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Scar from C-section Still Getting Red and Painful

Hi! I'm hoping someone can relate to my problem and offer some advice. I have had two c-sections in the last five years. My four year old was two weeks late and inducing labor did not work so we had to have a c-section. When I was pregnant with my second son who is 15 months now, my doctor would not do a vbac so I had no choice but to have a second c-section. My problem is that my scar has always remained very sensitive and there are times, like right now, that it actually gets red and burns or itches like it is infected. This has been happening since my first child was born but seems to be happening more frequently since my second baby. I don't think I healed properly the second time around but my doctor really didn't make a big deal about it. My scar opened up, I was on antibiotics, and the pain left me walking hunched over for several weeks after I had my second son.
Does anyone else out there still have pain or get infected years after their c-section? A friend of mine who had twins by c-section said that it to happened to her only once during a weather change but that is all.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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I have had three sections and that does not sound normal. Please get in to see the doc asap. You can have an internal abcess. Red and painful is certainly a sign of an infection somewhere...let us know!

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Hi S.,

Not sure about a specific type of scar but I use Lavender Essential Oil on my scars and any other skin problems. For me it works on any skin problems such as insect bites, cuts and burns. I absolutly love this stuff. If you want more info on scars go to this website and type in your questions and see what pops up.
If I can help you with anything related to essential oils let me know. You can also visit my website: youngliving.org/sherylhawkinson I'll be happy to help you. Trust me this stuff works!

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If your tummy hangs down a little over the incision (like it does for a lot of women!) you may have a yeast infection in the area. My daughter had the same problem after her C-section. You may try some yeast infection creams and see if that helps.

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Hi S.,

I have had problems with several scars. The worst was from an appendectomy scar. I had my appendix out when I was nine but did not have problems with the scar until after I had my son. My physical therapist recommended "Neural Therapy". Google that term for more information, it is basically small injections of procaine in and around the scar. Dr. Robert Thoreson D.O. does this kind of therapy and has helped me tremendously. His number is ###-###-#### he is located on Jollyville Road in North Austin. I hope this will help you!

Best Wishes,


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Try some Melaleuca oil. I used Mela Gel on my scars and it help tremendously.

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I had as second C-section 4.5 months ago and now I have no feeling in the lower part of my stomach. It was my third abdominal surgery ( ovary removed 5 yrs ago ) and I have noticed this time the incision site gets red and itchy. It is from bacteria that like to grow in the dark. Put antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) on it and the itching goes away almost immediately and the redness subsides in a couple of days.

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I had my 3rd c-section almost 10 months ago and I've had a small area that would get red and irritated. My doctor told me it was due to a normal bacteria found on some people and sometimes when it gets disturbed (scratching, scaring, etc.) it opens the skin and allows the bacteria in. She gave me an RX for an ointment (3 tubes) and I've only had to use it once (so far.)

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Ask about an allergic reaction to the suture used. There are several different types docs can use and you could be sensitive to it. Especially since this happened twice it sounds suspicious.

Also go see another doctor. A good doc will be receptive to your concerns. Any type of reaction after surgery should be dealt with promptly - even if it's "nothing" in your opinion. Too may times little stuff can lead to big complications if ignored.

Good luck!

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Mine did that, and then one day I couldn't take the pain anymore just a light breeze made me want to die. Then it started to create the huge absess. I went to the Emergency Department and they told me not only was it infected but it was staph. They put me on high dose antibiotics and then cut out the infected part of that scar and then I had to pack it everyday with fresh saline soaked dressings. So I would definately go to the doctor and have it checked out.

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I would go to a different doctor and have them check it out.
It sounds like you don't feel that confident with him/her.

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I have had three sections and that does not sound normal. Please get in to see the doc asap. You can have an internal abcess. Red and painful is certainly a sign of an infection somewhere...let us know!

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Hi S.,
I had 2 csections as well - in the last 3 1/2 yrs. Both of my babies were breech. I have not had any problems with my scar besides it being somewhat numb feeling which i heard may never go away. If it is burning, i would suggest going to another OB/GYN to get it checked out. if it as been 15months, it seems it should be ok by now. (Just my humble opinion). I do believe that the doctor's skill effects how the scar heals as my second doctor was wonderful and 'corrected' my first scar. I am now due with #3 who will also have to be born csection and my new doctor told me that they now don't use staples but something else that helps the healing.

good luck!

