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Right Side Abdominal Pain

I have a pain in my right lower abdominal, it's been hurting for the past 5 days. I woke up with it and it has not gone away, the pain does fluctuate. It really hurts when pushed on. Some times the pain is so intense I don't want to move. I'm almost guessing it is gas pain from what my research has said. I don't want to go the Dr. but at the same time the pain is high. Anyone have an home remedies?

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I found out the results and it was a ruture ovarian cyst. CT Scan showed fluid. Glad to hear it wasn't really bad. Thanks again!

I am overwhelmed by the caring responses! Well... I did go to the Dr. yesterday and the Dr. was so convinced that I was going in to have my appendix removed that she started calling the hospital. She decided to wait on that and get a CT Scan to be positive. The CT Scan showed it was NOT my appendix! I was told to go home, the Dr. needed to talk to the radioligist, and then the Dr. would call me. She never called me back!! I called and they said they would leave her a message... still no call. So this morning I called and of course she is out today, they said a different Dr. could call me back but they had no idea when...?? I have some more research to do about the gall bladder, but I want to thank everyone for their concern and opinions!! IF i ever get to the bottom of this I will let all of you know what is the cause of my pain! THANK YOU MOMS :)

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It could be gallstones. GallBladder attach gives pain i right side. Sometimes nausea. Could be cyst on ovary. Do not delay.
Go to doctor. S.

This sounds like appendicitis to me. There will eventually be serious problems if it goes untreated. Please go to the doctor.

Hi, go to the doctor, it could be something serious, since its lasted so long, gas doesn't usually last that long. You are worth it!!!

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You have many things that could cause pain on your right side of your abdomen. Don't underestimate what your doctor COULD do for you. A lot of the time if it is your appendix you will also have flu-like symptoms (throwing up, nausea). But you might also NOT have that. You most likely have an ovary over there, you have intestines that weave and wind their way through your abdomen.... what I'm trying to say here is just go to the doctor. If he doesn't think it is anything serious THEN use the home remedies!! Aloe drinks are great, you may be stressed, try some vitamin B. From personal experience with an intense gal bladder attack (that I did NOT go to the dr for, but the pain meds they give for that often don't work anyway) and appendicitis that I DID go to the ER for and was nearly sent home because the pain didn't 100% match appendicitis. I stayed after waiting for two hours clutching my puke bucket and wanting to die then by the time they got me in to a room, I was nearly pain free, but after my CAT scan, they discovered that my appendix DID need removed! It was tucked away in the folds of my intestines and that is why it didn't hurt quite so bad. It would have eventually exploded and of course, THAT is much worse than just going to the dr and getting it checked out. Better safe than sorry. Even if you don't have health insurance!

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Christy, sounds like a lot of people are saying appendix. Do you have any other symptoms like nausea, vomitting, pain so bad you have to put heat on it? I also have bad pains around ovulation, but that lasts about a day. Usually you can tell if its an appendix, if you stretch out your right hand, put your thumb on your belly button and your pinky on your hip bone, where your middle finger is touching is your appendix. If that is where your pain is, get to the doctor imediately. Get better quick!

You should probably have your pain checked out by a doctor if it is still bothering you. It sounds like it could be appendicitis. It can be really serious if your appendix ruptures.

Dear Christy,

Sometimes life just doesn't give you the option of NOT seeing a doctor. The pain you are experiencing is your body giving you a major warning sign that things aren't right. Are you funning a fever? You might have ovarian cysts, which can burst, or a hot appendix, which can do likewise. I know that in thiese tight economic times no one wants to spend money needlessly, but you owe it to 14 year old and to your fiance to take care of yourself! Waiting until things explode internally and having to go to the emergency room and psossibly face emergency surgery would be both more expensive and more dangerous than a trip to the doctor to determine the extent of the problem. I strongly urge you to seek medical help immediately. It's always best to face situations you can control than to wait until the situation controls you and you have no choice.

