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Does anyone out there have any good ideas on how to get rid of ringworm? My 2 year old son has had it in his diaper area for months and months. The only thing my pediatrician told me to do was put Lotrimin on it. That doesn't help and it gets bigger and worse day by day. I feel bad b/c it hurts him too, since it is raw. Please help. Thanks.

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WOW! I got great responses, thank you. Although, it ends up I was trying to cure the WRONG thing. My son did not have ringworm after all... after another trip to the doctor we discovered he had contact dermatitis. In a nutshell, he is 'allergic' to his pull ups. So the cure is no more pull ups and we are potty training cold turkey. It has been about a week now, the rash is healing, and my son is doing pretty well potty training. Thanks again for all the advice!

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A word of advise from someone that went through more antifungals and prescriptions than I care to admit with my oldest. DO NOT PUT CORNSTARCH ON IT. that feeds the fungus, just use Lamisil and plain baby powder. If you don't see results in a few days definately go to dr and make a fuss until they give a script or refer you to a dermatologust.

Have you tried any of the other OTC antifungal ointments? With my kids the generics worked better than the brand names did. Also try putting on some hydrocortisone along with it to help with the itching. It has worked for me in the past.

Find a new pediatrician!!! You should have been given a medicine for that! Oh and try Blue Star ointment. But read the warnings. I don't know if you'd be able to use it on the diaper area. Good luck and keep us updated.

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Ringworm is just a fungus. It's easy to treat with over the counter products... It's just finding the right one. Try each of the Athletes foot or Jock itch medications until you find one that helps. Usually, you can see a difference in color and irritation within two applications. They have different active ingredients....read your labels. Keep your little guy as dry as possible, and if you can, put pad under him (diaperless)during naps so he can "Air out"...Ring worm can get nasty and run in to other problems like staph and impetigo. Stay on top of it.

Good Luck!

T. Cobbs

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Ring worm is not a worm; it is a fungus. It is not only local, it can become systemic. OLast summer our son had it for about 3 months till it cleared up. It would appear im various places for a couple of days, go away... and appear in several other places !

We applied Neem Oil, a natural, non-evasive, natural oil from Africa. If you can't find it, let me know.
There is a world-known researcher in Austin whom I met and he strongly advised this. It is even effective against malaria !

I can send you a link with more info, but in a hurry now. Google ring worm or fungal infections. Natural remedies are sometimes more effective; we want to use as little drugs as possible (especially for children). Native Americans used Black Walnut bark for ring worm.

More later.... Blessings to your family !

M. D.

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If you put clear nail polish on it it will be gone in a few days.. it suffocates the ringworm.

I work for a vet and we are always getting ringworm. We use anti-fungal cream for foot fungus - dried up in 3-4 days. You can also like someone else said get oral medications - or vet had to use that!

A nurse practitioner I work with always tells patients to use the head and shoulders that comes in the dark blue bottle (for sebhorric dermatitis). Use it when bathing you baby.

Try one of the more powerful creams for athletes feet on the rind worm. I have had this same problem with a few of my kids. A ring worm is a bacterial infection just like athletes feet so you use the same thing to treat both of them.
I have 5 kids and I had the same battle for years.

Hi V.,

Ringworm is a fungus and if you use an anti fungal cream like those recommended for athletes foot or jock itch you should have great results. You can also combine that with an anti itch cream to stop any itching you might have. Hope this helps.

Iodine works every time. My mom used it on my ringworms as a child and I use it on my children. One of my twins is more suseptible to them then my other two boys. The Lotrimin did nothing for us either. There is clear iodine, but the old fashion red tinted stuff seems to do the best job. It will burn on those that are raw, but if you blow on it then it helps the stinging pass faster. It's worth the screaming to see the ringworms disappear within a week, two max.

Best wishes with ridding the nasty ringworms.


