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Sandbox Sand Recommendations and Places to Purchase

My husband has built a great sandbox for our backyard. It is all ready to go, except for the sand! He bought sandbox sand from Home Depot and friends told us this kind of sand is not the kind that makes sand castles, i.e. you can't mold it...so, what sand do you use for your sandbox and where did you purchase it? I live in south Minneapolis.

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We bought the $5/bag Toys R Us sand - it is the white beach-like sand. It even comes in different colors. We bought 4 bags but only needed to use 2. As much as I try to keep the sand out of our house, some always manages to get in their hair, shoes, etc. and the white sand is much 'cleaner'. The kids love it!

The sand we got at Menards looks like river beach sand. It works find with the molds in our sandbox.

Go to Toys R Us. They have perfect soft white sand. It's like 5 bucks for 50lbs or so. Worked great for us.

I work at Home Depot.... we have sandbox sand and we have sand that one would use for building something like with cemet, or laying bricks etc. So maybe you bought the wrong sand? But Toys R Us sand looks better than home depots so I would go there.

we've been very happy with our sand we purchased at Gertens by the truckload. I think molding it into sandcastles is a function of its moisture, so just wet it down a little first, or dig down into the wetter stuff underneath.
have fun!

When we bought our sand box at ToysRUs they tried to tell us to buy their sand at $5 a bag! Way too much. So when my husband went to Menards the next day they had sand bags for $1 a bag. Its not actual sand box sand but it molds just fine and since my kids love to dump the sand anywhere but in the sand box its nice to know its not going to cost me an arm and a leg to refill it. Honestly the stuff you husband got at Home Depot will work just as well, it may not be as fine grain as the stuff you get at ToysRUS but IMO, who cares? Its cheaper and it works just fine, as long as it tastes the same, that's all my toddlers seem to care about:)
PS I heard a little trick about getting sand off kids in case you haven't heard it, bring out your bottle of baby powder and sprinkle a bit on their hands/feet/where sand is stuck to them and it will help it wipe right off. I tried it last summer and it works really well.
K. H

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