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Removal of Adenoids

My son is 3 and has had chronic ear infections and sleep apnea since Sept of 2007. An x-ray revealed that he has very enlarged adenoids. Other than that he is healthy as a horse Thank GOd! He is currently scheduled for surgery to remove his adenoids and have tubes put in his ears next week. If anyone has under gone this with their child could you please advise me as to what to expect I'm a nervous wreck. The idea of my child being put under (surgery 30 minutes) scares the hell out of me, but I know he needs the surgery in order to be healthy. Thank you.

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He had the surgery on Monday and came through with flying colors my little trooper. I will say that the joy juice (supposedly causes them to not remember anything about the surgery and make separation easier) did help to ease the separation for him. The nurse told him he was going on a magic bed ride and he was laughing out the door as I fell to pieces in my husbands arms. I have to say thank you so much to all of you GREAT MOMS out there that made my decision so much easier to live with. And all of you were correct he was just fine after the surgery actually ate 3 popsicles at the hospital and then a bag of ritz crackers in the car and then a full breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast,and ribs for dinner. He didn't loose his appetate that was for sure. And his breathing is awesome, no more sounding like he's drowning with that heavy labored breathing or snoring. He has truly been sleeping like a baby since Monday. I can't thank all of you enough for all your love, support and encouragement! God Bless all of you!!!

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My son went thru the same thing when he was 3- i was also scared to death-but it ended up being the best thing i could have done for him. He used to get so sick and after it was done he hardly ever got sick. It will be o.k.

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My 2 sons both went through it and it is a piece of cake they both had tonsild and adenoids out and my ildest had tubes put in 3 years before and the are a little sore but they bounce back fine
Good luck!

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My two year old just had this done on Tuesday- as well as tonsil removal. He is doing great except for being a little cranky. He was VERY cranky when he woke up and cried for 45 minutes, then fell asleep. His adenoids were so big that he wasn't breathing through his nose at all.

I think if he hadn't had his tonsils out, he'd be back to almost 100% by now. It's his throat that has him out of sorts. He DOES however have a stinky mucus discharge coming out of his nose. I don't know if it's just been blocked up there from the adenoids or what. I'm waiting for his Dr. to call me about that one. Yuck.

Good luck next week. Four of my five have tubes now, and I don't regret any of them.

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My daughter has had this done. Usually they have bad breath and sore throat. Dr told me to let her have popcicles to help sooth it. Also that she might throw up during the first 24 hrs but that is only due to the anestesia. Other than that they are usally back to normal within one or two days. Good luck

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My son had his tonsils/adenoids removed when he was 2 years, 5 months old. I know how scary the procedure can be, but it will help so much in the end. My son spent a little while in the pediatric section after surgery, but we went home the same day. He did pretty well right away, and I was told that the younger the patient is, the easier it is on them. So, at three, your son will probably do just fine! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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My Son had tubes put in when he was 9 months old and again at 3 years he had his anoids and tonsils removed when he was either 5 or 6 (he is now 8). It was like a miracle happened. He was able to breath much better play longer and rest easier. He was always getting tired and winded. The surgery was done out patient and besides him being a bit groggy that day and a sore throat for a few days he did well. He won't be interested in eating but be sure to keep him hydrated our son had to go back in for fluids because he became dehydrated. Good luck.

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My 2 sons both went through it and it is a piece of cake they both had tonsild and adenoids out and my ildest had tubes put in 3 years before and the are a little sore but they bounce back fine
Good luck!

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Hi! Two of my children have been put under anesthesia (for ear tubes) -- they were both under two the first time and then my daughter had to have hers surgically removed a few months ago (at 6 yrs!). So I've seen the anesthesia part three times and it IS really scary to think about. But the nurse will give your son a sedative and he will be all silly and laughing when they take him to the operating room. The hardest part is the 15 minutes after they wake up. They are usually disoriented and crying but it goes away and they are back to normal pretty fast. As far as the adenoid removal, I imagine that will be a little more painful than ear tubes -- I would ask if they will be giving him pain reliever right away. Good luck to you and your little boy -- I hope it's quick and easy for him. 3 year olds are quite resilient!

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My 19 year old son had the same surgery done when he was 5 years old, for sleep apnea. Like your son, he was healthy in every other way. My second son had tonsils and adnoids removed a few years later because of chronic tonsilitis. I was very nervous both times. I chalk it up to being a mom. They both came through the surgery wonderfully and after that we all slept much better at night (especially because the sleep apnea problem had been taken care of). I know they both are better off because of it. Your son son will be feeling back to normal in about week running and playing like he normally does and you won't be dealing with those ear infections all the time. You will be thankful that you had it taken care of.

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My daughter had tubes put in when she was 3 as well. It is scarey. It did take her some time to come out of the anastesia. Keep that in mind. Also, don't be shocked if the adinoids grow back. Because they do. Just hopefuly not as big ect.. Have Faith in your Dr's and GOD.
Keeping you in my prayers.

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one of my friend's son had this done last week at children's memorial. he is nearly 2 yrs old and he was having this done for the second time as his adenoids grew back and the ear tubes dissolved. He did great. he was 80% his self day of surgery and completely fine the next day.

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Hello M.,
My son went through the ear tubes around the age of three or so he is now thirteen so it has been a while since they been done but i am glad i had them done he was always sick fever wouldn't eat then when i had the tubes inserted yes i was scared but i wanted to do what ever it took for my son not to be sick day in day out. The tubes fell out on there own you just have to be careful with getting water in the ears while they are in what i did was got some cotton balls put some vasiline on a little peice of cotton ball and put them in his ears when he took a bath or would be in water. The surgery for his ears took only 20mins for the doctors to do the procedure he was a little grogey but it wasn't bad. well good luck to you and your precios little son. everything will be just fine but beleive me i know how you feel that wasn't the only surgery my son had to go through but it was the most easist one he went through.