Bleach-probably about 1part bleach 4parts water. Bleach is in most ppl's water supply anyway-just not strong enuf. I've been thru the lotrimin, too w/ myself & kids. A vet told me about bleach.
I used it straight on myself & the kittens. Only used it once on the kittens after days of bathing w/ a sulphur solution, really stinky.
Let me know how it works. It mite sting for a min or 2 but sure kills the fungus

Hi Vivki!

Are you sure it is ringworm? Could it be a yeast infection diaper rash? If so, the perscription Vusion did wonders in a day for my sons persistent diaper rash and it does look like ringworm. Hope this may help you! The poor bo-bo! Good Luck Mana!

Finally, a question i can answer. lol. Use the BLUE STAR OINTMENT. My kids are always getting ringworms. Especially living out in the country. They are into everything. Its really worked for me. Usually its gone within a few days depending on how big or small it is. You should start to notice a difference after a day or 2.

O.k. I will begin with stating...this is an "old" but tried & true method of curing ringworms. I was always out side "in the dirt" as a child, so I had lots of opportunities for my mom to use this. I am almost 50 so that tells you a lot of today's remedies were not around. Ready for the treatment?? Find a brown paper sack, yes, the kind that they bag groceries in - that may be challenging. Then tear off a piece of the bag/paper, about 3 inches square. Place the paper in a glass dish or plate. Then burn the paper in the dish. When cool, remove the ashes. There will be a brownish sticky residue/salve. Put the salve (it won't hurt is some of the ashes are still in it) on the ringworm. You can do this everyday until the ringworm is gone. It usually only takes a few days. Please don't think I'm crazy - my children & I living proof it works! God Bless.

I have heard that Monistat will work! Or Blue Star Ointment I know works. Also make sure that you keep his sheets and nightclothes washed daily. I hope this was helpful!

Have you tried any of the other OTC antifungal ointments? With my kids the generics worked better than the brand names did. Also try putting on some hydrocortisone along with it to help with the itching. It has worked for me in the past.

Find a new pediatrician!!! You should have been given a medicine for that! Oh and try Blue Star ointment. But read the warnings. I don't know if you'd be able to use it on the diaper area. Good luck and keep us updated.

Melaluca oil has worked on everything at our house, even ringworm.


you can check it out at the above site.
Good luck!

Lotrimin cream is the best thing for it. You have to reapply 2 to 3 times a day till the ringworm is gone. Ringworm is a fungus. It takes a while to go away too. It spreads very quickly and is hard to get rid of. You have to keep consistantly repeating the Lotrimin.
My ex mother in law got my oldest something from the health food store when he caught it when he was a baby. My ex had brought home a kitten that had the ringworm fungus on her skin. We all got it and it took 2 to 3 months to get rid of it completely. We were using Lotrimin non stop. She brought this liquid, I think it was black walnut something. I'll call her today and find out. It worked too.
Make sure you are not reintroducing the ringworm to the baby. Keep everything cleaned and sanitized. If he is playing on the ground outside he could have picked it up there. Get the pets checked out by the vet if any.

Good Morning V.,

I took my son to the doctor for what I thought was a ringworm because the lotriman wasn't working. Not to mention it was spreading to other areas of his body which concerned me. They tested him for Pityriasis Rosea. It is a skin rash and looks just like a ringworm. It is usually about 1 to 3 inches across. The cause is unknown but they do know it is not caused by fungus, a bacteria or an allergy. My doctor thinks it's caused by a virus. The condition is harmless but irritating to the person. You might want to check with your doctor. The patches will go away without treatment but they can give you a skin cream(very expensive) to make it easier.

Had the same problem with my middle child when she was in 1st grade but it was on the back of her leg. Maybe get a second opinion as it may not be ringworm? If it is, INSIST that the doctor give you a prescription ointment and keep using it until it's completely gone. Over the counter meds just don't have the same punch. Hope that helps!

