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Safety 1St Apex Car Seat

Does anyone have the Safety 1st Apex car seat and could give me some info. on it? I need to get a car seat for my 3 year old to use in his grandma's minivan. My husband has the Britax Regent, but I don't want to spend that much for her to use for 4 months during the summer.


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We got that car seat or one just like it Alpha Omega Elite or something or other, but they're all very similar. I like it a lot, it's easy to install and the baby seems comfortable in it. I got mine for a steal online just looking around--free shipping and everything. Good luck.

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I have the APEX elite 65 lb seat and like it a lot. My little girl is comfortable in it (she's 4 in June and 33 lbs.) The crotch strap has been lengthened since all the complaints you'll read on the comments section (got mine 1-2 months ago). Only problem I had was getting locked in the car with the LATCH strap. It has a cool buckle, but seems to get in the way when you want to tighten it. We needed to move the cover so we could pull the strap through the seat, then put the cover back on. No big deal if you are just putting it in and leaving it. Otherwise, just get another LATCH belt from a different manufacturer and it works fine (This is what I had done before going to the installer at the police station. The officer did not freak out that this broke some major law, so is an option). I would stay away from a booster due to the decreased safety in them. A 5-point is much better as you know if you spent the bucks on a regent. Hope this helps.

Accidents happen and the reason you bought the britax was to keep your little one safe. If there is an accident while she is in the minivan, it won't matter that you had a safer car seat elsewhere. I would either move the car seats from car to car (not so easy with the larger britax) or I would buy a second britax. My personal preference is the Britax boulevard as it is one of the few that has side impact protection with its wings. I get my little sweetie second hand of many things but this is the one area that I buy the safest - not that I have ever been in an accident but $100 or even $200 extra is worth it.

We got that car seat or one just like it Alpha Omega Elite or something or other, but they're all very similar. I like it a lot, it's easy to install and the baby seems comfortable in it. I got mine for a steal online just looking around--free shipping and everything. Good luck.


Just read a few responses and had to jump in with-

Three is much too young to consider using a booster (I'm not saying you were but it was mentioned in a response you got ...the minimum age recommended for booster useis really closer to 5 based on crash results (smaller children can suffer significant injuries from improper seatbelt positioning and boosters are really designed for much older children...even though the boxes say from 30 pounds)...

Anyway on to your question...we have the Apex 65 as a backup seat...our other seats are Marathons and I just don't think it's a great seat (and requires high head rests for use). It seems pretty flimsy...the armrest covers come off easily and there are holes in the armrest that my DD got her finger stuck in (they sent me tape to put over it- gee thanks!)

Like another person suggested...the Graco Nautilus would be a great choice...it harnesses to 65 pounds and the higher harness slots means it can probably be used until your son is about 5 and then it turns into a decent booster...for 150.00 a good investment and it's always good to have that extra seat.

Or if you wanted a seat that could be used by both your son and daughter try the Evenflo Triumph Advance- it harnesses to 50 pounds (she could use it rearfacing and son forward...the Nautilus is only forward facing so your daughter would be able to use it until much later-recent recommendations are to rearface well into 2nd or 3rd years).

Good luck in your search!


Has your three-year-old reached 30 pounds? If so, you can buy a booster seat instead of a car seat. They're much less expensive.

I would go with the car seat you know is good and trust. It is a one time purchase and definitely worth it. 4 months is a long time when you consider how much driving can be done in the summer. I think it would be well worth the money for your little one and give you peace of mind.

Hi J., my daughter was in an Apex 65 for a few months. I bought this seat for her when we "bequeathed" her Britax Marathon to her little brother when he outgrew his infant seat. I originally picked this seat because the 5-pt harness could be used up to 65 pounds. However, for some reason my daughter really didn't like the seat and after a few months we got her a Graco TurboBooster (she was nearly 4 at the time). She just always said she was uncomfortable in the Apex. The crotch strap that comes with the seat is really short and seemed to dig in her legs a bit, so I did call the company and they sent a longer one free of charge. But it still didn't seem to help. I got tired of battling with her during car rides and even though I wish I could've kept her in the 5-pt harness longer, she's comfortable and safe in the Graco TurboBooster now...and our car rides are peaceful again!

P.S. Like the other poster said, it is a HUGE seat - you'll need to make sure it will fit properly in your car before you purchase it.

we have the apex because it goes to 65 pounds 5pt harness its in husbands car, i have the new nautilus in my car also 65 pounds, inlaws have my marathon and i still have to address my mom's car she just outgrew the costco in that car
the apex is a nice seat it is really wide though
when it turns to a seatbelt booster it only works best for husky kids from what i have read because the seat is so wide the lapbelt has trouble getting a good fit, also you have to have a headrest behind the seat for support it CANNOT be installed without a headrest behind it

the nautilus is only 150 at walmart and lots of other stores now



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