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It is very scary to have your child be put under anesthesia. My daughter has an immune deficiency disease and was under several times during her younger years.

My daughter had surgeries at Children's Memorial Hospital and everyone was great. You need to talk to your surgean and the anestheasiologist. They usually are very informative with all of your concerns.

At Children's they let me go right into the operating room until they put my child to sleep. My daughter was very relaxed and so was I to see her all the way to the operating room.

You need to be comfortable with the surgery so that your son doesn't feel your anxiety. I know easier said than done. I would pray the morning of the surgery and during the surgery to help me relax. You stop thinking of the worse and concentrate on your prayers.

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My daughter had her adnoids removed when she was 2. It was her third ear tube surgery and the doctor noticed that her adnoids were swollen and infected. he suggested that we remove them at the same time as the ear tube surgery. The surgery went fine, but there were a couple of things I'd say I was unprepared for. First, it was difficult for me to see my two year old daughter after they gave her the drug to anestetize her. She was totally out of it and it was weird to see. then, when she came back from the surgery, and as she was coming out of the anesthesia, she was screaming uncontrollably which was unusual for her. I understand that it is perfectly normal for this to happen, but at the time it was a little scary. then she also threw up (all over me!!!) and that too, is common I now know. After we went home and got her on her medication, I also wasn't totally prepared for the recovery period. It took about 4 days for her to be back to her normal self. she woke up a lot in the night, and her breath was absolutely horrible to the point that I called the doctor at midnight thinking that something was wrong. but he said to give it a day or so and if it wasn't better to bring her in, but of course it got better. Now that it is over, she's just fine (she's 5 now) and we haven't had any medical issues from her since. She even rarely gets colds anymore since the surgery. So, I think I'd probably make the decision do it again. Good luck!

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My little guy has just gotten his third set of tubes and had his adnoid removed (he is only 2)It is really scary as a parent, but each time his hearing and health have increased. All of the surgeries have gone smoothly. The worst part will be your child's breath! They don't actually remove the adnoid anymore (too much scary bleeding after the children are released to go home) They actually burn it and it dies inside and is absorbed into the body, creating the HORRIBLE breath. But hey, if that is the worst part... that is really easy! So don't sweat it. All will be fine! Good luck.

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I know just how you are feeling. My daughter when she was 2 1/2 had her adenoids removed, she was having breathing issues and they found she was born with a narrowed air way and her adenoids were enlarged and blocking what airway she did have. We went to Loyal and the surgery went fine as did recovery (even though I was a mess because when she woke up she was groggy couldnt talk and scared) after recovery we had to stay about 3 hrs they make sure she can drink & eat a popicle before they would release her. When we got home she was in pain but not as bad as I had expected. She slept on an off the rest of the day. The following day within 24hrs of surgery you would have never known she had them removed. For breakfest she had soft cereal for lunch she wanted grilled cheese (so I made it for her) she ate it without any problems. She did GREAT for what seemed for ever. However about a year later the breathing issues started again and we had it checked out and her adenoids grew back!! Yes they grew back (according to her doctor children that young there is a 50/50 chance of this happening) So we had to have them removed again at 3 1/2. Happpy to say she is 8 yrs old now and doing fine.

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Hi M.,

I am a respiratory therapist and a mom too. As a therapist I can tell you that the surgery is a minor out patient surgery and the benefits far outweight the risks. Having apnic episodes affects the major organs in many way. The biggest isues with sleep apnea is the lack of oxygenation due to closed airways. The lowering of oxygen levels over a long term basis when it goes untreated affect the brain, heart, and other organs. The surgery is a good choice if the problem has gotten to the point of having apnea.

As a mom I can tell you my daughter had her tonsils and adnoids removed last year for the same basic reasons. She did great right out of surgery but then had some increased pain after the first week. This is normal. It is due to the fact that the area is healing and the scabs have fallen off. After 2 weeks she was total back to her normal self. The big changes were she sleeps through the night without snoring or any apnea. She sleeps sound and is less tired or crabby during the day. She no longer gets sinus infections or strep throat.

Hang in there! You're going to get through this just fine!

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My daughter had her tonsils and adenoids removed when she was 4. It is nerve wrecking at first but there was such an improvement that I know it was worth it. A child recovers much more easily than an adult. My daughter was given an oxygen mask to "color" with a berry smelling scent before going into the hospital. It took about 1 1'2 hours for the surgery. Then in recovery, I really just watched her sleep and was there for her when she woke up. When we went home, she was a little sore from the tonsilectomy for a couple of days. This was hard since nothing realy seemed to help except popsicles or anything else cold. She would wake up crying because her throat hurt. But it was so worth it. Not sure what to expect from the tubes though as we've never had ear infections.

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Good morning M., my daughter had her adnoids and tonsils removed when she was 6 years old and my son had tubes put in his ears when he was 3 years old. Both procedures were done by the same doctor on the same day. I figured I should just get it all out of the way at once. Some people said I was crazy and I was a complete wreck. But I have to tell you, both procedures were quite easy. My sons procedure was over in like 10 minutes and he woke up 25 minutes later. You'd never realize he'd had anything done. My daughter's procedure took a little longer and when she finally woke up they got my husband and they met me and my son in recovery. Sh really did great. I had to keep her calm and quiet for a few days so that the scab wouldn't fall of. That is one thing that they stress, no major screaming because if the scab falls off before it's time she would have end up in the hospital. Four days after the surgery I allowed her to go outside for a little while because she was doing so well and before you knew it, she was running around like a normal child again, without any problems. It's scary to think about your children being put under but I'm glad I did it because they're both doing so well now. My son hasn't had an ear infection in 2.5 years and my daughter hasn't gotten as sick as she always did (seems like every other month she was sick, had high fevers and her throat always hurt), plus she sleeps better. Children are amazing, they bounce back in no time. Your son will be fine, don't worry.

