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Rock in the Ear

About a month ago my 5 year old put a rock in his ear at school. I could see it in his ear, but it was wedged pretty far in. I took himto the pedi, and he said that he couldn't see a rock, but he did have a big lump of ear wax. He told us to flush his ear with hydrigen peroxide to break up the ear wax.He then checked his ear again a week later when I brought in my little ones for a well baby check. I could still see something in his ear, but again, the doctor said there was nothing. Now it has been a month and he was complaining his ear hurt. I looked in his ear and could see the rock. He let me scrape a little of the earwax away from the surface . I accidentally scraped the rock a little, but it confirmed that it is in fact a rock. He freaked when that happened. I know that if I could just get him to hold still I could pull it out myself, but he won't do that. So now I don't know if I should take him back to the doctor, who twice said nothing was in there, or if I should take him to urgent care or what. It has already been a month so I know its not going to come out on its own. I'm worried about infection because he is now complaining about it the past few days, and the earwax buildup and drainage is pretty yucky. Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the advice everyone! What had originally happened was, at school he was complaining his ear hurt, and he told his teacher that he put a rock in itr, so the school called me and that is what prompted our original trip to the pediatrician. So last night when the hubby got home from work I took him into a Children's Hospital urgen care clinic. The assured me that there was indeed something in his ear, but because of all the wax build up couldn't really tell what it was, or what would be the best way to remove it. They said that with ear stuff they'll usually only try once or twice, and then if they can't get it refer to the ENT. So they flushed his ear with warm water to remove the buildup, and the pressure of the water actually popped the rock right out. It was a pretty decent size piece of gravel that the poor kid has had in there for a month! So he is very happy to be rock free.

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Take him to a childrens Ear, Nose and Throat specialist ASAP. They will take care of you WAY better than the pediatrician. I know this from experience.

Give him a warm bath and let him dunk under the water a few times. I had the same thing happen to me when I was little (only with a BB pellet, not a rock) and despite my mom's efforts to remove it, it never came out till one day I was taking a bath and it just dropped out. I think the warm water must have opened up the canal enough and melted the wax enough for it to come out.

Good luck!

I would suggest finding a ear nose and throat doctor. They know a lot more about the ears then the regular peditrician. I would definitely do it soon because you don't want to have long term problems. Good Luck.

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Take him to the clinic! Nobody should have to live with a rock in his ear. Assuming you are not crazy and there is a rock in there, tape it to a piece of paper and photocopy it. Keep the original for your son's show and tell, and mail the other to your pediatrician along with a note that says you will need him to forward your son's records to his new doctor.

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Trust your gut. You see a rock, you know it's a rock, your doctor sounds like he's about as thick as a rock...find a new doctor. I wouldn't go to the emergency unless he's not sleeping or is in severe pain. But I would head a soon as possible to a walk in clinic or another pediatrician and have it removed.

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Good grief... perhaps you want to consider a new pediatrician?!
I would definitely bring your son in right away, and at this point I might go to an ear doctor instead (otoloaryngologist, or 'ENT' doctor). I would steer clear of urgent care if at all possible. I've had ear issues, and I learned the hard way that urgent care personnel just don't have the training or equipment to handle anything specialized - they made my situation far worse.

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Go to an ENT. They can remove whatever it is safely and check his hearing! Do not try to do this yourself.

My middle daughter had horrible wax problems when she was smaller (tiny ear canals). The ENT had her lay down on a table and he used peroxide and a teeny vacuum to extract a huge ball of hard wax from her ear. We did this several times over the years. Now we put debrox (not sure of the spelling) in her ears every week or so to keep the wax soft.

Good luck and let us know what happens!

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Take him to another doctor. Follow your gut feeling, it's probably a rock. Although, doesn't matter if it's hard ear wax or a rock, this is an obstruction in his ear. I'm sure it's painful. After all this time the doctor should take it out, not send you home. Take him to another doctor!

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Unless he is in pain or you have reason to believe that he needs urgent care (blood...pain...) you can take him to a clinic or a new pediatrician.
Definitely find a new doctor!

I wouldn't try to do it yourself...too risky. I know first hand Docs can be wrong-so I'd either go to urgent care or a pediatric ENT.

First, take him to urgent care and get the rock out. 2nd, find a new pediatrician. We use Greenwood Pediatrics which is basically at I-25 and Dry Creek and they are wonderful. Good luck!

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