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Safe to Use 'Hand-me-down' Shoes?

I read somewhere that using 'hand-me-down' shoes for older infants/toddlers was very bad for their little feet. Does anyone else have any info on this and whether it will shape their feet differently if wearing another kid's shoes?
I just bought alot of second-hand shoes ranging in sizes 3-5.5 and wanted to know if it was ok for me to use them on my 'soon to be lil walker'.

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I used Robeez, or off brand soft shoes for pre-walk stage to keep feet warm. I heard that hard bottom shoes can cause flat feet and make it difficult for a little one to learn to walk. So I think little ones should only wear shoes (hand me down or not) when they're out.

Between me and my 3 sisters we have 15 kids that range from 14-1, so the hand-me-downs move around frequently. I have never had any problems with that. Unless the shoe is so worn that it doesn't look wearable, I wouldn't be concerned with it.

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nah...no kid wears those shoes for more than 6 months, you can tell how worn they are, but I'm guess that if they were in good enough condition to be sold second-hand, they will be fine for your son:) One thing to keep in mind - don't put him in shoes until he walks WELL. Keep him either barefoot or in soft-soled shoes (like Robeez or a store brand version) until he's a good walker. My son didn't need real shoes until size 5.

i am from a large poor family andi know from my experience that a lot of people will tell you alot of different things but trust someone who believes in hand me down and arounds it is not harmful

I and my siblings grew up in second hand shoes, from the time we started wearing shoes until we were old enough to buy our own (unless they were so worn out they weren't safe to wear of course!). All our feet are fine.
I personally have never heard that it's not good for their feet. We use them with neice and pass my sons on to his Dad's other child. I would say if they are in good condition they are safe to use.

I would like to know about this too!

I have always worn hand-me-down shoes even as a child. Check the heels for wear. If rode over pass them. Also run your hand inside and check for the seams of shoes which can and do cause issues also with the insoles. I knew of a girl growing up who hated new shoes and would have another friend wear them for a few weeks to "break them in". I would think the main issue of used shoes would be foot fungus. I still wear hand-me-down shoes. Goodwill is a great place to find them.

This goes along with Krista's response.. I was told that kids feet leave wear patterns in the shoes also, obviously the older they are the more so. I was told from a sales person at Stride Rite that the wrong shoes can cause problems with your child's foot development too. She commented that if they didn't come into the store as a new walker they ended up being referred there later b/c of problems. Was this a salesperson talking? Who knows but I chose to be safe rather then sorry and to get around the expense, I ask for gift cards for holidays, birthdays, etc. On top of that I can't tell what size to put my kids in? I have our kids measured and fitted at a specialty store also and that's how I ever would have known that my son needed a double wide shoe for awhile! They also say to have them measured every 3-4 months.

Good question~!!! My daughter only has hand-me-down shoes. I got to thinking about it...I checked all of her shoes and there aren't any wear patterns on the inside. Does that make sense? There's no indentations or anything where they have formed to someone else's feet. IMO, it they're not worn out or anything they're fine. If you got them at a consignment shop, they're most likely in really good shape. I would just check them to make sure that they are firm on the inside.

Hi K., Like somwone said before I had two sisters and I don't remember wearing each others shoes only because our feet weren't the same size. My feet hurt then and they still hurt. Sometimes now I buy shoes almost new from Ebay. I have got tremendous deals and the only thing I would say just make sure the width is good for them. My kids wore the same baby shoes until they started walking and it did't hurt them any. Good Luck

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