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Updated on November 19, 2010
K.B. asks from Sacramento, CA
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I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a good place to get pictures done with Santa. The Arden Fair Mall has it and the Santa looks like a really good santa but for just 1 5 x 7 picture you have to pay $14. I would like more then one but at their prices theres no way i can afford it. If anyone knows of a good place to go it would be nice. If they dont take pictures thats fine i can bring my own camera. I would just like a real looking santa.

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Dear Kimberly, My husband of 63 yrs has been playing Santa Claus at Tahoma, Lake Tahoe for 22 years. We use to live at Tahoe full time, but now live at Sun City, Roseville. My daughter and I have made him a beautiful Santa Clause outfit and he is a great looking Santa. Ifyou would like to make arrangements for you and your husband to meet us and take pictures with Santa we would be happy to help you out, no charge. J. and Howard Trost, ###-###-####

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Hi K.,

There is a company doing free pictures with Santa today at Natomas Park Elementry. It is on Gateway Park. The photographer takes pictures and they mail them to your house or free. You get only one picture of them but they let you also bring your camera and take pictures too. I did it there with the Easter Bunny and it was great. It is today Friday 12/14 from 3-6pm.

Good luck



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You know what I do is, I go to sunrise mall- it's all the same- anyhoo, and I buy the CD so I can go to Wallmart and print the sizes and # I want for like .20cents each! I think thats the best way!
Happy Holidays!



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I took my son to the Arden Fair Santa and bought one 5X7 picture. I scanned it and made multiple copies. I was very impressed by the patience and kindness of this jolly old man. He definitely looked authentic. The helpers let me take a picture with my own camera too.


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The Toy Shoppe will be located at 1801 L Street, suite 70
Photos and Stories with Santa.
Admission is $3 per child (under 12 years old) with a toy donation, or $5 without.

Adults accompanying children are free of charge.



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Guiding Fitness in Lincoln Ca will be doing pictures with Santa for 10.00 on a CD or your pictures emailed to you, they begin December 1st -16th, Mon -Fri 3p-6p, Sat and Sunday from 10a-1p. Please call for details.

Address: 424 G Street (Hwy 65), Lincoln CA 95648
Phone: ###-###-#### or visit our website at



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We took our son to the Arden mall and got the pictures on a CD it was like 25, plus you get all the pictures they take and you can have them take as many as you want. I just printed them at home, that way I got to look them over and decide which sizes I wanted. Or you can take the CD to Walgreens, or Target and get them printed there.

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