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Right Side Pain, Lethargic and Hot/cold Sweats

My daughter went to the ER on Thursday b/c our pediatrician sent us there b/c she suspected appendicitis. The catscan & bloodwork came back normal. She's had the same stomach pain on her right side since Tuesday (it is now Saturday). She's extremely tired and feels hot & breaks out in a sweat, although she doesn't have a fever. What else could be wrong w/ her? I don't know what else to do?

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Well, as of today (Tuesday) she is doing better. It was a weird weekend b/c she was still having the same symptoms. I've since found out that she probably had Mesenteric Lymphadentitis. It's where the lymph nodes flare up on that side of the tummy.... it is often confused w/ appendicitis symptoms. It is most common in children (she is 11). Also read that 1 out of 5 kids that get an appendectomy, really have this other thing. It's also possible that she had a virus...... I've had a few people from her school (one being a parent) that had the exact same symptoms last week: pain in right tummy, felt hot...but had no fever, dizzy & extremely tired. So, who knows.... just glad she seems to be better.

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Hello L.,

First, if I found myself in your shoes I would take her back to the hospital (If you haven't been to Children's yet -go, and if you've been- go back) I would insist on another examination, and that the staff acknowledge your daughter's suffering and help her to find some relief. I encourage you to be an uncompromising advocate for your daughter, until they *DO* make a determination as to what could be troubling her. Primarily, that is my humble advice.

In regards to what could be the cause for her pain I imagine that some intestinal distress is possible maybe an impaction? That could produce those symptoms...

Maybe an ulcer...

Maybe even a strained muscle, those caused me intense pain in the gut when I was a child, usually after swimming, though.

That is all the possibilities I can think of right now that could fit the symus oms. BUT (this is my big but!) I think it is crucial that she be reexamined now that you see it doesn't seem to be letting up on her. Poor thing. You are an excellent mommy, don't let medical staff ignore or write off your daughter's needs. I wish you all the luck in getting to the root of the problem and making your sweet girl all better. I hope you will be sure to share once you two get some satisfaction.

My best,

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Have you considered taking her to a Chiropractor?

I do not know your background, or if you have any experience with Chiropractic, however many people are surprised that we can help with this.

I specialize in treating children using Chiropractic and have found remarkable results without drugs or surgery.

For example, I recently treated a client with the exact same symptoms and we manage to clear the pain totally in 5 visits. It turns out to have been a digestive issue that could be cleared without drugs or surgery.

Our office number ###-###-####, our office is located in Plano.

Look forward to speaking with you.
Dr. Sue

PS. If our location is not convenient to you, we would be happy to refer you to a Chiropractor we know who is closer to you.

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Keep looking, L.. I took my youngest daughter to numerous doctors for over 2 years for "stomach pains". It turns out she is allergic to wheat. It was my husband's chiropractor who suggested we check her for food allergies. None of the expensive doctors we took her to thought of that. Maybe you sould take her to a good chiropractor. Often they find things that traditional doctors miss. Trust your instincts and pray for the right solution to surface.
Good luck!
B. G. (mother of 8, grandmother of 4)

You didn't say how old your daughter is. We watched a "medical show" the other night and it told a story about a girl/lady who suffered for YEARS! with pain. It turned out that she had endometriosis (sp?) and after taking care of that, she is healthy.

I had pain for years (since 11) and at 26 years old, they determined it was a diseased gall bladder.

Don't just let this go.
I feel for your daughter. It's awful to hurt and not know what it is.

Take her back to the ER! And don't leave until they figure it out!

It could even be her gall bladder. Have that checked out too.

Our grand daughter suffered a long time with something like that. Finally my daughter's gyn checked her and found that one of her ovaries had a tube wrapped around it. She had a lot of hard pain with it. When they operated they found that her ovary was black,but since then she has had no trouble. Even though they took out one ovary she now has two healthy children. She was 8 or 9 at the time. This may be something you could ask your Ob./Gyn about it to see what she thinks. Hope this helps.

Have to respond...my son was about 4 or 5 he had stomach pain on exertion and sometimes with no exertion for a long time. We did an ultrasound which was normal and could not determine a cause. He had a low grade temp on and off for months. Then he caught strep throat and got a round of antibiotics and it didn't clear up so we got a second round of the same antibiotic. He never had the stomach pain again. I really believe he had a strep infecion growing in his tummy and it never got enough antibiotics to go away and just colonized in his stomach. Before you do rounds of invasive tests try a double go round with an antibiotic. I would go back to the doc tomorrow and insist that something is wrong and you know your child and she is not feeling well. If you don't get a satisfactory answer go somewhere else!
Good luck!

We had a similar experience - it turned out my son was severely constipated. After he had a BM, he felt much better. We changed our diet after that. But our episode was much shorter.

Hope you figure out what's wrong very soon.

My daughter also had similar symptoms once. She was 6.5 yrs old, severe pain on her side, she did have fever (acute onset of very high fever, became nearly unconscious). Bloodwork, ultrasound normal, they thought it was appendicitis as well. Turned out to be a major kidney infection requiring 3 days of hospitalisation. She also had some other sort of scan, don't remember what it was called, but she had radioactive dye injected in to her and then they scanned her kidneys, which were normal (no defects that caused the infection).

Persevere and keep on. Kids can't fake symptoms like that, it has to be something.

my daughters doctor did the same thing to us. He suspected appendicitis and sent us to the ER. It turned out to be an infection in her lymph nodes. We stayed overnight with 5 IV bags of antibiotics and by the morning she was back to normal.

I would definitely take her to a doctor or back to the hospital. It may or may not be appendicitis, but it is obviously something that needs to be treated!

When I had my kidney infection years ago, I had the same symptoms+ fever though.

my son had all these symptoms BUT he also had a very hight fever when he had pneumonia. Good luck, I hope your babi is all better soon!

My 5 y/o daughter was having stomach pains last week as well as being very tired and she had the swine flu... she didn't have any fever either. Have her tested, it's just a swab on the nostrils. God bless and best wishes.

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