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My son underwent a full adenoidecomy/partial tonsilectomy when he was three. He was also a healthy, happy child except for the sleep apnea. I was also a bit frantic about him having surgey. We lives in Tampa at the time and the Children's Hospital in St Pete was excellent. I was allowed to go with him all the way to the operating room, which while not being necessarily calming for ME had a noticeable effect on my son's demeanor and the ease in getting him through all of the pre-op stuff. The only real negative I remember about the experience was that his was given morphene in recovery. Even though it was a very small amount, we did notice some mild withdrawl-type symptoms once he came home. That didn't last long though (about a day and a half) and he is now a very happy, athletic, and healthy 15 year old.
If your doctor prescribes a pain medication afterward, make sure it's one that won't "sting" your son's throat when he swallows!

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My son had this surgery in 2004. He had his adenoids removed and tubes put in. The surgery went really well. The anesthesiologist gave him a liquid drink that made him "silly", it made it so much easier to have him taken into surgery, of course I still cried! After the surgery he did really well. By the next day he was back to normal! Best of luck, I'm sure he'll be great! My son had speech problems afterwards so make sure you have him tested on hearing & speech. He is now in 1st grade and is doing as well as anyone else in his class.

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I know how you feel. My daughter was 17 months old and had to go in for the same thing. She was not under anesthesia long at all. However, she did not want to wake up very quickly. The nurses were laughing because she just kept pushing them away. Even when I was holding her she would just lay her head down and go back to sleep. In the long run it was the best thing for her.
So what to expect: tiredness at first- can last a good part of the day, sometimes a scratchy throat so have plenty of frozen juice pops on hand! Don't push food right away unless its soft. Jello pudding applesauce even soup that is not hot along with frozen juice pops help alot to keep them fed.

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Hi M., my son is 5 and he had his adenoids removed last year due to chronic sinus infections. The surgery is very routine and hopefully you trust the ent doing the operation. Ours was great, very caring. My son was groggy upon waking, but went home after a few hours. We gave him the medication that was prescribed, plus if needed, tylenol for the pain. Just make sure he gets plenty of rest after, no running aound. He was back to normal in a few days. Since the operation, he has not had one sinus infection. It is definitely worth it. Good luck.

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Hi M., 3 years ago, my then 5 year old son had his tonsils and adnoids taken out because of sleep apnea. The surgery went smoothly but then everything went down hill after that. A week after the first surgery, his throat started bleeding (the scabs came off too early) My son had to have an emergancy second surgery. About 5 days later, my son started throwing up blood again, this time he had been bleeding for a while and when we rushed him to the er, he was so pale and had lost so much blood that they had to give him a blood transfusion before he went for a third and last surgery to recauterize them again. This time he spent 2 days in ICU.
I wanted to write this so as to let everyone know that this could happen even though they said what my son went through is a 2% chance that it would happen. Even after going through what felt like hell that month, I dont regret it now at all. My son sleeps 100% better and is doing wonderfully.
Good Luck M. and your son will be in my prayers.

Mom of three great kids, Ryan 12, Troy 8, and Audrey 3. Wife to an awesome husband of 18 years.

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Hi there - I have not gone through this with my son, but I was a child who got her adnoids taken out. I was 4 when it happened. I had chronic ear infections and apparently I would snore very loud!! From what my mother tells me (I remmeber only a small amount) I had a rough time just after the surgery - the anesthesia gave me a sick stomach, but once I got home I bounced right back. And, the snoring stopped!!!!!!

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My son had this done when he was 7 or 8 and everything went very smoothly. He still has one of the tubes in. He also had his adenoides out. He had no problems at all. I will admit him having surgery scared me and I think that's very normal.

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Hello ,
My son was also 3 when he needed his adnoids out. He also had his tonsils out and ear tubes put in. I was nervous also, but the Doctors and Nurses were very caring and reassured us that everything would go fine; which it did. /we were with him until he received the antestitic (sp?) He was wheeled off, and before you knew it, they were calling us into the recovery room. He stayed in recovery for about 1/2 hour. They checked his blood pressure and made him comfortable. They did keep him overnight due to his condition; Cp and seizures, actually it was 23 hour supervision, they did not admit him. He was able to have ice cream and popsicles. He has not had any sore throats or ear infections since the operation in October. He was at Childrens Memorial Hospital in Chicago.
Good Luck to you! P.

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My dauter had her tubes put in 2 weeks before her 1st birthday and her adenoids out 2 weeks before she was 3. SHe did great! They gave her some medicine to relax her and that helped alot. The worst part is the waiting. After she woke up my husband and I were able to go back there. She was crying a lot and just wanted to go home. After her IV was taken out she started to relax. I was told she would probably sleep once she got home. She napped in the car and didn't go back to sleep until that evening. I think it was harder on me than her. Having your tonsils out is worse. There is pain for about 2 weeks. There is just a little soreness after having the adenoids out. My daughter's throat was fine the next day. Good luck! Michelle B

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Yes, I know it's scary!!! My son has undergone 4 surgeries: the first was tubes put in and adnoid removal, the last three were tubes. It is a really, really simple procedure and the nurses were great with him. They gave him a sedative a little bit before the procedure so he was relaxed. I highly recommend this; if your hospital doesn't give your son one, please ask for one. My son was the same age as yours when he had his first surgery; and it helped tremendously.

I don't know about your hospital, but with ours, we had a tv in our room that he could position wherever he wanted; so he was content waiting for the surgery to begin watching cartoons. After the surgery, they will let you go back to see him pretty quickly and then after a little while the two of you can leave. It goes by pretty quick.

Good luck; my thoughts are with you. It will go easier than you think (I hope, anyway!!).

