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Removing Crayon and Marker from Walls

My son decided to color the living room wall with crayon and the toy room walls with marker. Does anyone know how to get Crayon and Marker off the walls?

I tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Dawn with Oxy dish soap and water, WD-40 and it comes off a little bit but is still on there.

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IMMACU-10. I've taken permanent black ink from a white sweatshirt. I use it for EVERYTHING except cleaning the toilet. NOT chemical based, but rather enzyme based. No disinfectant, but I use it on walls, carpet, laundry, windows, EVERYTHING! Safe around pets & kids. Somehow, a couple of raspberries got walked on last weekend and got onto the carpet. IMMACU-10 took it RIGHT OUT!

Dear J.,
When my daughter was 2, she drew a big circle on the wall with crayon. I used a pencil eraser and it came off. I don't know if it will come off since you used wd40 on it already. L. J.

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Shaklee's Basic H2 and Nature Bright with some warm water will clean anything. I'm a distributor because I'm in love with the stuff and have yet to find something I can't get clean with it - grass stains, dried blood, 10-year-old dried tree sap, ground in dirt on tile grout - you name it. My neighbor had the same problem with one of her little artists drawing all over her walls so I took my products to her house to show her and got all of it off!

Plus, it's all natural with no chemicals so it's safe to use around kids and pets; and it's concentrated so a little goes a long, long way - I haven't bought cleaning products in almost two years!

(Go to http://shaklee.net and you can search for a distributor in your area or feel free to order from me if you're interested!)

Depending on how long it's been on the walls it may take alot of elbow grease to get it off. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (not the generic ones) work great but you may have to scrub awhile to get it off if it's been there very long.

I'm surprised the magic eraser didnt work, thats always worked for me. Try Crud cutter that works really good for getting that stuff off too!!

Goo Gone may do the trick. I have used it to remove ink pen from walls and crayons. It also cleans scuff marks off of floors and gooey sticky stuff off of things. It's a good thing to have around.

Try shaving cream and let me know if it works for you.

I'm amazed Magic Eraser didn't work. That thing has gotten crayon and markers off of EVERYTHING in our house - floors, walls, furniture, toys, appliances. What type of markers/crayons do you have? We only buy Crayola brand paints/markers/crayons -- they seem to be the easiest to clean up (usually just soap and water does the trick). That's too late to help you now but maybe it'll help in the future.


You might be able to get the crayon off with a magic eraser if you work at it, but if the marker keeps coming back, you will probably have to use kilz and repaint. If you don't use the kilz, it will just bleed through new paint.


My son's friends at onwe point decorated his bedroom walls with crayon and the only way I could get it off was to use a hot iron and paper towels. Keep things moving and make sure not to touch crayon to the iron. You don't want it to end up on your clothes. It's a slow process but does work. I never had any marker issues but do know on fabrics and leathers as long as you do it when it's new or fresh hairspray will remove most if not all of the inks. Alcohol will also remove magic marker also if freshly done. Good luck.

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