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RSV Trouble Eating

My son, who is six months old, just contracted RSV. He is having trouble eating - only takes about 1-2 ounces at a time. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, any suggestions?

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Been there..... it is hard to eat and breathe.... I would feed him less and more often until it passes.... hopes for a speedy recovery.

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RSV has a stomach component to it that makes them nauseated. Talk to you pediatriccian, ours prescribed some little pink drops when our son went through the same thing.

My son had bronchilitis at 4 months and didn't want to eat more than a few ounces at a time. So we just upped the feeing to every hour to hour and 1/2. We also gave pedilyte in between. Just a little, even just an ounce is enough. That worked for us.


My middle child had RSV twice the first time was not so bad but the second time I ended up having to quit working and stay home to keep her healthy. Any ways,,, the Johnson and Johnson vapor bath worked pretty good, plus the menthol vapor humidifyer, but with feeding my husband would plunge out the nose before it was time to eat and I would sit her up in the car seat and feed that way. Also she would sleep in the car seat the first time she had it all the time, and then the second, most of the night. HMy husband would plunge out the nose after the bath and before bed so that her breathing was a little clearer. Good luck to you and your family,,this is the season for RSV. Please make sure that every one washes thier hands before playing or touching your son,,or he can get it again. This might be a cold to an adult but it can be serious to babies!



My 5 month old daughter also was just tested positive with RSV and struggled eating or even just drinking water. Her pedi sent us home with a machine and albuterol for treatments every 4-6 hours for 5 days. Today is her 4th day and it has helped. I also place salin drops and keep her nose suction, I have baby vicks and dap a VERY LITTLE across her nose and keep her proped up on pillows while she sleeps. She is very well secured while proped on those pillows though :) She still is congested not as bad but is getting better. It is known to last anywhere from a week to three. I hope this helps. Take care and blessings for your baby boy.

My 6 month old son got diagnosised with RSV and double ear infections the week before Thanksgiving. H didn't eat well either. He went back to the doctor a week later for his 6 month check up and and lost a pound since the last week. But since he was eating some, the doctor wasn't too worried as lont as he wasn't dehydrated. He still had wet diapers on a regular basis. He is just now starting to eat a little more and is less fussy.

Just keep feeding your son frequently and as long as he isn't dehyraded ok. Also, my son had to take breathing treatments and I found that if I gave him one right before I feed him, he ate more because he wasn't struggling to breathe.

If he has a lot of drainage, then he's full on mucus he's swallowing. Or, it could be that he is stuffed up and can't breathe? Try clearing out his nose before eating. It could also be teething. He might just be teething at the same time? So, you need to ice down his gums before and during eating. Otherwise, let him eat as often as he needs to during this time. You can get him back on schedule later.

Been there..... it is hard to eat and breathe.... I would feed him less and more often until it passes.... hopes for a speedy recovery.

I'm not sure how severe your son's case is, but when my daughter had RSV at 5 months she had trouble eating too. Her case wasn't too serious and only required two nights in the hospital. The day she was discharged she was already moving around and getting back to her normal self, but she still wouldn't eat normally for a few weeks. We just tried to feed her some before and some after her nebulizer sessions.
The best advice I can give is have patience. I wish you the best of luck for your son's speedy recovery.


All three of my boys have contracted RSV at one point in there life and what helped us get thru it is the vapor bath from Johnson and Johnson. Because they were having a hard time breathing and all stuffy, which was only one of the reasons why they would not eat. We started giving our kids a vapor bath right before they ate, and it helped alot. Not only with their eating, but getting better faster. We still do it even if they just have a cold. It helps clear out their noses and if they have stuff they need to cough up, it helps with that as well. Also, if they do cough up stuff, be prepared to get it out for them. Have a bulb syringe that you only use for oral use and suck out any flem that comes up. This will also help and will also keep him from getting sick at his stomach which will also affect his eating. Hope this helps and good luck.

I have had this issue with my second son.........keep an eye on how much he is actually keeping down and throwing up and watch his coloring in his face when he does throw up. Watch his heart rate as well, if it runs fast, call your pedi and keep them informed with everyting going on.......i just msgd you on the email.....chek it out! :) Everything will be alright! Hang in there, but also trust your mommy instincts!

My 9 month old has had RSV for 2 weeks now. Her Ped said that as long as she is drinking something, it's OK. She said if she won't take formula (or breast milk) then pedialyte or gerber liquilytes are good. But they really need the fluids more than the "food." But be careful, if your son doesn't drink much, then that is when they admit RSV babies to the hospital. I had a close call with then wanting to admit mine. Good luck! At least I know I'm not the only one now!

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