Hi, V.
I'm sorry you have that to deal with. I've had much success with a mixture of Pompeian Olive Oil (the pyramid shaped bottle kind)one teaspoon and a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil. Once it's cleared, usually within a couple of days if applied at diaper changes, the plain olive oil is a good safe moisturizer to help heal up the scabbing. Also, Rosemary Soap is good for the skin irritations that may not be ringworm. Hope that helps!
in Christ Jesus <><
C. j
p.s. do you really have a 40 year old?? :-o

It sounds like you need to take him to another doctor! My little girl got it at 4 months old and her doctor gave me an antibiotic to give to her for a month, and it went away no problem. Sounds like he needs something like that...you really should consider taking him to another doctor.
Good luck!

Good Morning V.,

According to my Essential Oils Pocket Reference, Ringworm is a fungus and can be treated with Melaleuca ericifolia essential oil or geranium essential oil. You would need to dilute the oil 50:50 with an organic vegetable oil or massage oil. There is also a Melaleuca-Geranium Bar Soap that may help with infection. If you need more info or would like to order the oils you can check out this website: www.youngliving.org/sherylhawkinson
You can also check out testimonials at:

I am a new member, this is my first answers. Have you tried iodine? I has helped me when I have had this problem. I raised 2 sons and I have 4 grandchildren. My name is C.. I love animals and well....I love just about everything and everyone. I am a 54 year old woman. I hope this helps.

Keep up with the Lotrimin but also make sure the area has plenty of "air time" b/c fungus thrives in moist environments.

My son had ringworm like that under his armpit when he was about 7 years old. It stayed for months, getting worse not matter how we treated it! We finally tried hydrogen peroxide to clean the area, dried it real well, and then put the generic brand of Lotriman on it. We did this 3 times a day for a week, and then 2 times a day for another week, and then once a day for a week. It did not come back after that. I would check with my doctor before doing this, and also be sure it is really ringworm. Good luck with this!

Hi V.,

This sounds weird, but it works. Rub Cruex (jock itch medicine) on it. It should go away in a few days.

Good Luck!


Lemon Juice...cut a lemon and rub on the ring worm let dry then cover...also clorox works but burns! Good Luck


Try putting Tinactin on it. It is for athlete's foot(a fungus similar to ring worm), but worked well on my little brothers ring worm. Spot try it first just to be sure that it will work. Other than that see if there are any other anti-fungul products that might work and be safe for little ones.

Silicilic acid is in chinese anti ringworm meds, and worked for us! Sometimes we just crush our own aspirin.


You might want to consider a couple of things. Ringworm is a fungus and loves dark, damp places, so if you can expose that area to air several times a day, allow the butt to completely dry then put the lotrimun on it. Be sure to go at least 1/4inch past the edges of the affected area. This process takes time so the big reason don't think it works is because they aren't consisent. It's hard when you're trying to juggle kids, life, and your sanity to stay with any medication. If it's getting worse, you can also ask your pediatrician for a follow up appointment or a referral to a dermatologist. They might be more aggressive by using oral medications and lotions.
Also, be sure to keep his fingernails cut short so it's harder for him to scratch it up.
Hope this helps.
Helotes, Tx

What you're using does not always respond or work well. There is another Over the Counter that I have found. Works much faster. The name of the product is Lamisil. Apply once aday. If it does not get any better in a weeks time. You may need to see a Medical Dr. for your answer. They do have a shot now for extreamly bad cases. Ringworms feed on dead skin. It could be that you trying to treat something that is not a ringworm.

This sounds more like eczema (the round-shaped variety) or thrush than ringworm, which is really not that common. I would have a dermatologist check it and prescribe appropriate treatment. We've battled this with several of our children.

Best of luck.

Hi V., I used Blue Star Ointment on my 2 yr old's ringworm. He had one on his head and the Blue Star Ointment healed it. You can buy it at any Walgreens, CVS, etc. I hope it works for you.


