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Removing Urine Odor from Floor?

HI everyone, I need any suggestions as to how to remove urine odor, from our vinyl tile flooring?

This would be urine from our child. She went to the toilet, and some piddled on our flooring before she actually got to sitting on the toilet. Anyway, I didn't know there was a pee puddle there until later on when I went to the toilet myself. Meanwhile, the urine odor has "stuck" to the floor so to speak, even though I cleaned up the puddle.
I think, the urine seeped through and under the seams of the vinyl tiles...and this is why the odor is still there.

I used Clorox, Lysol, 409, and odor cleaners, and even those pet cleaners that are supposed to remove odors. Maybe vinegar or lemon juice? At this point I"m willing to try anything. The odor just does not go away... it now smells like "stale" pee. Ugh.

I can't imagine having to rip out the vinyl tiles, just to get rid of the smell. We don't have "replacement" tiles anyway...and the pattern is from 10 years ago.

Any ideas? Thank you!

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THANK YOU so much for all of your great suggestions! I tried the "school version" because I already had the ingredients, and boy did it work! Nifty and thrifty to boot! Thankfully the urine odor is now gone, what a relief!

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The school version:

2/3 cup Tide liquid detergent
2/3 cup Green Mr. Clean
1 cup bleach...
mix together with a quart of warm water.. don't breathe fumes... soak hand towel and let sit in the area overnight.. clean up in the morning and no more smell.

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Totally second the Nature's Miracle, enzyme thing for pet mistakes! Works on vomit, poop, pee...for dogs and humans!

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I would try this thing called "The Gun" from pepboys! It got cat urine out of my husbands car that had been sitting in there. It also got dog urine out of my Brother in laws bed!

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Try Motsenbockers lift off-protein remover. It's great for all kinds of things-even blood. It can be found at Home Depot

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maybe just a fresh lemon?

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Sol u mel, it will remove the oder. And if it doesn't work they will refund your money. If you want more information on how to get it I can help you get some. Just let me know!

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Although this may sound strange I would try a product called "Nature's Miracle". It's made for cat & dog urine stains but since human & animal urine is both protein based I assume it will work. You can find it at Petco. Good luck!

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