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Rolling over and Waking Up

My 5 month old son is just learning how to roll over. The problem now is that he's better at getting onto his tummy than he is getting from his tummy to his back. He's usually a good sleeper at night but last night he woke himself up twice and when we went to check on him he was on his tummy and unhappy. And of couse once he's awake he's hard to put back down. Any advice? We tried letting him cry last night but I can only stand that for about 10-15 minutes MAX so when he was still awake I went in and fed him and got him back down but that took a LONG time.

How do I get him comphy sleeping on his tummy now that he can get himself there?

What can I do next?

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HI J.,

Good advice from the other two posts. I would also add try not to feed him if that wasn't already the norm...it will become an expected part of the routine...and don't look him in the eye or talk to him when you go in the room....I use she "shhhhhhhh" sound and walk out...works for us.

I would get a sleep positioner for your son so he can't roll in the middle of the night. Also because he can roll don't put any blankets or toys in his crib. These could cause SIDS or suffocation. Put him to sleep in warm pjs and a halo sleepsack or use a miracle blanket to keep him warm through out the night. Babies at his age still need to follow the "back to sleep" rule.

Here are links to the items/topics I mentioned:





my daughter did the same thing. it was really a pain at night, but i got through it! what i did was just put her back on her back and give her her binkie and walk out. she always went right back to sleep. it really doesn't take long (although it feels like it when you're getting up everynight!) for babies to learn to roll front to back, back to front. so once she learned that she was fine at night. i'd work with her during awake time to help her learn how.

I know they say you're not supposed to put your kids on their tummys to sleep, but my boys ALWAYS slept better on their tummys. Try putting him on his tummy for a nap so you can check on him every now and then and he may get a little more used to it

You lasted that long? lol. I could only go for about 5 minutes. I had the same issue. Try getting a positioner to keep him in one place. I think it helped with Evee.

LOTS of tummy time!!! He's actually mastered the harder of the rolls, so it shouldn't take too much time for him to figure out how to roll back. Get him on his tummy while he's awake as much as possible and don't go to him when he fusses at first. Most things babies learn are because they are unhappy with the way things are at the time (I don't like this position, I'll learn to roll, I can't get to my toy, I'll learn to crawl...etc...).
Good Luck!

Make sure he is getting plenty of tummy time during the day. Additionally, is it possible to go in and roll him over and let him try to get back to sleep on his own.

Also, you may want to rethink feeding him when he wakes up like that. Is he truly hungry when he is waking up or are you using food just to get him to go to sleep? Do you want him to continue to wake up every night, expecting food in the middle of the night?

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