Please take your son back to maybe a different doctor and get the prescription medication that you need to get rid of ring worm completely. I am in my 30's but had ring worm several times in my life, and once as a 5 year old had it so bad that my teacher sent me home with the "chicken pox" which I had already had and overcome. When the doctor finally scraped one of the spots, he found that it was ring worm and said it was one of the worst cases he had ever seen. I took many Aveeno oatmeal baths to soothe the pain and used the prescription medication. Later in my life I got it again from a cat just barely touching me through my sweater. Keep your child away from cats, or if you cats, you need to take them to the vet and cure them first.
It sounds terrible what he's going through, but please use the exact correct prescription meds that he needs. It's topical. Hopefully I am not giving you incorrect advice as possibly the prescription med may not be able to go in such a sensitive area....but I would definitely give him natural oatmeal baths, longs ones, you can just stick oatmeal in an old clean sock (a mismatch) and then tie it at the top and then dunk it in his bath and squeeze the oatmeal milk from it onto his ring worm. Poor little thing. Researching on the internet could also be useful as it's a very common, well known, and easily treated problem. It's his suffering that you want to minimize. Also, as few clothes as possible, maybe no diaper for periods of time would make him feel more comfortable.

Best of luck to you and your son- get a second opinion, it may not even be ringworm, but if it is- it CAN be treated.

Take care,


I would ask the Dr for a stronger dose. My children have had it and none of my Pediatricians recommended anything over the counter. They always gave an RX for some strong enough antifungal cream and Nizoral shampoo (Great!-Walgreens, cvs) ringworm disappeared quickly. The key is to clean it thouroughly with the shampoo daily and apply cream as directed. I am a mother of 6, ringworms I have seen often.

Ask your Doctor about Elidel. It treats many skin conditions. My son and I have eczema and it looks a lot like ringworm. If I remember correctly, Elidel works for both ringworm and eczema. Hope this helps!

Hi V.,
I have had ringworm several times. twice when I was younger and twice as an adult. You need to go back to your pediatrician and have him or her prescribe you something else and also make sure it is not a mis-diagnosis, if your pedi does notgive you a prescription you should get a second opinion. Ringworm is a fungus and can only be treated with some medicated cream. i actually got my cream (as an adult) from the vet who treated my cat. But I wouldn't recommend that for a baby. Best of luck and try to take him to the doc A.S.A.P, ringworm is very irritaing and painful.

Perhaps adding a topical steroid like Cortaid to the Lotrimin would help boost it.
We use a Triple Cream on diaper rashes. Equal parts triple antibiotic (Neosporin), anti-fungal and hydro-cortisone creams.
This combo has really helped us, maybe it would help you too.

K. H, mama to
Catherine, 4yrs
Samuel, 14mos

I would take him back to the doctor. There is a prescription medication that can be given for ringworm. My 9 year got a stubborn case after horseback riding. Our doctor told us to use low dose hydrocortison cream and if that did not work to fill the prescription. We never filled the prescription.
I would NOT use hydrocortison on a baby's bottom. Call your doctor.

I have used Tinactin (an athlete foot fungus treatment)ointment or drops for years. You will see notable improvement within 5-7 days (no itching) and it will be gone about 3-4 weeks.

My son had one when he was that age. When I took him to his pediatrician we were referred to a dermatologist. She gave him a cream and oral meds. The same thing happened to us, we tried treating with over the counter meds and it grew. Over the counter just treats symptoms it does not cure ringworm. We had trouble at first to be seen by the dermatologist because we were a new patient we had to wait three weeks, so if they give you a hard time ask to speak to the office manager and explain your situation. Hope this helps and I hope your son feels better soon.

You should try tea tree oil. It kills any fungus or bacteria.

1% hydrocortizone that cleared it up for us! Best of luck

iodine. works every time, just apply to each wound. V.

Any over the counter anti-fungal should work, but you have to apply 3 or 4 times a day. This was per our pedi and pharmacist.