K. R.

I'm big on home remedies, I really am, but this one doesn't sound like a home remedy situation. It sounds like you could have appendicitis. Here's what my medical dictionary says about it (I'm an RN).....appendicitis is an inflammation of the vermiform appendix, usually acute, which if undiagnosed leads rapidly to perforation and peritonitis. The most common sympton is constant pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. Other symptoms can be vomiting and a low grade fever (99-102). Treatment is appendectory. If you delay, the appendix can rupture and fecal matter then is released into the peritoneal cavity. Hopefully, this in not what you have. It's important for you to have this checked out by a doctor. This is nothing to delay if it is appendicitis. Better safe than sorry!

Christy-GO GET IT CHECKED. I did not have an normal symptoms for my appendix. I walked around with it ruptured for a week. Luckily my intestines were close enough togeather that all of the posion gathered in a ball about the size of a softball. When the doctor decieded to do explority surgery and had me out he could really push on my belly and felt the lump. He almost did not do that and was going to cut in that area. I would have died on the table.

Have you had any diaherria prior to this, are you running a fever? Can you stand up straight? I lost 30lbs that week and could not stand up straight. Don't mess around with this.

One of my new clients told me she had jsut about the same thing. Pain only. She hurt so bad that she would go into the bathroom at work and lay on the floor and cry. She finally went to the doctor and had the posion removed and what was left of her appendix.

Please be careful.


no remedies but it could be your appendics.

Do you have a fever or loss of appetite. Also throwing up is a sure sign of appendicitis. I would go and get it checked out just to rule out anything major.

right lower pain could be nothing, but from someone who works in health care and who also has had exprience with gall stones and a sister who had an er appendectomy, get to the doctor. it could just be gas, but err on the side of caution. really GO since the pain is worse with pressure.

I would definitely call a doctor or go to an urgent care facility. It could be a gall bladder attack or appendicitis. Appendicitis can be extremely dangerous if left until the appendix ruptures. It could also be a colon, kidney or other intestinal problem. Since it's not going away and is worse when you push on it I would definitely go to a practicioner--better to be safe than sorry! Good luck!

Keep in mind the appendix is on that side and a rupture is Very dangerous. There are times an intestinal valve can get confused and massage can work it out. I'm not one to frequent the doc, but there are times it is appropriate. Trust yourself if you really check in and see someone if it feels wise to do so. Best to you.

I would recommend getting into a Kinesiologist. I have had similar pains on my right side and it was due to a valve between the large and small intestine not functioning properly. I would recommend Kori Brannam (sp?) He's on 3900 S and 700 E.

Sweetie, you need to go to the Dr. I think its your appendix and you do not want that to burst. It is a super easy procedure to remove. Please go.


HI -
I have pain on that side too and it turns out I have gall stones. When I went to the Dr. I was originally worried it was my appendix. She told me that if I push on it and the pain gets worse during the attack then it is probably my appendix, but if it pretty much stays the same it is my gall bladder. The attacks usually last 3-5 hours, but I have had a few bad ones which have lasted 15ish hours. Usually once I throw up a couple of times the pain starts to lesson. Things that help me are apples and apple juice. It seems to soften them. I know that drinking a 1/4 cup olive oil with 4 tbsp lemon juice is supposed to soften and dissovle them. Things that bring on attacks are when i eat foods high in cholesterol & fat and often dairy will do it too. It also seems to be worse when I get constipated and lack of sleep. You should do some research on gall stones and see if the symptoms are similar. Good luck!

This pain could be your appendix. I would go see a doctor it could be serious. Good Luck!

I would see a Dr. right away, this could be kidney stones. I have had them before with the same symptoms. It is worse than labor and I've had three kids naturally (no epidural. Good luck!

