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Removal of Dermabond in Hair

Hi, last month Taylor got a cut on her head. They used dermabond instead of staples/stiches. Now that the cut has healed, the glue is still in her hair. I have tried lotion?(which the dr told me), lots of conditioner, peanut butter and even nail polish remover with no luck. Does anyone else here have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

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I want to thank everyone for their responses! I decided to try vegtable oil, and Taylor suggested vinegar, lol. I used alcohol also, but not a whole lot, it did seem to soften the really big piece that was the most difficult. It took about 40 min, I took my time, I didnt want to hurt her. What I did is put a generous amount of oil and vinegar on some cotton balls. Then i massaged them on the glue spots, which were about 1/4-1/2 away from the scalp. They eventually slid off. Taylor was so happy afterewards. You could see the glue right on the top of her head, and i know she was a little conscious (Spelling?) about it. she can now have a straight part in her hair : )
Also, you could barely see where the cut was anymore. It has healed nicely.

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My son had that when he was a year and a half, i believe i used baby oil and it came off. i hope this helps!

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have you tried Goo Gone? I've seen it at the grocery store.

good luck.


Try Goo Gone. It works on everything else. You can get it at Publix or Walmart. Good Luck.. Keep us posted

Hi C.:

You can go to Sally's Beauty Supply or any other beauty supply store and ask them for Hair Bond Remover. This may work it is used to remove glued in hair pieces.

Take care,

It is supposed to wash out on its own just takes awhile for it to come out completely.However you can try mayonaise,some vegtable oil or olive oil,baby oil,Vasoline,Also they sell what they call cholesterol at wal mart usually find it where they carry stuff for ethnic hair but it can be used on caucausian hair also it has a oily base and basically is a deep conditoner.Also may want to try Tide and or Dawn dish washing liquid,prell shampoo.Tea tree oil also should work as well Hope this helps :)

Have you tried petroleum jelly or super glue remover. Just a thought. Hope you find something that works!!

Hi C.,

I am a customer of a direct sales company that offers all natural products that contain tea tree oil and work wonders on all types of problems such as removing dermabond from hair without putting harmful chemicals on your children. Give me a call or send me an email and I will share the information with you in detail and to how and where you can get the product.

S. Brown

I would try rubbing alcohol.

Goo Gone is similar to lighter fluid (and smells a lot like it) - you might want to think twice before using it on a child's head near a recent wound.

I would try plain old vegetable or olive oil. That works for me on almost all adhesives - it gets under the adhesive and keeps it from being able to stick.

Good luck, and let us know what you find that finally works!

(Added after I saw one of the posts) If you want to try the Tea Tree Oil, Walmart sells some.

I have searched dermabond and found they have a toll free number you can call. 1-877-DERMABOND. Hope that helps.

Hi C.,
Have you tried baby oil? You may have to wash her hair a lot of times after that, but I would rather use baby oil than goo gone.

Good Luck

A. Silverman
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My son had that when he was a year and a half, i believe i used baby oil and it came off. i hope this helps!


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