When I was living in Kenya, ringworm was a problem for us. Before I went, my pharmacist told me to bring Canesten or another yeast infection cream. He said that was the best thing to treat ringworm.

Good luck

Hi, V.!
Have you been to a dermatologist? I work for one, and he regularly sees children and infants. I actually had ringworm (got it from my cat) and he gave me Ertaczo, which cleared mine right up. There are several treatments available for ringworm, so maybe the Lotrimin isn't the best in your case. I would definitely see a dermatologist, since they specialize in treatment of the skin, and maybe there's something else they can prescribe. Hope that helps!

B. A.

My son had exzema on his face, and for months we were treating it for ringworm. The only thing that helped was the cream for the exzema, it went away instantly!! It's probably not ringworm, I'd suggest seeing your doc again or going to someone else. good luck!!!

You need to keep the area clean(as possible) and dry. changing his diaper often will help do not let it be wet for a long period of time because wring worm is a fungus type infection. When you put Lotrimin on it you start from the outside and apply in a circle moving into the center then
lift your hand You need to start where the skin is clear of the ringworm and go to the center. If you apply any other way it spreads the fungus. If you are still not getting any relief you need to check with the docotr again or go to a skin specialist. It may have progressed into something else like emphantigo or other infection. Call your doctor right away and let him/her know that is not improving but is getting worse. Try the correct application of the Lotrimin
If you do not get any response might take him to a different doctor.

Using antifungal essential oils while bathing or showering is especially important bcause fungal infections thrive in moist, warm environments. Essential oils like tea tree (melaleuca ericifolia) and Melrose can easily be added to bath salts or Epsom salts to combat fungal infections. Then apply either the blend Melrose or the melaleuca ericifolia diluted 50/50 with good organic olive oil every time you change him (at least 2-4 times a day). In severe cases you can use 35 percent food-grade hydrogen peroxide to clean infected areas before applying essential oils. Saturate a gause with the diluted oils and apply to affected area and wrap to hold in place.
You can find these therapeutic grade essential oils (never use anything but therapeutic grade) on my website at: www.youngliving.com/489107

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

J. M.

Never heard of not prescribing a cream. This the one my peditrician prescribed. Clotrimazole Cream USP 1%.

V., I think I would let my pediatrician know that the ring worm is still active and you might need something stronger than Lotrimin. The diaper area is a moist place for ringworm and can continue to be active if it is not getting some dry air to the area. You mentioned your son is two, maybe he can go without his diaper for short periods of time. I know that may seem gross, but it might help heal it quicker. Ringworm can spread to other areas of the body and also to others. If he has a sand box, I have a friend that has a daycare and she had to have her's exterminated for ringworm. You can also google ringworm and get more information. I am not sure if this helps you or not.

A Little about me:

Mother of 4 (ages 20,19, 15, and 10), married to a retired soldier and wonderful man. Day School Director for 14 years.

You can also try tea tree oil. I successfully treated ringworm on my daughter using tea tree oil and occasionally lotrimin. I wonder if the lotrimin is just wearing off because of the location. Good luck.

A word of advise from someone that went through more antifungals and prescriptions than I care to admit with my oldest. DO NOT PUT CORNSTARCH ON IT. that feeds the fungus, just use Lamisil and plain baby powder. If you don't see results in a few days definately go to dr and make a fuss until they give a script or refer you to a dermatologust.

My son had it for a long time too and his dr was perscribing things left and right to get rid of it and it wouldnt, my husbands grandpa saw it and told me to put some "monkey blood" on it. I thought he was crazy, but i was ready to try anything, he gave me some and it cleared up after 2 days!! "Monkey blood" is Tincture of Iodine, you can get it at your local drug store (i think its only like 3 or 4 dollars), im not sure about walmart or those sorts of places, i never looked, but whatever you pay for the bottle it will last you forever!! I hope this helps you and your baby!!