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My son and daughter both had to have their adnoids removed and we had very little problems.The one piece of advice i would give though is to make sure to keep the water out of his ears. My son also had to have tubes when he was younger and he jumped into the swimming pool without his earplugs and ended up the next day with an ear infection.The tubes did their job but it was messy. The surgery helped both of my kids Hang in there and Good luck ps my kids are now 18 and 20 and very little health issues

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Two of my children had tubes put in their ears and I, too, was nervous each time. Who wouldn't be? However, the surgeries are so quick, you won't believe how fast the time goes. Before the nurse takes your child from you, they should give a medicine to calm him so it's not so traumatic to leave mom and dad. Then he will come out of the surgery quite out of sorts. My children cried off and on for about a half an hour. They say that this is normal after being under anesthesia. My son only wanted to be consoled by my husband...I could do nothing to settle him. After the car ride home and a little nap, both my kids were their happy crazy selves again! Good luck with the surgery and you will be happy witht the results! It will be worth it!

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Hi Im a mom of 4 and I had all my kids done 2 years ago. I had my 5 6 and 8 year old done on the same day at childrens memorial. It ended up being the best thing. I to was really scared having all 3 done on the same day. there adenoids were really large and had a hard time breathing especially at night we could hear them breath. They also had sleep apnia. Your child probably has this too. After the surgery they did very well it has helped them a lot. and they get a betters night sleep. Its much quieter in the house now. I would say to do it. Only 1 of my children needed a ear tube also and it worked out fine. Make sure afterwards you have a lot of soft foods, pudding,jello, ice cream, etc. Good luck hope this helps.


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When I was 4, in 1962, I had my tonsils and adnoids removed. I went home from the hospital directly to a kid birthday party where I hemorhaged. I think that docs and parents are a whole lot more knowledgeable now than they were then! I have never had a moments trouble since then so I think that says a lot. A couple years ago my 4th grade at the time son came home with a tummy ache. When it proceeded to worsen over the next couple hours and he spiked a fever I ran him to the doc (knowing what it was) where he was diagnosed with appendicitis. The doc called the er and ped surgeon who met us in the er. My son was in the o.r. in a matter of a couple hours. I was totally terrified with him going under (and I even have a friend that's an anesthesiologist). Of course he came out of it perfectly fine and as active as ever. Best wishes to you and your son.

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Hey, M.. I have been through the tonsil, adenoid surgery with two of my children. It can be quite daunting when you are prepared and absolutely a nightmare when it comes in the form of an emergency operation. My oldest, who is now eleven, underwent the surgery when she was 5. She was diagnosed with sleep apnea and had many ear infections when she was a baby. She was hearing like she was underwater and as a result, went through speech classes until 3rd grade. 6 weeks prior to her surgery, she had fluid in her ears and they told me if it was still there when they went to do the operation, she would need tubes in her ears, as well. Thank goodness it was gone, but then you ask yourself if it will come back and she should've had the tubes. Anyway, at our hospital, prior to the surgery, she was given a little juice with something in it to make her feel sleepy. This she drank while out with her father and I, and once it took effect, they wheeled her in the back and put her out for the surgery. We were not allowed to go back with her. The surgery went smoothly and she came back out to us groggy. I think she may have cried when she woke up and saw us. It was the effects of the anesthesia. We had to remain in the hospital with her for several hours while they observed her and she had to use the washroom while we were there. It takes a while for this because after they've been put under, everything has to get working again. Once home, there is a lot of rest and trying to keep them quiet, which you may or may not have with just the adenoids and ear tubes. A week later, we were back in for an infection with a 106 temperature which resulted in antibiotics. (This stuff only happens if your husband is out of town on business). All in all it was a very straighforward surgery and she is so much better. As I mentioned, she is 11 now, and way back when, I did notice that she was sick alot less and obviously, her speech improved. If your son is having the tubes, the speech thing is most likely an issue for him as well. His hearing is probably somewhat compromised. It will help him tremendously. My 3 year old, however, had to have this done in an emergency surgery last May. She had an abcess form behind one of her tonsils from a bout with strep throat. That was not as easy. She was miserable and we had an overnight stay at the hospital that almost turned into 2. She was a little like Linda Blaire in The Exorcist. I think the big differnce is that she was really sick, unprepared for what was happening and she was so young. Since you know ahead of time, did you get to go in and watch a film about the surgery? We went in with our 5 year old and they had a cartoon for her to watch at the hospital that explained everthing. At your sons age, he may be too young to understand, but this seemed to help my daughter and me, as well. I know there is always a chance that something may happen in a surgery, but these are performed all of the time. I think you will find that the benefits far outway the risk and you will be surprised at how quickly he will bounce back. He may even have benefits that you never expected. My daughter who was quiet and timid was like a new person. Was it the fact that she had been hearing like she was underwater? I don't know, but I started to get complaints from teachers that she was a little too social now. Is that a bad thing?

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Hi there! I know it is stressful when you worry about the surgery. My daughter had same issues. She had her FIRST set of tubes put in when she was in kindergarten as well as had her adenoids out. She had to have a second set put in a year 1/2 later because they fell out and the problems started all over again. The drs put in a larger pair. Now she is 11 and doing fine. The second set fell out months ago but so far no ear infections. She actually had her adenoids and tonsils removed BEFORE the first set of tubes were put in. The anesthesia will make him groggy at first but they recover quickly!

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My son went thru the same thing when he was 3- i was also scared to death-but it ended up being the best thing i could have done for him. He used to get so sick and after it was done he hardly ever got sick. It will be o.k.

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My son underwent the exact same surgery. The worst part of it was him coming out of the anesthesia. When we got him home he was just fine, you would never know that he had surgery. It was well worth it. We have had no ear or sinus infections since !! Good luck to you and your little guy.

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My daughter had the same issue as well as enlarged tonsils. She had all three things done at once: adenoids removed, tonsils removed and ear tubes inserted.

We took her on a tour of the hospital's (Highland Park) operating room and recovery room the day before and she met some of the nursing staff. I think it was helpful for both of us. She knew her way around when we arrived the next morning. I had also read her a couple kids books about hospitals.

