were that of the flu so by the time they figured out what it really was it was to late. They don't tell you this when you have the surgery but everyone needs to know.
I have had two c-sections and have a ultrasound performed about every five years or so. Get a second opinion but from a specialist.

Good Morning S.;

I had a partial Hysterctomy in 05 and a cyst and ovary removed last year the doctor is rigt but for me mine only hurts when it is getting ready to rain or it rains hard. Naproxen did not work for me I had to go to Ibuprophen 800 or extra strength tylenol and take about 3.

The other thing I did was take a hot towel as hot as my hand could stand it and just layed it on the spot it kinda takes the ache out or stand in a hot shower and let the water hit around it not on it cause the water depending on how hard your water pressure is, it may hurt a little more.

I hope this helps.


Hi S.,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 9 years ago. Due to the process I experienced two surgeries in about 7 weeks. I'm sure radiation didn't help the process. Within 8 months, I had painful scar tissue in the area of the surgery, as well as around the scar for the removal of the lymph nodes. When I saw my radiation oncologist, he referred me to an Occupational Therapist (mainly because of the lymphadema I developed). However, seeing her helped with both that condition as well as the scar tissue. While I still have some, there's much less of it and pain. I hope this helps!

Hi S.,

Yes, the nerves get caught up in the scar tissue or may trigger a nerve next to it.

Get some scar oil or cream. Press up and down on the scar and find where the pain starts and spreads to.

Hold your finger on it until the pain goes away. Massage in the oil and cream once or twice a day and eventually the scar tissue will soften and the nerve won't be irritated anymore.

Hope this helps. Good luck. D.

I had gall bladdar surgery in 1985 when they had to do the big rather than the little holes they do today. I still have occasional pain where the scar is. I have noticed that the cold weather makes it worst. However, over the years, it has got better.

B. B
Jessup, Maryland

Hi S.,

I had an emergency c-section with my youngest (2 years ago) and although it was well over a year before the actual pain went away it is still very uncomfortable to touch. It's not nearly as painful as yours, I hardly notice it until something touches it. I really don't have any advice except that if your gut tells you it's something more or you are not satisfied with the answer your doctor gave you by all means it is your absolute right to a second opinion. Good luck!

K. - sahm of 2 fabulous boys

Hello. I had surgery a long time ago for Crohn's Disease so I have a long incision in my bikini area that goes up and around my naval. I experienced discomfort for a long time as the scar tissue would "tear". After several years, my pain and discomfort went away. Did yours ever go away? Or has it always been there and has just gotten worse? I think you should definitely get a 2nd opinion, because the answer you got seemed like a basic textbook answer as opposed to looking into the rare possibilities of what your problem could be. Also, I get massage therapy from a great massage therapist when I can afford it. She does work on "facia" or the connective tissue that connects everything in your body. It is around muscles, organs, your cells, skin, etc. There is a theory that "facia" has a kind of memory in that when you have an accident, jarring body incident, or surgery, that particular trama is kind of stored in that area of your facia. A good massage therapist can "release" it, and you actually feel it as it is released. I have experienced this phenomena and tears came streaming down my face unexpectedly, though I felt no physical pain it was all emotional, and then I felt a release and almost a body high. I had better motion in that area of my body all of the sudden with no discomfort. It was amazing. I think the specialist who teaches this theory is John Barnes. Ask any massage therapist if they have studied his work, and try it out. It's called "myofacial release". It may sound crazy to some, but the body holds a lot of secrets we do not yet fully understand. Good luck!


My mother has experienced this same problem. She had surgery 4 different times and let the doctor's open up the same wound for each surgeries. For the past several years she has dealt with terrible pain and has been on several medication with morphine and have had several injections. This pain she describes is worst than contractions with birth. She can not sleep and never get a day full of rest and she said this medication only last for a few hours and she feels it best to get a few hours of relief then her whole day be subjected with pain all day. I feel truly sad because there's nothing I can do to help her in any way. My mom is 74 years old and she will have to suffer this pain for the rest of her life. She too had a hysterectomy, fibroids and cyst removal surgeries. They told her the walls had fallen and there is nothing they can do that will fix the problem. I will keep you uplifted in prayer that a healing will come.

KaTrina R.


I had a burst appendix in 2001 aged 24 whilst pregnant with my first child, they ended up having to do emergency surgery the tried key hole first but I had too much infection and they couldn't see a thing in the sea of muck, so they gave me a 5 inch scar down my front from my belly button down to get all the infection out they had to use a ladel I was then left open for 10days to make sure more infections or an abyss would not happen, having been pregnant the healing did not go well, after bursting open 2 times they had to make quite an ugly mess to hold it together.
After my baby was born I got terrible pains and my stomach was lumpy and bumpy all over the place from scar tissue it hurt to twist my body sitting in certain positions was a no go and I basically felt awful about the mess that was created.
Then by chance one day I spoke to a woman that that had had the same experience with a different surgery and suggested a physical therapist that works with Stomachs, and her scar tissue had all gone.
I then started calling around from the phone book to all the therapists and spoke with each until I found a woman that said she could help.
I went to her twice a week for 2 months for 1hr sessions. She was great it hurt yes! But what she did changed everything, I got 30min massages on the stomach and then 30mins of stomach exercises that helped to strengthen the area once more.
After the two months I felt like a new woman, I am so grateful to the therapist that knew what she was doing and that I happened to speak to that lady by chance one day. Granted I still have the nasty scar but no scar tissue.
Good luck finding a decent therapist, make sure to talk to them first before you trust them, and that you feel assured that they know what they are doing.

S., I had scar tissues after years from having a hysterectomy and after more than 10 years, I'm still having issues. I actually complained about the discomfort and pain so much that one of my doctors performed a laparotomy and removed the scar tissues, but as the doctor said years later, it came back. Prayerfully you'll find some release soon.

Second opinions are always a good thing! Yes, I had pain from scar tissue after 2 C-sections and a hysterectomy and the pain lasted a very long time. Surgery to remove the tissue will only be temporary, as the scar tissue will grow again. Exercise to strengthen the area and massage therapy worked wonders for me. Scar tissue is your body's way of healing and strengthening the area. As you start to stretch and work the muscles in that area it will eventually loosen up, heal and stop hurting. A deep tissue massage really helped too! Just like with any exercise...start out slowly with some stretching and be consistant with it as you build up to more strenuous exercise. As you rub and massage the area, talk to it! "I am so happy and thankful for my healing" or something to that effect! It helps change your mindset from the negative aspect (the ongoing mind chatter of "it hurts")to a positive outlook of I'm healing, I am whole. The "mind" plays a big part in one's healing! Change your mind, stretch and massage.

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