Gas pain doesn't usually last 5 days i the same place. Last year my husband had to have his gall bladder removed after 3-4 days of crazy pain on his right mid to lower side. At first the doc's thought it was his appendix, but it turns out he had a gall stone that was blocking a bile duct. I'm not trying to diagnose you, but I would definitely recommend a trip to the doc. Good luck- hope you feel better soon.

This sounds as though this could be your appendix. I recommend you see a doctor! You don't want it to burst! I had mine removed many years ago, I had waited to get in until I had an attack and it burst as they were removing it. Better to be safe than sorry! Good Luck!

sometimes you can call your doctor and find out without going in

You had better go to the doctor or the emergency room, if it's your appendix, you could die if you don't seek medical attention immediately. The other thing it could be is a hernia, which will need surgery too, but the appendix is more important, if it ruptures, you could die. I'd say get in immediately since the pain has not gone away. Don't mess around when it comes to your life.

Hi Christy,

I'm sure you will hear this a lot, but please go see your doctor. You may have appendicits or a kidney stone or infection. I've had both my appendix and gall bladder removed, so I'm speaking from experience. What you described sounds most like your appendix giving you grief. Don't wait, if it ruptures, the infection can spread.

Let us know what happens. L.

Right sided pain is very serious. Could be appendicitis or gall bladder. I suggest you not mess with home remedies and get to a doctor.

This sounds like appendicitis to me. There will eventually be serious problems if it goes untreated. Please go to the doctor.

i suggest you go to the doctors. you could have an ovarian cyst, or a hernia

Not to frighten you, but you should go see a doctor because it could be appendecitus. You really don't want that to rupture if it is. I almost died from a ruptured appendix.

Please don't wait to get this looked at. I certainly can sympathize about not wanting to go get looked at, but I think this is a case you NEED to.

One thing it could be, given that you said it's your lower right side, is your appendix. If this ruptures and you do nothing about it, you could become extremely ill. You also could very easily die. We came very close to losing my mom 2 years ago this way. She had so much gangrene inside her abdomen from waiting....

The other thing it could be is an ovarian cyst. Not as immediate an need as appendicitis is, but still needs to come out. When they get to the point of pain like this, it becomes a big deal. If it ruptures you could get a very bad uterine infection....causing more problems.

One last thing it could be, though probably a much lesser chance, is ectopic pregnancy. Again, needs to be taken care of immediately because of the risk of death.

Good luck with everything, I hope you get to feeling better, and take care of yourself!

GO TO THE DOCTOR! It could be your appendix. It would be worth it to go just to rule that out.

Pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen can be from many things. The first thing that comes to mind is that of appendicitis, yet it is not the most common cause of right lower quadrant pain. Constipation probably leads the list. Pain on the lower right side can also be related to kidney stones, diverticulitis, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, twisted fibroids, ectopic pregnancies and infections in the fallopian tubes add to the challenge of a diagnosis. How severe is the pain? Does it come and go or there constatntly. Is it better or worse with pressure? There are many thiings to consider. I would talk to someone if it is severe enough.
In good health,
T. Sobel, Dipl.O.M.
Acupuncture, Nutrition, & Herbs

Hi Christy

I've had the same pain numerous times and have had to have numerous surgeries because of it. Mine was due to cists on the ovary and endometriosis. They can see the cists on an ultrasound, but they can only see if you have endometriosis by doing a laparoscopic surgery. :( Mine was a little hard to diagnosis since the doctors were convinced that it was my appendix. Either way you should see a doctor.

Hi, there! I'm a nurse. You REALLY need to go to the doctor. It sounds like you have appendicitis. I'd head to a doc in the box or to the ER as soon as you can. Better to catch it before it actually bursts. Good luck!

definitely get it looked at....it could possibly be appendicitis

This could be appendicitis! Do you have a fever? It could also be a bowel obstruction or an ovarian cyst or a myriad of other things. I'd get to the doctor TODAY.

Could be your appendix or gallbladder! Have experienced both, very painful.

It may be your appendix or an ovarian cyst or gall bladder or... or... I think you need to see a doctor, especially if it continues.