She brought her favorite lovees (stuffed animals) with a couple of books and small toys just in case we had to wait. I brought some preferred disolveable food items for post surgery (applesauce, jello, several juices, perhaps cherrios- I can't recall). Also, her own diapers.

The surgeon (her ENT),the nursing staff and the anesthesiologist reviewed the procedure with us. One nurse decked her stuffed animals out in the shower cap, gown and breathing mask she wore for the surgery - very cute. We took some photos too. She was given medication that made her drowsy and I carried her to the hallway near the operating room. the nurse carried her back to the operating room.

After the surgery the doctor came out to tell us she would be in recovery room for us to see her. She slept for a while (hour or two?) and then woke up crying. The nurses said the tears/upset are related to the anesthesia effect wearing off. I held her and gave her her preferred foods/drinks which calmed her down quickly. (Quicker than other kids there without the preferred drinks.) She rested, drank and watched T.V. until we were told we could take her home.

That week she stayed home from daycare to avoid being knocked by other kids. Lots of videos/DVD's. She had pain which diminished as week went on. Also had difficulty getting her to take the liquid Tylenol so we finally gave it to her in suppository form - much easier for her. She wore individually made ear plugs (the others hurt her on insertion) whenever emersing in water IE bath, pool, lake. Once the tubes fell out, no more earplugs needed. She sleeps calmly and is less tired and anxious from being sleep deprived. Surgery has improved her quality of life.

Hope the surgery is successful and your son has an easy and quick recovery. The calmer you are, the calmer he will be with it all.

E., working mother of 6 y.o. and 4 y.o.

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I know how you are feeling...3 years ago...my then 3 year old went thru the samething....it was the hardest thing I had to go thru. But at the sametime, they do this all the time and they will make him feel so comfortable and give him toys. They gave my son a teddy bear to look after before his surgery. Now before he goes for surgery go to the store and get him flavored pops and pepisure because really he wont be able to take anything else and I learned that the hard way. He will be fine and he will be better off. Good luck to you...

My 3 year old granddaughter just had the same surgery. She has had no problems since the surgery. She is happy healthy and very rotten(LOL).
My youngest son who is now 20 years old had tubes put in his ears(several times) when he was 2 years old. It helped him ALOT. He was 95% deaf since birth,less than a month later he was tested at having 98% of his hearing back.
Everything should be fine!!! don't worry!!!!
C. M

Our two year old has had PE tubes installed twice and his tear ducts probed once. He's not had his adenoids removed though. His surgeries went well. We spent a lot of time waiting. Once they brought him back for surgery they sent me off to a waiting room. The first time, I was surprised not to be with him when they put him under and that was a little hard. It was easier the second time because I expected it. He was very yound (under a year) for the first surgery and was okay in the recovery room. He was almost two for the second surgery and cried more in the recovery room. He calmed down after half an hour or so and was fine after that.

My suggestions are to bring some things to keep you and your son occupied during the wait. Our hospital provided a wagon for parents to wheel their kids around the halls and that was really nice. Be prepared that you will probably not be with your son when the actually put him under. Other than that, try not to worry too much. Your son will most likely be just fine and think of how much better he'll feel with healthy ears and no adnoids!


My kids went through the same surgery when they were small. They're now 22 and 19. The surgery made a HUGH difference in their health and this was so long ago, I'm sure that new medicine & modern technology has advanced to the point that this should be a breeze. I realize the fear you have as a Mom. No mother wants their child to undergo ANY kind of surgery, but I'm sure the benefits of this surgery will comfort you in the weeks to come. Just make sure that you don't let your child see your fear. Also, talking with his Doctor can be beneficial if you share your fears with him/her. Let us know how it goes. Hang in there and take a deep breath.

Becky A

Hi M.,

My son is now 6 and had tubes put in his ears, his adnoids removed and his tonsils all in the same surgery!! He was 3 too!! He constantly was getting ear infections but mostly strep throat - It was like he couldnt get rid of it - NOW HE NEVER GETS SICK - It is GREAT!!!!!

It was not a bad surgery!! TAKE CARE and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR SON through the surgery!!!

Hi. We just had my daughters (she's 2-1/2). tonsils and adnoids removed on February 13th. It will be a long day. The doctor came in and spoke with us before the surgery, then the anesthisologist (spelling) came in then the nurses. The nurses were great. The put my daughter at ease and told her she was going on an adventure. She got in the crib and didn't even look back at me when she went down the hall. (I of course teared up). Went into the waiting room & less than 30 min. later they called us back & she was in recovery for less than 10 min. before they brought her back to me. We noticed her breathing was better right away. He will be in pain when he comes back so they will give him a shot of morphine & he will go to sleep for a little while. My doctor wanted the baby to have 2 naps before we went home. We were released by 2pm the same day of surgery. Little ones are very resilient and he will probably be just like mine; when we got home, she laid down for about an hour then was up walking around the house; wanted snacks. It took a good week before she was back to her normal self. I don't think she was in a great amount of pain because she would not let me give her the tylenol with codine except for the first night.

The doctor said her adnoids were huge & we did a partial tonsilectomy (faster healing). I use to have to turn her monitor down very low because of snoring & breathing problems. Now I have it cranked & have to go in to check on her because she is sooooo quiet. Before the surgery, she would eat very little, now she eats very well.

Good luck. He will not want anyone but you. You will need to take at least 3 days off work. 1 for the surgery & 2 for recovery. Mine would not go to her father for 3 days. I am so glad we did this. It was the best thing we could have done for her.