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I had a CS about 3.5 years ago, and it seems like for about 18 mos-2 years it would get inflamed and itchy right around the time of my period. Now I barely notice it. I definitely think you should get a second opinion. My OB I had at the time when I had my son was completely not helpful either (she wouldn't even tell me I had pre-eclampsia when I flat-out asked.) I've found a fabulous dr now since moving back to Houston, who answers my questions & is straight with me on everything. It makes a huge difference when you find someone you can really work with.

Good luck & hope you're feeling better soon!

Hi S.,

I had two and in both their cases, the itching and numbing is normal. My first one was over 15 yrs and the second 6 yrs ago. I think you need a second opinion, even a plastic surgeon if necessary. I don't think that any scar should be red or inflamed at all passing the couple of months mark. By the end of the first year, your scar should be set and start to lighten. The numbing remains. Some cases not, in my it stayed.

I hate to tell you but it seams to me that the doctor didn't do a good job at all since it opened right away, Both my mom and brother are nurses and they say that should not happen if done properly. Don't be afraid, look for another doctor for a second opinion.

Take care,

I had c-section 2 1/2 years ago and I was annoyed and surprised at how long the area was sore and tender (probably for a whole year) but it never opened or got red and raised. It definitely itched while it was healing. If I were you, I'd switch doctors if he/she doesn't look into your concerns. (I love the doctors at Hill Country OB/Gyn Associates)

Oh, I feel so bad for you! I have had four c-sections because I have breech babies and preterm labor and other complications.

Of course I'm not the dr and was not there, but my knowledge based on extensive research is this:

Drs are c-section happy. If you are induced (which is not usually necessary) you are more likely to have a c-section. If you had not been induced or things had been done differently (or had a different dr) then the c-section may not have happened. Also, when he said he would not let you do a Vbac, another DR may have. And it's not too late, you may still be able to have a Vbac if you have another one. My Dr (Dawn Black with OGA) would have let me try for a Vbac after the first and second c-sections but she was uncomfortable doing it after the third c-section. I elected c-sections though because of my many complications but if the babies weren't breech and my idiot first dr who made a vertical cut that increases the chance of maternal/fetal death in VBAC, I would have tried Vbac.

As for your curent complications, you might look into enzyme therapy,I've been considering that myself. It is supposed to help with the scar tissue that develops and can cause frequent pain, itching, or other more serious problems. The two links below are about c-section adhesions and the process of c-sections.



S., SAHM to four girls ages 1-5 years, wife for 6 years

Hi my scar still gets itchy but not painful at all. I had my son 18 months ago. I would seek a second opinion if your doctor is not helpful.

Try vitamin E. Put on the scar aand it will help heal it. My brother was the one who told me to buy it. I use on my scar from the surgery I had last year. I even use it on pimples also. It help heal them quickly. I use it all the time

They sell it at Walmart. Go to the pharmacy asked them for it and they will direct right to it.


Well, I don't have much advice, but I had a c-section a year ago, and the area around my scar it numb, and it itches and bothers me all the time. I THINK this is normal, because a friend of mine is going through the same thing. I have even itched it so much that I've bled and made a scab. I go to the gyno in a month and I'll ask then, but I don't think there's anything that they will do besides tell me to put an anti-itch cream on it. Sorry I didn't have much advice, but just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.

Hi, I am a CS Mama also. Sorry to hear about your issues with the CS. I have in the past deal with the same problem, now the itching get worst as it heals. The itching is a direct sign that healing is taking place. I was told by my grandmother to use plain vaseline on it and to clean it with green tea. Green tea is helpful for alot of things. Boil your water as if you were making a cup of tea, that let it sit for about 5 minutes, put it in a glass bottle and use it to clean and wash the area of the C-Section. It will work wonders in about a week or two, depending on the condition of your CS. After washing with the tea use vaseline (plain). You will feel better soon. Many Blessings to you.
Rfuaw D

Hi S.,

My sister-in-law had a c-section. And hers became red and painful. After a week she started w/fever. She went to the doctor and it had started to get infected. So, I would call your doctor and mention it to him/her. You may want to go get checked out before it gets worse.

See another doctor for a second opinion.

Hello: Yes, I had pain, reddness and swelling for about 2 1/2 years after my emergency c-section. One of the "corners" was escpecially bad and got little "pimples/infections" every now and then on that corner which eventually I figured out was caused by an internal string "working" its way out. Once I pulled and clipped it off (which was way gross) it cleared up.

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