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Rubbing Alcohol Drops in Ears

I have been taking my 10 mo old son to swim lessons. Yesterday, I saw a mom put drops of rubbing alcohol in each ear after we got out of the pool. She said it dries up the water in the ear. Has anyone ever heard of that? Do you know if it is safe?

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Yup. It's not only safe, it is pediatrician recommended.
Folks were doing this when I was a kid (and I am now almost 51 years old) and I suspect they were doing it long before I came along.

I have heard of this and have used alcohol in my ears and my childs after swimming and when I there seems to be excess wax, works somewhat like the over the counter ear wax removal liquids

I actually put drops of rubbing alcohol in mye ears every morning after I shower. I've done this ever since I was a kid. It dries up the water in my ears to prevent a moist environment that can lead to ear infections. I'd recommend it. I have been very prone to ear infections since infancy. Since I've been doing this, I haven't had any issues. 1-2 drops will do the trick.

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We have used alcohol for all of our kids, it is great after swimming. When they were little I remembered my mother used olive oil or wine in my ears when I had an ear ache, it worked. i asked her about it and she said that if I complained of an ear ache but did not seem to be slowing down because of it she used olive oil. The olive oil broke up any wax build up in the ear and allowed it to be removed later. If I had one that really hurt she used red wine. The red wine fought the infection and broke up any wax build up. It is something that was passed down to her by her mother and grandmother, all I know is it worked for me when I was little and it worked for my kids as well.

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I'm not sure about the straight alcohol but they have this stuff called swim ear that is designed for getting water out of the ears. I'm not truly sure if it is safe to use every time, I would think if you just have the child lay on their side and let it naturally drain on it's own first. I'd talk to your doctor before using it daily. I know I once got a ear infection from using ear drops of that sort daily.

I have never actually done it, but I have heard that it does help to prevent swimmers ear. Talk to your pediatrician to be sure.

Hi R.. Yes, I have heard of this. And when I and my siblings were taking swimming lessons (many moons ago) our teacher told us to mix up equal part rubbing alcohol and vinegar and put a few drops in each ear before and after lessons. Smells weird, but we never had any ear issues.

yes!! I have heard of it. not done it. they also have a ear drier you can buy. IF you want to spend money for it. I think it might a neat thing.

I have heard of it with apple cider vinager and alcohol, but not sure how safe it is for a child. I would call your pediatrician before you do anything.

It is fine but 1 drop is all you use or perioxide.Last yr I had went to see an ENT for horrible ear pain and dizziness they recommened it and yes it dries up the water to avoid ear infection.

Yup. It's not only safe, it is pediatrician recommended.
Folks were doing this when I was a kid (and I am now almost 51 years old) and I suspect they were doing it long before I came along.

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