Hi-my son had tubes put in before he was 1 year old. He had chronic ear infections as well. Then, I met a Natural Dr. who told me the reason my son had ear/throat problems was b/c of food Allergies-Yes, food allergies. Dairy, Wheat, Yeast-Yeast was the main culprit as it was building up in his ear drum. All my kids have allergies and since I have changed their diet, they have not been sick at all. Please, please take your son to a Natural Dr. b/4 the surgery. I wish I hadn't had the tubes put in, in hindsite. He had a hard time with the surgery and was inconsolable for most of the day. Now I know better. No ENT that I saw suggested food allergies. Which blows my mind. Conventional medicine is not always the answer-actually most of the time it's not. Nature has a way of helping you work things out without invasive surgical procedures. I can recommend the Natural Dr. I See. She is in St. Charles and does except insurance. Let me know. Good Luck.

Hi M.!!

My son had his adenoids out in Oct. (he was only 16 months old!!) he did very well. He had no complications and he's breathing better than he was before. I will warn you if you've never had a child put under beware that when they wake up they will cry, and cry, and cry. My son cried for about 20 min. after they gave him to me and he wouldn't open his eyes but after he got settled down he was fine. They are little and they won't feel well and they will be scared but they will be fine!!!

Dear M.,
The truth is your son wil be fine. But no matter how much you hear that your still going to be nervous, and scared for him.
my daughter, had tubes but In at 8 months. after a hour or so of coming out ... she was totally happy and fine! and could hear! In 3 grade the same daughter had her tonsils and adenoids out. I did not worry as much. because we had her put out before. And she was a trooper. I pray for your peace of mind. And I know doing this surgery will Improve your son health. God bless your family

One caution that I have is that the adenoids are part of the immune system, and thus they might not be as disposable as they might appear to be.

This article cautions against the use of ear tubes....

"Many children with recurring ear infections undergo tympanostomy tube placement--surgical insertion of drainage tubes in the eardrum. Tube placement is the most common general anesthesia-based procedure performed on children under two. However, many doctors themselves believe that the surgery is prescribed more than is necessary. A study of more than 6,600 children who had undergone tube placement found that almost 60 percent of the surgeries performed were unnecessary or had risks equal to benefits.3 A five-year study reported in the Townsend Letter for Doctors (April 1991) indicated that the procedure provides only temporary relief from ear infections and may, in fact, cause deafness. In 98 children with tubes placed in one ear, there was a 21 percent higher incidence of deafness in the ears with the tubes."

I suggest that you go to your public library and ask them how you can get a copy of that report from the Townsend Letter.


This article alludes briefly to some problems with the ear tubes....

"Recurrent ear infections are often treated with multiple antibiotics and eventual surgical insertion of tubes. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics for otitis media, but also for other conditions, is an unfortunate but common consequence. Further, there is small risk of damage to tympanic membranes with tube insertion. Food allergy testing and treatment frequently determines the cause of this problem and is much safer.19"


More info....

Best wishes.

My daughter went through this as well when she was in kindergarten. She was a mouth breather because of it and had ear infections and colds. She even had her tonsils removed and it was a good thing. All kids respond differently to being put under when they "come out of it". So if he is cranky and screaming, just ask the nurse for suggestions. Some wake up just fine. Ask about possible side effects and what to do. My daughter was in a lot of pain, probably due to the tonselectomy and didn't eat or drink much. You must watch that they are hydrated even if they don't feel like eating. But again, he may be just fine. Some feel hungry later on, but remember, sometimes that gas is still in their tummies and eating just doesn't sit right. The first day is the one to watch to make sure they feel alright. I've heard of kids running around like nothing happened so just be prepared for anything out of the ordinary.

Yes, we moms go through more than the kids. They are young and resilient and won't remember this. We do because we naturally worry but this is performed so many times per day and is nothing out of the ordinary. Just remember that it will be good for him (and you) in the long run. I remember the chronic ear infections and trust me, it feels great when you aren't visiting the doctor all the time. Now we just go for yearly checkups! But, I've also changed the way we eat, take vitamins, use natural products, etc. and we have done very well by it - it's been almost 10 years!

Last thing, don't let on that you are worried. Children can sense fear and don't cry until after he is out of sight. The nurses are usually great with the kids so be strong and reassure him that it will be over soon and that you will be going home. Bring a favorite toy/stuffed animal or anything that he uses as a comfort item. This will be a little scary for him (until he falls asleep) but with your smile, hugs and soft reassurances (read books to pass the time), it will be fine for both of you! Good luck and let us know how it goes!

I understand going thru with it. But if you want an alternative before going thru with it, homeopathy can help cure your son's chronic ear infections and sleep issues.
We see Dr. Josephine Polich in Naperville. She cured my friend's daughter of her chronic ear infections (she had like 8 in her first 15 mos of life and no longer has them after having been treated). She also treated my son's eczema and he doesn't have to have any steroids or benadryl for his food allergies -- he can take his remedy and the reactions go away w/in a couple minutes.

Note that if you have the adnoids removed, homeopathy might not be able to treat his illnesses (if you remove parts of the body, remedies might not be able to help the body heal itself).

Dr. P. wrote this article on treating ear infections w/ homeopathy: http://www.dupagehomeopathic.com/newsletters/ear_infectio...

Dr. P. is giving a free seminar on homeopathy on 3/15. The info is on her homepage: www.dupagehomeopathic.com
I will be there if you want to come too!
Best wishes to you and your family --- Jen S. (Naperville)

Both of my daughters had their adnoids and tonsils out. One at 3 and one at 4. The recovery was not too bad. One had a little harder time coming out of the anastesia than the other but that is from one child to another. She also didn't want to eat or drink anything for about a week. The other one was just completely focused on the IV and ate everything in sight the same day. 10 mini pancakes, 3 popcicles and I can't even remember what else. The one thing that I really remember is the HORRIBLE breath about a week or so afterwards. That is just from the healing process and the scabs. The back of the throat will be white from the healing too. Even though it was a rough surgery, it was well worth it. They both sleep better at night, no sleep apnea (which each had, one severly), very few colds and very few ear infections. I wish you the best of luck, and it will all be ok.