We recently were exposed to ringworm when we adopted a kitty that was not well. Our vet (and other research) said that this is a highly contagious fungus and very resistant to treatment. We were given 6 weeks of itraconazole as treatment for a 4 lb kitten after a topical treatment did not work. Also, since spores can live up to 18 months without a host, we laundered everything repeatedly in hot water and steam cleaned carpets and upholstery. Thank goodness we are now fungus free and the entire family is finally well. I would recommend another visit to the pediatrician or even a second opinion by someone who is a little more aggressive and compassionate like you in their treatment plan. Good luck to you and your family.

A great resource for me has been a book called Your Child's Health by Barton D. Schmitt, M.D., F.A.A.P.

my brother had it when he was younger and my mom used Star Ointment. From what I can remember, it worked. I remember her talking about it to our neighbors about it working.

Hi! My son had ring worm a few years ago on his shoulder and his pedi prescribed a drug strength "viral type" lotion/gel to clear it up.
Maybe you could talk with a pharmacist or see another doc?
I know the diaper area is sensitive and your baby must feel miserable! Hang in there but maybe get a 2nd professioanl opinion...

after trying prescription meds, blue star ointment worked

Hi V.

The main thing with treating ringworms seems to be putting medcine on the circle the middle doesn't mattar as much the slowly shrink and peel. S.

You should use hydrocrotizone cream. Put it on the area for about two weeks, 4 X per day.

Good old fashion 'Blue Star Ointment', works everytime. Found in any pharmacy department.

Get a new pediatrician!! This is a highly contagist and needs a antibiotic cream!!
Ok that was a bit much...Lotrimin will work but does need to be applied offten. Try asking for a stronger dose.

Tea Tree oil from Melaleauca and similar products. Eat plenty vegetables, green and yellow (for the skin). Keep away from infected animals.

Years ago, I took my 2 small daughters on a train and they wound up with ringworm. Then they caught chicken pox. The dr warned (scared...) me that the ringworm could be transferred to the chicken pox sores and leave extensive scarring. I was determined to do my best to help them thru this of course.

He had me use Neosporin (an otc med) as often as possible. I also would bathe the areas with warm water with baking soda in it (about 1 teas per cup) and if possible, let that air dry before putting the Neosporin on it. Otherwise, pat dry with very clean cloths. It contained the ringworm to just a few areas and didn't take a very long time either for it to be gone.

BTW - I am a 76 year old great grandmother that raised 7 daughters, and now have 6 great grands. I feel like I have just about "seen it all"..

My daughter tried Tinactin also, and it seemed to be some stronger and worked better.

Hello V.. I know a quick and fast cure for ringworm. But since your child is so young it may sting a little. Camphor-phenique, will dry a ringworm up very fast.

believe it or not, the best remedy I have found for ringworm is permanant black marker I just color the ringworm with the marker to the outer edge and leave it alone. It doesn't look too good, but it dries it up in a matter of just a couple of days.
good luck

Hi V.! My name is C. and I have a little experience with ringworm. My two sons used to get it all the time from my neighbor's cats. The problem with your situation is obviously that it's in your son's diaper area as I'm sure your doctor has already told you. Ringworm thrive in moist areas and my suggestion is to wash it really well and then take a hair dryer and put it on low warm heat and dry it out as much as possible before medicating his skin. Try not to have him in his diaper as much as possible to let the area air out even through his napping if at all possible. If there is any moisture between his skin and the medication its not likely to work very well. His diaper will unfortunately absorb most of the medication thats why its good to not let him wear one as much as possible. I hope he can get some relief soon. They are very irratating I've had one myself. Thanks I hope this helps you!

Believe it or not but regular table mustard will help dry ringworms right up, but he'll need to run around diaper free for a bit.

Use vaseline petrolium jelly and johnsons baby powder and only use a warm towel to clean with no baby wipes.

