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Remedies to Help My 1 Year Old Sleep Better

I'd like to hear others experiences on teething one year olds and what you've done to remediate the pain. We've tried the teething tablets, the orajel, the drops, Tylenol and Motrin but nothing seems to relieve her pain. She's also had a couple ear infections so maybe she's just having issues with sickness and that's why she's so upset all the time? It seems we can't ever put her down or else she'll cry, and bedtime has never been great. Lately, she's been waking up and screaming like she's in pain, but no tugging on the ear, and the orajel or tablets don't help. It's not like we're new to this parenting thing, as this is our 3rd child, but we've never had to deal with our babies crying or not sleeping good. Any advice would be helpful :)

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My kids have always slept well too. When they are sick, the best thing to help soothe them at night was a warm blanket. It sounds simple. I would just put a blanket in the dryer for a few minutes and then cover them up. Seemed to always work for us. Good luck.

Try Chamomilla - which is a homeopathic remedy for teething and crankiness. They have to be teething AND mad for it to work. It worked great for my babies.

Also, if there is an ear infection, you can try the three homeopathic remedies together - Chamomilla, Pulsatilla, and Hepa Sulph. They worked really well for my kids. They have never had antibiotics, thanks to these remedies.

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I've read your story and seen other's responses... what great advice from experienced mothers, hands down! However, I would like to suggest one more approach that may help if your open to it....Chiropractic care! Chiropractic care has been proven to help children sleep better and eliminate ear infections! Nerves from the neck (which babies have slight trauma to when born, think of birthing experience).. can have direct effects on the ear as well as the 'atlas', which controls children's moods, sleep, etc.
I have worked for a Chiropractor for over 4 years now, we see LOTS of babies in our office, most often times newborns. You ask why should babies be seen by a Chiropractor? Because think of what you went thru w/ birth, your baby went thru the same thing, coming thru the birth canal...if your baby was C-section, that's actually worse!
My son is now 3 and his first adjustment was at 12 days old, however my Doc's adjusted a baby at 6hrs old (still in hospital), so he's well experienced! My son gets adjusted now at least once a week, more if he's sick. It helps keep his immune system strong, helps to keep his digestive system strong (no colic or constipation), etc.
Here's a GREAT website that explores reasons to take your children to a Chiropractor and has specific info on Chiropractic and ear infections/sleep!

I would get her to a chiropractor or try craniosacral. If you have not heard of either of these for children please do some research. The results are amazing! For calming her at night try some chamomile tea. Safe and soothing. My daughter asked for it when she was having a hard time settling in for bed.

it might just be an attention attachment thing - needs some cuddling.security.

as far as ears go.... ask your doctor for numbing ear drops... they work wonders. Also 1/2tsp of benadryl on the really rough nights to help with sleep is fine too...

Also try to give her a nice warm bath before bed to calm and relax her. If she wakes up screaming, she may be having nightmares of something scarey she saw. If it is pain, ask your doctor if she can take a larger dose for a few nights. She just doesn't feel well.

According to our pediatrician, Motrin is the best thing to use because it reduces the inflammation that causes the pain. Be sure you are giving her the right dose for her weight. It may have changed since you last checked. If she is still in pain with Motrin, then she probably has an ear infection. My two children never show any symptoms of ear infections (ear pulling, fever, etc) except pain that wakes them up at night and cannot be relieved by Motrin.

I had the same problem when my daighter was about 1 year. She got multiple ear infections, wasn't sleeping well and was teething. Sometimes a bit of warm milk before bed helped (even though we didn't want to fill her up on fluids before bed for the obvious resons). And honestly when it got to the stage where she was waking up screaming we had to just hold her and tough through it:( It was a couple months of no sleep but it was the only thing we could do at that point. I hope you have better luck!

Acupuncture! My son was irritable, nursing non-stop (so it seemed at the time), drooly, rosy cheeked, needy, hot little 13 month old for a full week. He had acupuncture once and returned to his normal color and temperature within an hour. He played alone for several hours while I cleaned up the debris of the week I spent helping him while her grew his teeth.

My pediatric acupuncturist makes house calls and I highly recommend her for baby and kid issues and questions. Acupuncture has been good for cold relief, too.

Caroline Carlson L.Ac. ###-###-####

She lives in Ballard and makes house calls within a reasonable distance.

My daughter was a good teether but my son wasn't, well still isn't. You might have already tried this but I gave him a binki. He never used to take it but when I offered it too him when he was teething he fell in love with it. I don't know how you feel about binkis so I guess its up to you. But I just thought I would make that suggestion because you never know what will work and what won't because every child is so different. Good Luck!

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