From a mother of 6. Three had to have tubes one had his tonsils out one had his adenoids out. My one son was older when he had his tonsillectomy and it was a little more difficult recovery. My other son was about 2 yrs old when he had his adenoids out and he had no trouble what so ever. The surgery went very quickly and he did fine. Just try to be there when he comes out of the anesthesia. Its always nice to see mommy when you wake up. from S.

Hi M.,

No mom likes seeing their children ill but the reduction of adenoids will improve your childs condition and not to mention help your piece of mind too. The recovery process is so quick, you will wonder why the doctor didn't recommend it sooner.

As frustrating as you may be...the adenoids are part of the immune system and when they are removed will lower the immunity of your child for the rest of his life...the adenoids are swollen for 3 reasons #1 they are fighting off a constant infection, which is good, you need to figure out why they are swollen and not take them out...#2 Your son as built up an allergy toward something he is consistently eating and an allergy will show up as inflammation in the adenoids...#3 he has spinal cord and nerve damage from birth or fall that causes neck muscles to tighten up and not allow the them to pump and drain the adenoids and the nerves are blocked in the upper neck...i have hundreds of children never need that surgery...you need to find a maximized living doctor in your area who will look at all 3 of the reasons first and have those addressed before you put him to sleep, and cut out his immune system...i never reply to anything until i saw this...let me know what else you need...

Hi! My only advice, based on experiences with several friends, is to ask whether his tonsils should be removed also. I have heard of cases where when one is removed, the other begins to flair up. and then surgery is scheduled again to remove the tonsils or vice versa.


I myself went through those feelings last year with both of my children. Nathan my six year old had tubes in both ears and Adnoids removed. Surgery went very well and smooth. He just was very sleepy and didn't want to wake up. Was a little cranky rested for the day and then was fine. A month later my other son who was four had the same surgery. Now everything went great too. When he woke up off of the anesthesa(sp sorry)he was very irate and screaming. He also head butted me in the lip. I was freaked out but, was told some children react like this off of the medication. He doesn't remember a thing and sleeps much better now. Heath wise he was perfect. Just know that they can react differently but, the procedure was painless for them. Good Luck. If you have more questions please, write back.
K. V.

M., as mom of three and a Peds nurse, I can tell you, the kids dont worry about it nearly as much as moms do! Thankfully! Just adenoids are not as bad as tonsils. The surgery doesnt take long at all, just keep the Tylenol coming on a schedule and him drinking after the surgery. The fluids keep his throat moist do they dry properly. Also a cool mist vaporizer in his bedroom helps them heal right, too. It will honestly be okay! You can do it!

Hi M.,
My son had the same issues with his first set of ear tubes being done when he was only 11 months old. We finally had the tonsils and adenoids out, plus ANOTHER set of tubes put in a day after his 3rd birthday. The scariest part is knowing your child is scared. We had it done at Children's Memorial downtown and the staff there was just wonderful with him. The anesthesiologist carried him to the OR. They did not just put him on a big scary stretcher and wheel him down. He was talking with him and trying to make him more comfortable as he walked with him down the corridor. I think that was the hardest part, just letting them take him and wondering how he was feeling. When he woke up from surgery, he was groggy and very out of sorts which is normal from the anesthesia. They should have a rocking chair for him in the recovery room and the best thing you can do is just hold him as it wears off. The hardest part is watching them helpless, but you just keep holding him....mom's are the best thing for them at that point and he will be just fine. I have to say that my son just turned 10 last week and he has only had 1 ear infection since that last surgery at age 3 and he is hardly ever sick!! He has absolulely no memory of the surgeries at all, so just remember that if you have a good pediatric ENT, they do these procedures daily and do their best to do it quickly and with the least amount of fear to the children as possible. I promise it is harder on us as mothers than it actually is on the kids. Kids bounce back and forget and your little guy will be great!! Good luck!

My daughter went through it 12 years ago and it was the best thing we ever did. After the surgery her sleep apnea was gone and she finally started sleeping through the night. She still would get an ear infection once and awhile but more like the average. I cried when they took her into surgery, but everything went just like they said. The only thing I would have changed was the amount of time I took off of work. The first few days went very well and around the 5th or 6th day she had a horrible day. The ENT had warned us. I was not prepared since everything went so smoothly. I had already went back to work. I am a family daycare provider so I was still home with her, but I felt I could not be there for her when she most needed me because I had the other children to take care of. I would say it is better to take a few extra days off of work just in case if you can. Don't forget to stock pile the freezer with ice cream!!

My son had tubes put in when he was 18 months old! No tonsils or adenoids removed. He did great, comming out of anathesia is a bit difficult for him and you but they rally quickly. We had surgery at 9:30 and were home by 12:00. It is harder for the parents then the kids! Hope all goes well. I am now possibly looking at a tonsil removal for my son and this is really scary at his age! Good luck you both will do great! What everyone has said is pretty much what to expect. I got to go into the recovery room right away! Bring book, few toys to keep him enertained.

My daughter had her tonsils and adenoids out just before her 4th birthday. I was a nervous wreck too, but the whole thing was way less traumatic than I expected. At Children's, they let my husband go in with her before they put her out, which was a breeze for her. (I didn't want to see that!) The worst part was when she was coming out of the anesthesia--she was weepy for the first 1/2 hour or so. But she had very little pain, was eating normally within a couple days, and man-oh-man, what a difference in her breathing and formerly chronic post-nasal drip and ear infections! Don't worry--he won't remember most of it.

My son had his tonsils & adenoids taken out along with tubes put into his ears when he was 3 1/2 years old, that was 6 years ago, and though we were nervous during the surgery, I have to say that it has helped in the long run. We are very happy that we went though with the surgery.