Hi my name is W. this is my first time hearing of a ringworm being in this area but there is a oritment called Bactrom that works really well. When I get home I will make sure thats the correct spelling it's a lil cost for such a small tube but works well. I work at a hospital and will ask one of the docors here in the ER because I am thinking it' s getting worse because of the wetness.Will get back with later today.update on name of cream Bactroban

V., I would put the medication on him then put powder on top to keep it dry. If possible let him go with out a diaper so it can get some air. It needs to dry out to heal.
T. J

Blue Star Ointment. You can find it at the drug store and it worked really well for us.

My daughter had it on her arm. We used the prescription product - it didn't work. Then someone told us to use an athlete's foot product. The pharmacist told me which one to use - sorry I don't remember which kind. It worked almost immediately.

I have found that the best thing for ringworm is Iodine. It does burn but in 2 or 3 days it will be gone completely. My granddaughter had a big ringworm on her arm and I used the iodine on it and it was gone before she went home to momma, she spent the weekend with me. I hope this info helps.


Hi V., I'm an Licensed Esthetician of 20 years, in my experience in my field I have helped several with ringworm with pure Melissa essential oil. You can get a high grade oil from www.earthangleoils.com. This particular oil is great for all kinds of skin irritations. With raw skin, it will burn briefly...but it works! Good luck!
Ka`ren from Brenham, Texas Mother of 3 beautiful step-daughters; 20, and twins 13 and finally my boy 4 months.

My son was 10 months old (10/30/07) when he got a ringworm on his bottom. His doctor wrote a prescription for Nystatin Cream. I applied it 3-4 times in the affected area for 4 weeks and it went away. It says to use the cream 3-4 times daily for 2-4 weeks. After 1 week I noticed changes and continued to use it up to the 4 week mark to make sure that it was gone. The prescription was filled with two big tubes of cream so we have it on hand now, just incase.

Hopefully this helps,

i have never heard of ringworm in the diaper area, it is spread by direct contact and so is usually seen on the legs arms and trunk areas.
if it is round with a raised border then it could be discoid eczema, still very unusual in this area.
if it is regular diaper rash then leave his diaper off completely and let him run around with nothing on for a week, because its the heat and urine next to the skin causing it.
you will need to get a second opinion on the ringworm thing, which as other people have commented is a fungal infection and will respond to lamisil antifungal cream, or clotrimazole based creams.

Blue Star ointment will get rid of it, just put on underpans instead of diapers while you are treating him, because it is growing due to the moisture from the diapers when they are wet, underpans will let more air get to his skin.

:liquid Lamisil, it comes in a little spray bottle. Spray the area twice a day .We have used it on our kids it takes a while but it works

Try some TEA TREE OIL. It may sting a little, but it works really well. Apply it 2 or 3 times a day.

check out my website, if your interested in healthier products for your home and family!

I found this website:

And I found this information, also:
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Ringworm usually responds well to self-care within 4 weeks without having to see a doctor.

Keep your skin clean and dry. (Hard to do with diapers)
Apply over-the-counter antifungal or drying powders, lotions, or creams. Those that contain miconazole, clotrimazole, or similar ingredients are often effective.
Wash sheets and nightclothes every day while infected.
A severe or persistent infection may require treatment by a doctor. Antifungal pills may be given and are necessary if your hair is infected. Prescription antifungal skin medications, such as ketoconazole, are stronger than over-the-counter products and may be needed. Antibiotics may also be needed to treat related bacterial infections.

Infected pets also should be treated.

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Skin medication is usually successful at treating Ringworm within 4 weeks. If your ringworm infection is severe or resistant (meaning that it does not respond well to self-care), it will usually respond quickly to antifungal pills.

(I see another doctor if it doesn't clear up soon.)

