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Rugs Sliding on Tile

Does anyone have a way to keep rugs from sliding around on tile floors. I have the rubber stuff that you line shelves with under them but it just seems to bunch up and cause more problems. The runner and the rug by the door are contantly bunched up or sliding totally out of place. While I don't mind taking a minute to put it back in place it drives my husband crazy and he is contantly threatnening to throw them out. Please help!

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Okay, so I've only done the runner in my entry way which was the biggest problem because the dogs would run to greet us and cause most of our rug problems. I got some rug tape which didn't seem to stick to my rugs so I was discouraged but I had some ticky-tac (bubble gum like material) that I'd purchased for another use and decided to try some of it on each of the corners and a little in the middle on each side- so far the combination of the two seems to be doing great. I've kicked the rug to try to get it to move and it will not- now we'll see how long it lasts but for now it's doing great. Thanks for all of your help.

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Go to walmart and get "rug tape" it's actually sticky so that it will hold the rugs down. Worked well in my house.

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Go to Home Depot and get a RUG Slider. It is a rubber piece that is just for rugs. They come in different sizes. I bought one for a very large rug I had and they work great!!

They make carpet tape it is double sided. At walmart

Duct tape is cheap and easy. Instead of WD-40 though, Goo Gone will remove any stray adhesive on your tile or rug when you finally remove the rugs. It it smells like oranges too! It also removes lipstick, gum and anything greasy or sticky from clothes too...great to have on hand.

I don't know about the stuff you line shelves with, but we have tile/hardwoods throughout most of our house. I use the stuff that's specifically made to keep rugs from slipping (it does actually look a lot like the shelf liner). It works like a charm. The only time we have problems with bunching, is when one of my girls runs something into the rug to pull the edge up (i.e. "helping me" bring the laundry hamper into the other room, and dragging it to the edge of the area rug).

I've been so happy with it, I put a piece under my changing pad, to keep it from slipping off the top of the dresser/changing table. Whenever my youngest would get squirmy and "skooch" her feet on the dresser, she and the pad would practically go sliding off the other end. No more!!

You can buy aerosol adhesive in craft store. You just spray it on the back of your rug, let it dry, and then throw the rug down wherever you want it to stay. It won't ruin your flooring, and that rug will stay put.

C., Hi you can get something to put under your throw rugs, especially made so the rugs don't bunch up or slide. Look in "Lowe's", or a carpet store and ask the clerk because what you are using sounds like it is not the right stuff. It come's in different measurements so you may have to buy a large piece and cut it to fit your rugs.
Good Luck, Rachel

Hi C.,

I think a local rug store or Home Depot/Lowes would be the place to get the special liners for rugs, vs. what you would put in a cabinet. They are different.

I used a kind of very flexible backing that my husband brought home from work, but his company buys this from Home Depot. Ask the arttendants for the liners made specifically for rugs. I had a futon that kept slipping on the metal and so I cut the backing to the size I needed and it worked great.

I then used this on my bathroom rug and it works pretty good, but any rug you walk on a lot- is going to have some issues of sliding. So let your hubby know this.

You might also be able to tack the corners to the matting underneath, if you only plan on washing then hanging to dry. I don't think I would run the liner in the dryer.

Good luck!
D. ;)

I wonder if there might be some kind of tape with a rubberized side that could be stuck under the rug and wouldn't slide like a rug pad? Maybe check with your hardware store. Are you using a full rubber rug pad under the rug? Often if you have the rubber ones the rug won't slide. The rug pads that Pottery Barn sells have worked well for me. I hope this is of some help!

Go to walmart and get "rug tape" it's actually sticky so that it will hold the rugs down. Worked well in my house.

Not sure if the door is kicking them over or what the deal is. Also heavier rugs will help. I would try some duct tape doubled over and tape it underside of the edges where it is flipping. Those rubber things might help more if they were cleaned. They collect some dirt and they dont work as well. Also the more pricy ones work better than the cheap stuff. Good luck.

bed bath and beyond have rubber thingys that you can cut to fit under the little rug. they are great. don't forget your 20% discount paper that come in the mail!

Our little one loved to pull up our rug and try to teeth on it, so we went to the hardware store and bought double sided tape to keep it in place. Worked great.

I found something at Wal-mart (also at Bed Bath and Beyond) called double-sided carpet tape. It is a foam tape you apply to the back of the rug with the very sticky side...the less sticky side faces the floor. It did a good job on the rug in my entry (simulated marble floors) and on the laminate floors in the rest of the house.

Don't recall if you can use it with washable rugs...may be a problem...and it can get pretty nasty especially if you have pets (I had to scrub it with a sponge when I cleaned the rug to keep the dog hair from piling up and defeating the purpose!).

I use duck tape. It has to be replaced occasionally, but it works. Also if you move the carpet and the sticky stuff from the duck tape is left on the tile. Just spray some WD40 on it and let it sit for a minute, it wipes right up.

HI C.,,
It's great you love your live so keep straghening those rugs i'm still doing it at 50 LOL

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