Go to the doctor - don't wait. At the very least - get an abdominal ultra-sound. They are not expensive & we are self-employed so are very conchensious (sp?) with our medical expenses. Also try an aloe vera product at a health food store. I am taking a product that I have to order through a consultant but I am not sure I am allowed to use the name - this is the first time on this website so I don't know the rules. I have been using it & it has helped tremendously! I also eliminated any caffeine & bananas. This may be your appendix, which could be very serious.

Are you sure it's not your appendix? If it is that painful,I would really suggest having a doctor check it out.

I don't have any home remedies but I had a sharp pain in my side a few years back (it felt like I'd been shot.. whatever that feels like) and I went to the Dr. and ended up having to have my gall bladder out. I was told it looked like an old piece of leather. It is on the right side. I would atleast get checked. Good luck and I hope you get feeling better soon :)

iT COULD BE THE START OF GALLBLADDER PROBLEMS,PANCREAS PROBLEMS FROM THE GALLBLADDER OR IT COULD EVEN BE APPENDIX. i WOULD SUGGEST GETTING IT CHECKED asap just to be on the same side. My nephew just had his gallbladder removed with the same symptons only he dealt with for so long that eventually he could hardly walk or stand up straight because of intense pain. GOOD LUCK

Go to the doctor. More time unchecked can lead to more serious results. Just go and rule out anything serious.

i hope you have gone to the doc by now. you need to be seen! this could be dangerous to wait on. GO NOW IF YOU HAVEN"T ALREADY!!!

Christy, in my experience gas pain does not last for 5 days... please go see your naturopath. ej

Hi, Christy.

First of all, remember that you have many parts there that can cause pain -- from something serious to something that's just a nuisance. I had fluctuating pain in my lower right side of my abdomen and went to see my doctor. I went through tests for bladder infection, apendicitis and finally found I had a ruptured tubal pregnancy. Later I had similar pain in the same spot and it ended up being a combination of endometriosis on ligaments that were holding my ovaries in place (so they would hurt for a week at a time when I was trying to ovulate) and cysts in my ovaries. You have no way of knowing what it is or how serious unless you see a doctor. Tell him if there is a possibility that you could be pregnant because many general practioners look at female issues last, if at all.

Go to the doctor right away, it might be your appendix. There is no sense in taking any chances!

Five days of severe pain in the right lower quadrant sounds scary. If it's not premenstrual, this kind of pain can indicate a serious condition, i.e. appendicitis or peritonitis. You should get checked out by a healthcare professional as soon as you can so that at least you know what it is not.

I would have it checked out as it could be your appendix. I read that if you suspect your child has a problem with their appendix they will not be able to jump up and down due to the pain. I'm sure it would be true for adults as well.

Sounds like your appendix and you don't want to wait too long to see a doc!

Well I don't have any home remedies but I do know that your appendix is on your right side. I'm not exactly sure where your pain is at but it could very well be your appendix. You just might want to visit the docotor just to make sure it's nothing serious.

It could be gas pain - however, if it is on the lower right side I would rule out Appendicitis which unfortunately necessitates a visit to the doctor (and I am with you - we rarely go to the doctor - i got my degree and education so i could take care of my family at home). The last thing you would want is for it to rupture and cause a bad infection though, and is some cases put your life in danger so please make sure!

Congradulations on your engagement and I wish you good health!

How old are you? How are your menstrual cycles and are you on the pill? If you are not taking the pill or a hormonal type of contraception, you may be experiencing a functional ovarian cyst, which is a totally normal and benign condition that most women will experience once or twice during their reproductive lives. Generally, it will burst at some point and you'll feel an immediate relief of the severe pain but will have some lingering discomfort for a few days. Of course, no serious pain should be ignored...right side pain could also be appendix, which you don't want to let go. You should contact your physician and have a work up to rule out anything serious, including appendicitis, std's, problems with ovaries, problems with bowels, etc.