I'd get back in to see the pediatrician about it. There is a prescription antifungal called Oxistat that worked well with my daughter, but it is a prescription. If your peditrician doesn't want to be bothered by it, get in to see a dermatologist. My daughter's ringworm was misdiagnosed as various things for an entire year and she had it on her face and it got into her scalp. She has beautiful thick hair and it all started falling out in big areas of her scalp. When we finally went to see the dermatologist, she took a scraping of it, looked at it under a microscope and let us look under the microscope as well. She said she had the worst case of ringworm she had ever seen. My daughter had to take these enormous pills 3 times a day for 3 months and 3 years later we still have to be vigilent looking for any signs of ringworm. When we see a spot pop us, we immediately put lotrimin on it in the early stage and that takes care of it. But, when it gets bad, like it sounds like your son has, I think you need something stronger than what you can get over the counter. It is also easily spreadable, wo watch out for your other children and wash your hands and your son's hands frequently and especially after cleaning and medicating it. Also you can wash the affected area with a Selenium Sulfide shampoo like Selsun Blue (it looks ugly and smells bad, but it works). I'd talk to the pediatrician though befor trying the shampoo as a soap, just because he is so young. Good luck and be persistant with the pediatrician don't let him/her brush off your concerns, my daughter's case turned into such a terrible nightmare for us and we still have to be vigilent with it.

I had ringworm several times growing up as we lived with a lot of cats and I was outside with them a lot. I used to get it on my legs. The easiest and fastest way to get rid of it was to clean it with a cotton swab soaked with rubbing alcohol several times a day. I think the rubbing alcohol suffocates the ringworm and heals the irritated area by drying it out. When I figured this out I stopped getting ringworm. It healed up and was gone in a week. I know your little guy's tooshy might be a sensitive area to put rubbing alcohol on, but it worked like a charm for me. I hope this helps!

I looked in my book called The Melaleuca Wellness Guide, which you can get from rmbarry.com. I shop with Melaleuca Inc. for all my household products because they simply work better and are "green". It says in this book that Melaleuca Oil is good for that. It also lists some other products to use. Since, I have used Melaleuca Oil for getting rid of sinus infections in both me and my 13 yr old son, I would start with that. It is nature's first aid in a bottle and some research is showing that it may be very effective against MRSA even. I love the stuff and will never be without it. You can check out Melaleuca at www.melaleuca.com. As a Preferred Customer, I get the PC prices listed as well as a nice rebate (loyalty shopping dollars) that I use for free products! If you want more information, just let me know.


My daughter had it on her face about three years ago. We also used Lotrimin and a perscription the doctor gave us. Honestly, it took almost a year before it completely cleared up.

K. M..

Have you tried the dermatologist?

I read that ringworm is actually a fungus, so creams might just give it the climate it likes! Only a dermatologist would know for sure.
good luck

Give him warm baths with Epson Salt in them and watch the ring worm dry up and go away. A little powder with corn starch in it won't hurt either.

My duaghter had a ringworm when she was young. Blue star ointment works.

For ringworm, go to the pharmacy and get Penicillin cream. My son had this as a baby (he's 26 now) and my pediatrician at that time told me about the Peniciilin cream. Worked great!

When my first born was a newborn, about 3 weeks he had horrible diaper rash. i took him to 3 doctors, who gave me steroid creams, and tried everyone's advice but nothing worked. Then, someone suggested Cream of Calendula. It is sold in stores like Sun Harvest or Trader Joe's. It's about $9.00 for a tube and very, very creamy. That is what finally got rid of it. I don't know if it will work for ringworm but it is possible. I hope this helps. God Bless! S.

I would get a second opinion. I heard recently of a mom who thought her son had ringworm and it was actually a perforation of some part of his rectum (sorry can't remember exactly what it was) but it would leak out and that is what caused the rash.

Go to Walgreens or CVS, etc.. ask the pharmacists for Ginsing Violet. It is a dark purple liquid that will absolutely get rid of it fast. I used it on my son, it was very effective. You can put it on the area with a cotton swab, be careful, it does stain. It's very cheap too!


Call Danette ____@____.com will be able to help you. Her assistants name is Veronica. The name of her company is North Texas Dynamic Health. She works with all natural products which is a BIG plus.


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