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Runny Nose and Cough Related to Teething?

My one year old is getting molars. She also has a runny nose
and a cough. Does anyone know if the nasal drip and a persistant cough are a cause from teething? Or is she sick?
She has no other symptoms.
Will a humidifier help?

What can I do next?

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If the runny nose is clear, and there is no fever, I would say Teething. If the mucus thickens and changes to yellow or green, then it could be starting infections.
I would say she is coughing due to the drainage so watch her ears too...

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Teething can cause a variety of outward sypmtoms. Runny nose, runny eyes, fever, diaper rash, crabbiness. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's the teeth or something eles. I found that if it is teething, all these things stop when that cute little tooth pops through. Most doctors say teething doesn't cause these things but all three of mine had one or more of these symptoms. My Mom always told me that any doctor that says teething doesn't cause these hasn't had any kids! Just keep an eye on it, your gut will tell you.

It can be from teething yes. The drainage from the drool and sinuses causes the cough. My daughter always has a running nose when she teeths. If the drainage is clear and there is no fever...don't worry about it.

When my daughter was teething, she would get a terrible runny nose and diarrhea. The diarrhea would cause diaper rash and the runny nose would usually cause an ear infection. I did not enjoy the teething times at all........to say the least!!

Sure it can...but it could also be a cold...tis the season. One surefire way to know is to use the guide the docs use. If the runny nose is green, yellow, brown...infection, see the doc. If it's mostly clear and the cough doesn't sound really deep in her chest...no infection...ride it out if you can. (My opinion...I don't treat with Antibiotics unless necessary)


My response is ask your Dr that's why they are Dr's! However a babies tolerance is lower while teething this is what I was told by My Dr. They also because of teething put everything including hands that touch everything in their mouth so they do get sick.And as for symptoms leaving after tooth pops out was explained that a cold virus only last a couple days so it would subside during or shortly after tooth breaks the surface. Its most likely a cold. Im only putting this out there because twice now a friend has brought a cold to my house claiming was teething and 10-14 days later we were all sick from the snotty nose child that was teething. While I believe he was teething he was also sick and putting everything he could get his hands on in his mouth,my 2 yr old is not teething and is now sick and so am I as well as my 85 yr old mother.We after watching her child have the same symptoms she told me were from his teething. NONE OF US ARE CUTTING TEETH! This is the second time it has happened sooooo yeah Im going with what my Dr says. And folks when we loose baby teeth we dont go through this all over again what does that tell you by then we know how to keep our fingers out of our mouth and not chew on everything we see. While its tender we have no other symptoms ,LOL And after all the studies done no relation to cold symptoms and teething that's also good enough for me.

Every time my daughter cuts a tooth she gets a terrible runny nose. When she cut her first molar it was REALLY bad and she ended up with an ear infection from it.

Ear infections are very common when they are teething. Their ears are much lower on their head at this time then when they are older. Consequently the ear canal is level instead of at an incline. Tbe sinus cavities and eustachian tubes are right next to eachother, so when the sinuses are full... it puts pressure on the ears and moisture can get in there. Then it is just a short jump to bacteria growth.

One thing you can do to help avoid ear infections is help keep them open. Pull gentle up and out on the top of the ear. And from time to time run your index finger down the side of their neck, from the bottom of the ear down to the bottom of the throat. That will help move things out of the eustachian tubes. It isn't full proof... but will help.

My daughter is cutting another molar right now, and I have done these things daily... so far no ear infection. :-)

The cough is probably from the drainage from her nose.

Keep an eye out for any crying irratability when you tug on the ear, or if she doesn't want to lie flat. That is usually a sign of an ear infection. The nurse at the pedi office said they don't always run a fever with an ear infection. THat was the case with the first molar and first ear infection.

If the runny nose is clear, and there is no fever, I would say Teething. If the mucus thickens and changes to yellow or green, then it could be starting infections.
I would say she is coughing due to the drainage so watch her ears too...

runny nose and cough came with my daugthers molars and even some of her regular teeth. She was also about 6 months behind in getting teeth then most kids.

S....it is funny that you mentioned this. I am going through the exact thing with my son. He will be turning one on the 30th of this month. For the last three days he has been coughing as well as sounding as if he is congested. I thought perhaps he was choking on his spit due to his teeth coming in. It seems to be worse at night though. I do have a humidifier in his room...which does seem to help some. I am not sure as well if these symptoms are caused from teething???
I would like to know myself.

My daughter always had/has cold symptoms when teething. I would think she's sick rubbing vicks etc...and then a tooth would pop out and it'd be gone like that! :o) Apparently there is a lot going on in the nasal passage above the teeth that cause the drainage and that causes the cough. Happy teething.

I know that some Dr's say that the two aren't related but I think they are, EVERY time my daughter had a tooth coming in she would have a runny nose (cough do to runny nose) a low grade fever and diarea, especually when the molars came in, my daughter got all 4 in at the same time and OMG she had a bad runny nose (which was clear), a temp of 103 and THE WORST case of diaper rash I have ever seen, I felt so bad for her cuz there wasn't anything I could really do for her it just came on all of a sudden, so yes I personally think that teething does have to do with her symptons, but it is cold season so it could be that too.


If the runny nose is just clear there is no problem but if it's green or yellow then that is a sign of infection.


So funny you wrote this topic. I was going through the topics and was going to write in about teeting symptoms myself. My son is almost 1 year - Dec. 3rd and is having the same symptoms. Runny, runny, runny nose (mostly clear) and coughing. He also had a fever last night of 101.8. One minute he is grumpy and the next minute he is fine. He is actually getting his top teeth right now. I am going to take him to the doctor just to be sure. He had a bad case of pnemonia in Sept. so I was very concerned about the coughing. But a little reasuring to hear that others have experienced the coughing. We did call the doctor last night because the fever concerned me and of course she said fever was NOT a symptom of teething, but I have heard anyways. Well, keep an eye on your daughter and may want to take her to the doctor just to be safe.

I recall my son having more congestion and a runny nose. The cough can be triggered by this extra congestion.

I was always able to tell if it was a 'cold' or 'infection' by his temperature (altho, teething can spike a temp.), glassy eyes and if the nasal discharge changed (no longer 'clear').

Hope this helps~ and hope that all is well as this is such a painful process for them! (we found icy wash clothes helped, as well as rubbing the feet and hands.)

Yes, this sounds like the teething experience we've just finished! :) It will pass! Try a humidifier in her room.

Best Wishes!

Hi S., my one year old is going through the same thing! I've just been really careful and watching that his symptoms don't get worse. I've also been using a vaporizer to make sure that he does not get stuffed up and get an infection. Good luck!!!

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