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Right Side Abdominal Pain

I have a pain in my right lower abdominal, it's been hurting for the past 5 days. I woke up with it and it has not gone away, the pain does fluctuate. It really hurts when pushed on. Some times the pain is so intense I don't want to move. I'm almost guessing it is gas pain from what my research has said. I don't want to go the Dr. but at the same time the pain is high. Anyone have an home remedies?

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I found out the results and it was a ruture ovarian cyst. CT Scan showed fluid. Glad to hear it wasn't really bad. Thanks again!

I am overwhelmed by the caring responses! Well... I did go to the Dr. yesterday and the Dr. was so convinced that I was going in to have my appendix removed that she started calling the hospital. She decided to wait on that and get a CT Scan to be positive. The CT Scan showed it was NOT my appendix! I was told to go home, the Dr. needed to talk to the radioligist, and then the Dr. would call me. She never called me back!! I called and they said they would leave her a message... still no call. So this morning I called and of course she is out today, they said a different Dr. could call me back but they had no idea when...?? I have some more research to do about the gall bladder, but I want to thank everyone for their concern and opinions!! IF i ever get to the bottom of this I will let all of you know what is the cause of my pain! THANK YOU MOMS :)

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It could be gallstones. GallBladder attach gives pain i right side. Sometimes nausea. Could be cyst on ovary. Do not delay.
Go to doctor. S.

This sounds like appendicitis to me. There will eventually be serious problems if it goes untreated. Please go to the doctor.

Hi, go to the doctor, it could be something serious, since its lasted so long, gas doesn't usually last that long. You are worth it!!!

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You have many things that could cause pain on your right side of your abdomen. Don't underestimate what your doctor COULD do for you. A lot of the time if it is your appendix you will also have flu-like symptoms (throwing up, nausea). But you might also NOT have that. You most likely have an ovary over there, you have intestines that weave and wind their way through your abdomen.... what I'm trying to say here is just go to the doctor. If he doesn't think it is anything serious THEN use the home remedies!! Aloe drinks are great, you may be stressed, try some vitamin B. From personal experience with an intense gal bladder attack (that I did NOT go to the dr for, but the pain meds they give for that often don't work anyway) and appendicitis that I DID go to the ER for and was nearly sent home because the pain didn't 100% match appendicitis. I stayed after waiting for two hours clutching my puke bucket and wanting to die then by the time they got me in to a room, I was nearly pain free, but after my CAT scan, they discovered that my appendix DID need removed! It was tucked away in the folds of my intestines and that is why it didn't hurt quite so bad. It would have eventually exploded and of course, THAT is much worse than just going to the dr and getting it checked out. Better safe than sorry. Even if you don't have health insurance!

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Christy, sounds like a lot of people are saying appendix. Do you have any other symptoms like nausea, vomitting, pain so bad you have to put heat on it? I also have bad pains around ovulation, but that lasts about a day. Usually you can tell if its an appendix, if you stretch out your right hand, put your thumb on your belly button and your pinky on your hip bone, where your middle finger is touching is your appendix. If that is where your pain is, get to the doctor imediately. Get better quick!

You should probably have your pain checked out by a doctor if it is still bothering you. It sounds like it could be appendicitis. It can be really serious if your appendix ruptures.

Dear Christy,

Sometimes life just doesn't give you the option of NOT seeing a doctor. The pain you are experiencing is your body giving you a major warning sign that things aren't right. Are you funning a fever? You might have ovarian cysts, which can burst, or a hot appendix, which can do likewise. I know that in thiese tight economic times no one wants to spend money needlessly, but you owe it to 14 year old and to your fiance to take care of yourself! Waiting until things explode internally and having to go to the emergency room and psossibly face emergency surgery would be both more expensive and more dangerous than a trip to the doctor to determine the extent of the problem. I strongly urge you to seek medical help immediately. It's always best to face situations you can control than to wait until the situation controls you and you have no choice.

K. R.

I'm big on home remedies, I really am, but this one doesn't sound like a home remedy situation. It sounds like you could have appendicitis. Here's what my medical dictionary says about it (I'm an RN).....appendicitis is an inflammation of the vermiform appendix, usually acute, which if undiagnosed leads rapidly to perforation and peritonitis. The most common sympton is constant pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. Other symptoms can be vomiting and a low grade fever (99-102). Treatment is appendectory. If you delay, the appendix can rupture and fecal matter then is released into the peritoneal cavity. Hopefully, this in not what you have. It's important for you to have this checked out by a doctor. This is nothing to delay if it is appendicitis. Better safe than sorry!

Christy-GO GET IT CHECKED. I did not have an normal symptoms for my appendix. I walked around with it ruptured for a week. Luckily my intestines were close enough togeather that all of the posion gathered in a ball about the size of a softball. When the doctor decieded to do explority surgery and had me out he could really push on my belly and felt the lump. He almost did not do that and was going to cut in that area. I would have died on the table.

Have you had any diaherria prior to this, are you running a fever? Can you stand up straight? I lost 30lbs that week and could not stand up straight. Don't mess around with this.

One of my new clients told me she had jsut about the same thing. Pain only. She hurt so bad that she would go into the bathroom at work and lay on the floor and cry. She finally went to the doctor and had the posion removed and what was left of her appendix.

Please be careful.


no remedies but it could be your appendics.

Do you have a fever or loss of appetite. Also throwing up is a sure sign of appendicitis. I would go and get it checked out just to rule out anything major.

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