GO TO THE DOCTOR NOW!!! If this is appendicitis (which it very well could be) and it bursts you could die! Don't mess with this. Intense pain is your bodies way of telling you something is wrong.

If your still alive, go to the emergency room. Has it occurred to you, you might be having an appendicitis attack?

It's possible you have appendicitis. Best check with the doctor. A ruptured appendix is very bad news. If it was gas, it would have most likely passed by now.

Several years ago I had a similiar pain - thought that it was appendicitis. I was in the emergency room twice, had many tests done, went to gyno & GI drs. and no one could figure out what the problem was. I went to get my weekly massage and told my therapist about it. She said it sounded to her like it was my "psoa" muscle. I had never heard of this but it is a very deep thick muscle that runs from groin area up and around to your back. I looked it up on the internet and stress among other things can cause it to hurt. She massaged it and gave me some stretching excersises to do and it helped. I still sometimes have problems with it. Good luck

I would suggest going to the doctor. Plus remember, you're modeling behavior for your teenager. Do you want to teach her to ignore serious health issues?

Good luck!

I would highly recommend going to the dr! It could be something very serious. I had appendicitis when I was young and my appendix ruptured. Trust me, that's no fun! Ectopic Pregnancies also present the same symptoms.

It sounds like appendicitis to me. I had it a few years ago. You really should go to the doctor. If it is appendicitis your appendix could burst. The surgery is very simple and your out of the hospital within 24 hours.

Good luck.

It sounds like you have apendicitis (sp?) Get to the doctor ASAP!

My thought was also appendicitis. I went to the ER per our doctor for suspected appedicitis and it was actually a ruptured cyst. The pain meds for that just made me feel drugged, so I chose to just live with the pain even though intense, but was relieved to know it wasn't appendicitis.

Your health is too important not only for you but for your family. You need to see a doctor. The only experience I have had with that type of pain is endometriosis. Please see a doctor. We can't rule out something that could be life threatening.

Personally, I would go see your Doc right away. Could be your appendix. I have known 4 people that have had to have their appendix removed and this is how it starts.
Not to be a scare monger, but you surely do not want to wait and have a ruptured one.

Hope you are feeling better.

Go to the doctor. It could be appendicitis.

Go to a doctor or the hospital. My son at the age of 4 ended up in surgery for appendix 24 hours after the first complaint of a tummy pain.

Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Gas pain does not usually last for 5 days. I would call my doctor, the hospital, or the walk in clinic across from CSI to get an opinion from a professional.

Never ignore pain that intense simply because you don't want to go to the doctor, there is always the chance that by ignoring the pain and not going in early when something is wrong that whatever is wrong will get worse and be harder to treat or cause you to end up in the hospital for an extended stay.


Please make an appointment today! As a mom you run the show, if your train comes off the tracks the entire family can't funtion as it should.

Right abdominal pain could be the Appendix and if it continues to worsen it could be fatal. Go to the doctor ASAP.
Good Luck

It really could be anything, but don't ignore it if it's not going away. Last fall I had an emergency appendectomy that turned out to be unnecessary, but now I'll never get appendicitis. Turned out to be a kidney infection (which needed antibiotics) and cysts on my ovaries - one had burst. Doctors don't normally treat ovarian cysts, but they do treat everything else. My cousin had her appendix burst just a few weeks later. And I was talking to an acquaintance a few days ago and she said one of her friends died recently because her appendix burst and she put off going to the doctor.

Pain is there for a reason, and even if it's for a small reason (like gas or cysts - that still hurt like heck) it really is better to be safe than sorry.

