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Safe to Take a 4Month Old Out on a Lake, in a Boat????

I say no, my husband says yes. The pediatrician said no because the baby is too young for sunscreen, and because the jerking/bobbing motion isnt good for a baby without firm neck control. Unfortunately, the issue is still not settled in our house.

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Well the first two days I stood strong and veto'd the idea. On day 3, a cloudy cool afternoon, I finally gave in to the pressure of 5 people telling me that it was not a big deal. The in-laws had purchased an infant life vest which was for 10-24 pounds, and had a special extra piece to keep him floating horizontally as opposed to vertically in case we should end up in the water. The boat also turned out to be a 34' boat, with a bathroom and canopy over the rear-seating area. The driver also kept it at a very mild speed. Since it was cool he was dressed head to toe in light cotton with a fishing hat. Having it over with, there were no problems, however I was nervous the whole time. My son wouldnt have noticed either way, so I think it was just to make the grown-ups happy.

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I was able to convince my husband that my daughter needed a life jacket and because we could not find one smaller than 20lbs, he had to wait until she was 20lbs (which for her was 17 months old). Now she enjoys lots of boat rides....

Personally I would follow the pediatrician's advice (although I used sunscreen with the okay of my ped long before that age on my third son.) If you are worried about bopping then leave the baby in the car seat while on board, that will protect the baby. The biggest problem that I could see is the fact that the baby is too little for a life jacket...and all kids regardless of age should wear one while on a boat.

Good luck!!

H. Z. (SAHM 4 3/4, 3 1/2 and 13 month old boys)

If the boat is going slow, yes. If they are going for a joy ride, no. All the babies in my family have gone out in my dad's boat. They have all been fine...youngest was a few weeks old. However he goes slowly. They wear big hats to cover their heads and long sleeves.

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If the doctor said no, I would say absolutely not. There are also not very good life vests for babies that young that I would trust. We just took our daughter out for the first time (18 months) and it was hard finding a correct life vest that would slip over her head when floating. I believe sunscreen is needed, however, a life vest is non-negotiable. But overall, if you do not feel comfortable with taking her in a boat, put your foot down and protect your baby. Allow your husband to ride and you stay home with the baby.

I wouldn't do it, why take the risk? Ask Grammy to watch the baby and go enjoy a day on the lake with your husband. Tell your husband that as soon as the doctor OK's it, THEN you can include the baby. Good luck!

I think you should follow your instincts and your MD's advice - particularly with respect to the sunscreen issue. There is time aplenty to teach your 4 month old to enjoy boating and outdoor activities. You won't be at ease or enjoy the outing at all.

Go with pediatricians advice. Why would you risk the health and welfare of your child?


I took mine out in a kayak but I wouldn;t do a speed boat with lots of jerking.

Hello? No way .. Listen to the Dr. since he is the expert. Let your husband go alone and you have a nice quiet day with your baby!!

do they even make life vests that small?? I'd say no..

I am with you. I would not do it. Another thought is what type of boat? How fast will you be going? The wind often takes an infants breath away. This is a reflex they can't control. When you blow in to there face it causes them to hold their breath. It may be too much. Good luck!

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