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Riverside Community Hospital Vs. Parkview Community Hospital

Have any of you ladies delievered at Parkview Community? I am 12 weeks prego, and already looking into where would be the best place to have the baby. I delieved my 2 yr old at RCH right after the remodle of the L&D rooms, and it was OK. The post-partum rooms were HORRIBLE! Can anyone tell me if staying with RCH is a good idea, or should I go over to Parkview? Thanks!

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Thank you ladies for your advice. I am still in limbo, but after talking to my OB about it yesterday, he advised me, as a doctor, he prefers Parkview. So, I will wait for a little while longer, and then go on thr tour and check the facility out for myself. I just dont want to be sandwiched in a 10x10 room with someone else, and get sent to collections for $250 that the hospital couldnt wait to get from my insurance company! (yes, this happened at Riverside community). So again, thank you for your opinions.

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Just wanted to share, I was suppose to have my son delivered at RCH and due to an emergency the ambulance took me to Parkview instead. It was during my 12 yr olds spring break and I had no one to take care of her so she sat at the hospital with me all day, Parkview staff was wonderful they took care of me, the baby and made my daughter as comfortable as possible. It would be very hard not to choose this hospital again if in need, not to say RCH is not great too. Hope this helps.

Hi S.. Parkview is a good hospital to go to. Three of my grandsons were born there. The care was great. My daughter and daughter in law loved it there.

I just wanted to let you know i delievered both my children at parkview, and i thought they were great my first son was born with complications. I believe if he had been born at a hospital that didnt have an NICU he wouldnt have made it. I had my children in 2003 -2005 they have hospital tours ,and they have a childbirth classes . I dont know if they still do but you can look into it, and all of the nurses were the best. Hope this helps

Hi S.,

I delivered at Parkview in 1992, but I would not go there now. It has gone downhill since the 90's due to new management and insurance contracts changing drastically affecting the quality of care. I would definitely go with Riverside Community if you have the choice, I know I would.

Good Luck, Happy Delivery!

i dont know about either of those hospitals. i would say go with what your ob says if you trust them enough. i personally chose to deliver at loma linda university medical center. the l&d rooms were nice and they did have private recovery rooms (but i didnt get one and i only had to share my room for 2 nights out of my 3 night stay). i also dont think i got a private room because my daughter went to the nicu so i think they save them for moms with their babies that arent sick :). either way i had a great experience there. i hope you make your decision and its right for you:)

If you want a natural childbirth and plan to breastfeed, it would probably be wise not to go to RCH. I don't know anything about Parkview but I witnessed my sister-in-law's birth at RCH and they push a LOT for moms to get things moving, they push even more for medications (like epidural) and their postpartum care is atrocious.

The baby was having trouble getting latched on to SIL's breast, finally got on and the nurses came in to take the baby to the nursery (not good for a start of a breastfeeding relationship), not even giving her the chance to nurse her child for the first time.

If you have any inklings of a desire for a totally natural childbirth, there's a birth center in Redlands which has AMAZING midwives. You should check it out if you have any doubts about the hospitals in the area.

And don't even think about Loma Linda or Redlands Community... I've heard stories about them that put RCH to shame!

I delivered my son at RCH in Sep 2007.... and I hated everything about post-partum care. the nurses hardly ever came by. It was hard to get any medication, they asked me how bad the pain was from 1-10, uh 10! and it took them a long time to come back with it, I actually thought they had forgotten. I called the nursery to ask if they can take my baby vor a bit so I can sleep and they made me feel guilty about asking them to do that (I had been awake for 13+ hours when I asked).
I would not recommend to have a baby there to anyone, I delivered my first child at Fountain Valley Regional and I wish I could have done the same with my second =(
Good luck at Parkview Comm. =)

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