Everything is scary when it's our own children honey. Take a breath and be happy tha it will be a 30 minute procedure, not a 5 hour open heart or live transplant. That's how I managed to get thru the awful and very trying times. My friends grandson had the surgery. The ear tubes were for drainage during healing I believe and there was some severe bruising to his eyes and cheekbone area. You'l be more upset than him, believe me. The bruising goes away and he'll be able to breathe; no more sleep apnea! My husband dies from that hone so be grateful your son can have this procedure. Good luck and Love

Hi M. W
My son has had numerous surgeries for tubes and adnoids. If your having it done at Children's in Chicago, I hope you have Dr Mark Gerber. He is awesome. Here is what will take place. You'll feel like your part of an assembly line. You'll be in the same room with about 8 children having some sort of surgery. You'll see the doctor and the team assigned to your child. Someone will take a history. One by one until they get to you. Depending on how anxious your little guy is they may give him medicine to drink to calm him. He will feel no pain, not even an IV till he is under. They let your child keep a special toy or blanket till they fall asleep and give it back as soon as they are done. They may give you a pager. The surgery it self is not long it is the process of getting to the OR and waking up. Your little guy will be unhappy as he wake up and it isn't easy to console your child during the waking up time, but with in 45 minutes they are awake and eating popsicles. You stay at the hospital for 4 hours after the you leave a recovery and go to a holding. Bring your child's favorite video to watch.
I'll say some prayers for you all

J. H. Beach Park, IL

My son, who is now 10, had 14 ear infections before 11 months old, we had the tubes put in. They eventually came out, and he immediately started getting ear infections again. We put the tubes back in. (Both surgeries, although short, very scary to any mom). A routine dentist visit showed very large adnoids (the dentist could see them because they were so big!). Surgery followed. When my son woke up, he was frightened. He was in a lot of pain (again, some of that was him being afraid), but the pain medicines worked great and in a couple of days, he was himself again. We haven't had another ear infection in 7 years and he doesn't rock the house with his snoring anymore. Overall, a super choice and the uncomfortablness won't last too long. Good Luck!

Hello M.,

My daughter had chronic ear infections as well (one every 4 to 6 weeks). Instead of surgery we decided to give her treatments with our chiropractor. I was very skeptical, but I thought it was worth a shot. After 5 months her ear infections went away. After a year of treatment she only had 2 infections, verses 10 the year before. I'm now a big believer in chiropractic care. My entire family gets weekly adjustment. When your spine is properly aligned your entire body & immune system functions at its fullest.

Hi M.,

My youngest son was 4 when he found out that his hearing was not what it should be and after listening to one Doctor and one ENT Specialist, I got a third opinion and this Doctor said that since his adnoids were so large we could try removing them and see what happens. We decided to go this route and he was supposed to be in surgery for 30 min. but just 15 min later, the Doctor came out and said everything went so well that it only took 8 min from start to finish. I didn't even have time to get a good pace worked up, lol. My youngest son is now 9 and he has had 2 ear infections since the surgery and he has not needed the tubes or the medication that the first Doctor insisted that he that he must.
The point is I'm sure all will be just fine and you'll have your little boy back in no time, just watch out for the killer breath that he will have for a few days after the surgery! Hope all goes well.


2 out of my 3 children have had multiple tube surgeries...and every time they were taken back to surgery, I was so tearful and nervous...but, these surgeries changed their lives and my life...no more pain and medicine for them...and better hearing... I could count on healthy days for activities, school, and getting my responsibilities done. The adnoids take the surgery a step further, but my understanding is that the anesthesia is what is hard on the kids...they'll only feel discomfort for a day or 2...good luck...and ask questions...

I had them removed when I was about 5. Back then they didn't even put you down -- it took nothing but a couple of minutes with the instrument that looked like a fork.

They go through your throat into the nasal passage (I think); hook that nasty growth up with that fork and pull it out. Happens so quickly, you don't even realize they did it.

I used to snore and breathe through my mouth until these were removed. Now no problems what so ever.

I know how you feel .I went through it with my 2 older boys and will possibly have to do it with the 2 little boys too. My oldest had so many problems since birth with his adenoids, which included sleep apnia. No doctor would touch him...everyone said he would grow out of it.One day he was so sick, that he actually stoppped breathing while sleeping. I woke him up, and the next day took him to yet another doctor. This doctor finally believed me and found his airway passage in his nose was 99% blocked and couldn't believe that the other doctors wouldn't see it. He had the surgery and has NEVER had a problem since. A few days after his surgery, we were all sitting at the table and he kept sniffing his food. He smiled and said very loudly "look mom!I can breath through my nose! Dinner smells good!" Yes- I cried and was so happy.

Absolutely- it is a scary feeling, but you are doing what is right for your son. When they are sick all the time and not able to get a restful sleep, it affects their developement.It also gives symptoms of hyperactivity, which makes you think of ADD. Children grow the most in the brain when they sleep. His hyperactivity also went away. You will notice a difference and be very happy to did it.
Best wishes to you and your family...God Bless!

hi M.....ok thisis one of the easiest and less painful things that will have to happen to your son....and the best part is the tubes are so tiny that no one even knows they are there and they are not invasive or intrusive in any way and the baby will have no more ear infections... 4 of my siblings had this done and none of them were worse for wear after... please saty calm and dont be scared... it will be over and all will be good before you can think twice.....good luck and stay positive.D.

This was the best thing we did for our son. When he was 14 months, he had tubes put in. His adnoids were taken out when he was 5 in the hopes that it would relieve the ear infections he was still suffering. Both times the surgery was easy and uncomplicated. His recovery time was very minimal - the hardest part was trying to keep him less active. It will probably be tougher on you than on him. I hope everything goes well.

Hi, M.!
Both my son (now 8) and daughter (now 6) have had their adnoids and tonsils removed. Our daughter had them removed when she was just 3-1/2 because she developed sleep apnea. The procedure is a piece of cake. The scariest part is the anesthesia, since you don't know how sick it will make them. He'll be sore when he immediately wakes up and may be sick, but after laying low and taking the Tylenol, etc., for a few days, he'll be good as new. And will sleep much better.
Hope that helps.
-A. T.

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