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Root Canals in Children

My oldest daughter is 11 & just found out today she needs to have a root canal!! Has any one else had a child that age have a root canal? If so how much pain was there & for how long? She doesn't handle pain very well!! Any help would be useful!! Thank You!!

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Hi L.,
You may want to consider getting a second opinion on this one, just in case. Seems like a big deal for such a young child. It may be necessary but what if it's not? Hope all goes well!

My child has never had to have one but I have had 2 myself. I think if I ever had to have another one I would seek out a dentist that either used a laser drill or a water drill. Pain with these drills is suppose to be minimal. I think a regular drill is very painful.

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Hi mom I have not had this problem but am very concern about your child this is very young.I think you should get another dentist to take a look at this because your child still have baby teeth and there are a lot of scams out there. Good Luck

If you haven't had this procedure done by now, here is more info that I hope might be helpful for you. This practice of dentists do only root canals, and I think that they would be an excellent resource for getting a second opinion. She does seem awfully young for needing a root canal. But if she does need one, these people know how to do it painlessly. I had one with them, at about age 55, and it was painless except for the first couple of pain shots.


Best wishes,

I agree with getting a second opinion for sure, if it really needs to be done go to a pediatric dentist. Talk before hand about the pain prevention, and usually you can ask for more options. Mine was only going to do the numbing gel and then a numbing shot, but we asked for my 5 year old to be put out, and my 10 year old to have laughing gas. Both were fine afterward, but we stuck them on motrin for 2 days.

Hi L.,
You may want to consider getting a second opinion on this one, just in case. Seems like a big deal for such a young child. It may be necessary but what if it's not? Hope all goes well!

i would highly recommend researching the negatives of having a root canal before doing that

I had a root canal at the age of 12. I complained of tooth pain, we went to the dentist and he didn't see anything wrong with the tooth. The next day I woke up with a completely swollen face. Ended up referred to an Endodontist. I had an absess in my cheek. I had to have surgery to remove the absess before they did the root canal. I was in pain because of how severe my problem was, but the procedures themselves were not bad as they put me out for all of it. I am now 37 and have not had any issues with the tooth. It's slightly discolored from the others, but it's barely noticeable.

I don't know about root canals in children, but I've had one myself. They actually don't really hurt, it's a misconception because it's the pain before the root canal that hurts. Your mouth is held open with a plastic piece and if the tooth is far back, it's uncomfortable to have the dentist's hand back there for so long. Mine was a molar, my lips were raw from the dentist trying to get his hand back there. It's really no different from having a cavity filled as far as the pain goes. The needles are the only painful part really. Give her some ibuprofen after wards. The dentist may also want you to give her some before the appointment.

My daighter had a root canal when she was five years old. She was actually put out for the procedure, but was 100% fine afterwards. Once the pain medication wore out, we gave her Tylonal for one day. She was back to school the next day like nothing had happened! She will be fine!

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