I am a health care provider and the things we worry about with persistent right sided lower quadrant abdominal pain are: your appendix (appendicitis), your ovaries (possible torsion/twisting of ovaries or ovarian cysts or infection), your colon (diverticulitis, constipation, obstruction of the colon and twisting of the colon), amongst other things. If your pain is persistent and as severe as you mentioned I would seek medical attention, especially if it is ever accompanied by fever or decreased appetite, or nausea or vomiting or changes in bowel habits. Gas pain should subside with the passage of the gas and would likely not last as long as you have had your pain; this does not sound as straight forward as that. If you have an early appendicitis it can smolder for a while, but you want to catch that early...you definitely don't want it to rupture...that would be a surgical emergency. Hope that helps and that you feel better soon.

If it's lower right quadrant pain, has been there for 5 days, fluctuates but has not gone away, and hurts when it's pushed on, you need to go to the doc if you haven't already. Gas pains typically don't last in one spot for 5 days - it sounds much more like appendicitis and you need to have it checked before it ruptures or you'll be in much worse shape. Obviously there's a chance it may be something else, but I wouldn't wait. I'm just a Respiratory Therapist, and I don't particularly like doctors, but there is a risk by waiting it out. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

Don't know if this will help or not, but I was talking to my sister (who is a nurse for 20+ years) a couple of days ago, about my daughter complaining that her tummy hurts. She asked where is the pain, if it is below her bellybutton and on the right side it could be appendicitis and to go see a doctor. My daughter's pain has subsided, but if it hadn't I would of taken her in. I'm one of those people who would rather find something else than go see a doctor - but sometimes you just have to do it. I hope this helps.

Get to a doctor immediately. It's not gas. I had an ovarian cyst that game the same problems that you are having. It ruptured and it was bad. The other thing is it could very well be your appendix, if that ruptures you could die. Please go to the doctor and have this checked out NOW!!!!! Take care and God bless.

That is right where your appendix is. You need to get it checked out ASAP. It's definitely better to be safe than sorry on this one. A ruptured appendix can be fatal.

Hey Christy!
Have you had a BM since this pain started? Do you have a fever? Could be gas, could be appendicitis.

Hi, go to the doctor, it could be something serious, since its lasted so long, gas doesn't usually last that long. You are worth it!!!

Sounds like my symptoms when I had appendicitis. I strongly suggest you see your doctor. If it is appendicitis, you don't want to risk it rupturing.

Have you ever had your appendix out? Better be careful with this, as it could be serious. I wish you the best.

You shouldn't take that pain lightly, it could be your gall bladder. I was having pain on my right abdominal side, like right underneath my rib cage and sometimes the pain would be so severe that I couldn't breathe, these attacks were sporadic and the pain was intense. Eventually I ended up in the hospital with gall stones but I had waited too long to see the dr. so I had to have emergency surgery to have my gall bladder removed. It was a painful surgery. HAVE IT CHECKED OUT!!!!! Especially if it hurts when you press down in that area. Good luck and send an update.

like many have said it might be your appendix. My sister had to have hers out. And there are a few tests that you can do. One is when you push on it if the pain gets worse for a bit and when you let the go the pain increases for a bit. Another is if you bounce standing on your toes, up and down, it will be more painful. Then if you are just standing or laying down. So if you get positive test results from these simple test you probably should go even if it is to just rule it out.
Good luck

Could be appendicitis...especially if pain worsens when pushed on. Rebound tenderness and right sided abdominal pain could be serious. Do you have a fever? Nausea? Vomiting? Call your MD and speak to the on call nurse.

You need to go to the doctor. I had the same thing and after many months of testing my pain turned out to be irritable bowel symptoms (I had lots of gas issues as well). The things they tested me for were: gall bladder problems, ovarian problems, and stomach problems. You want to rule out all the ugly things quickly, so go see the doctor.
Take Care,

Hey Sister, I'm concerned for you that you won't concider a doctor or clinic. I'm no doctor but it could be appendix or an ovarian cyst. You don't have to present a fever to have appendicitis. The women at the Boulder Valley Women's Health Center (or something like that) (it's on Valmont near 29th st) are very cool folks and they work with you financially. Please don't let fear of docs harm your body. You deserve the best in health care. People's Clinic is also a start too. But I'd go to the women's clinic first.
Good luck and good health....


Go to your doctor or to the emergency room. You need to have a doctor determine whether or not you have appendicitis.


I have you thought that it might be your appendix. This is just a thought. As much as we all hate going to the Dr and nothng being wrong and we don't want to waste money either it might not hurt to go see your Dr. I hope this works out or you.

It might be an ovarian cyst(sp) or you might be ovulating. Each can be painful and will go away. I hope you feel better.
C. B

I had the same thing (exact same symptoms) and delayed. It turned out to be an appendicitis. Go to your doctor immediately.

Keep in mind that you appendix is located in the area you are describing. Also, if it were appendicitis it would hurt very badly when pushed on. Appendicitis is considered a medical emergency. Symptoms of appendicitis include pain in the abdomen, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, inability to pass gas, low-grade fever, and abdominal swelling. Not everyone with appendicitis has all the symptoms. The most serious complication of appendicitis is rupture if treatment is delayed. The appendix bursts or tears if appendicitis is not diagnosed quickly and goes untreated. A ruptured appendix can lead to peritonitis which is a dangerous infection that happens when bacteria and other contents of the torn appendix leak into the abdomen. I would suggest seeing a doctor ASAP to avoid further, more serious problems. At least call the Health Information Hotline @ ###-###-####, option 4, to speak to a nurse free of charge.

Sounds kind of like appendicitis to me. I'd get that checked ASAP.


I know you do not want to go to the dr. but with pain in that area and with pain when touched, you need to get to the dr. right away to rule out issues with your appendix. It is only going to get worse if you wait,if it is your appendix.


You probably should double check with a doctor just to make sure that it isn't your appendix because of the lower right abdominal pain. Hope it gets better.

Right side lower abdominal pain can be appendicitis, too. Usually fever, nausea, vomiting accompany appendicitis, though. Oddly enough, I was having similar pains over the weekend and it ended up being gas pain from what I could figure. It went away after a day, though. Since you're going on 5 days, I would recommend you contact your doctor or call ask-a-nurse - most insurance companies provide that service.

Dear Christy,

DO NOT ignore this any longer! 5 days is too long for this to be gas pain, and the pain sounds intense. You need to have a doctor rule out appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, and ovarian issues. Any of these issues can become a medical emergency and be extremely dangerous and costly. Much better to go be seen now. Please make an appointment for today!

It sounds a lot like the problem I had. It started one day after a trip to McD's. At first the pain came and went, it actually hurt in my side and in my back. It didnt matter how I layed, it still hurt. Eventually the pain got so bad that I thought I was in serious trouble. I have two kids, and this was much worse than that. I finally went to the emergency room and they told me (thankfully) that it was not my appendix, but gallstones. I had my gallbladder removed shortly later, and have had no pain since. I would definiatly go see someone.

Christy. You really should go and get it checked out for appendicitis. I had similar pains, and I went in, and lo and behold, my appendix was inflamed. They opperated before it burst, but just barely in time. Definatly get it checked out. Best of luck!

I hope you are OK I am concerned that you might have appendicitus. Lower right pain and then having it move
up to around he belly button were my daughter's symptoms
of appendicitus. Please go to the Doc. before they burst
and poison you.

My first question to you would be...do you still have your appendix? If so, that would be my first guess...coming from my own personal experience. If it hurts more when you stop pushing, than when you actually push down, that is also a good indicator. Regardless...get it checked out. My appendix burst on the operating table, and I had almost chose to go back to my hotel room instead of the hospital. Had I done that, I would have been one sick woman. Don't take any chances with your health. Keep us posted.

it might be your appendix. i had the same problem and i had to get ot removed. go to the dr. if the pain persists

It could be gallstones. GallBladder attach gives pain i right side. Sometimes nausea. Could be cyst on ovary. Do not delay.
Go to doctor. S.

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