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Remedies for Really Stuffy Nose!

My 11 month old daughter has a terrible stuffy nose that she can't shake. It seems like we are going on week 3 of not being able to breathe properly through her nose. We do the little noses and humidifier...but is there anything else? Do any of the Vicks products work? It's terrible at night and it's starting to interrupt her sleeping through the night. :-(

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Thanks for the advice...Yes, I had taken her to the pediatrician before I asked for advice on anything else that would work besides what the doc had told me. Nothing wrong with her, it just needed to run it's course. She had a better night last night and seems to be doing better today. Thanks for the help!

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Melaleuca oil is safe and is great for this, and also has antisceptic and antifungal properties. Vicks is no longer recommended for children under two years of age. I usually put a drop or two in a pot of boiling water and waft some steam toward her a few times a day. It not only helps her clear up, but it helps tremendously when there's an infection. My sinus infection went away within a day the last time I did this. You can also just let her breathe in a little of the oil or put a drop or two into a vaporizer that accepts essential oils.

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This does sound like allergies, I know we all have them and we've been fighting stuffy noses for the last three weeks. I would recommend making an appointment to get her tested for allergies. But at home some of the ideas listed below will help. I would also suggest having your vents and furnace cleaned and sanitized it costs between $150-300, but is amazing! I hired heavenly Air last time and the guys that came out were very efficient and clean (no mess). That night we noticed a huge difference.
Also when a stuffy noise begins (whether allergies or not) reduce the amount of milk intake or switch temporarily to soy because cows milk increased the bodies production of mucus tremendously.

Good luck

Do the Little Noses and then the nasal aspirator. You can also sit in the bathroom with the door closes and run the shower really hot and steamy. Definitely elevate the head side of the crib. Because of the length of duration, if you haven't taken her to the doctor yet, do so. Seems like a long time to have a severely stuffy nose!

Try PediaCare Soothing Vapors.... it's a plug-in that gives off menthol vapors that fill the whole room. You can find it at Walgreens or Target in the baby cold remedy isle. It works great for my 16-month old! I put a new "cartridge" in every day before naptime and every night before bed. That, along with a cool mist humidifier, does wonders.

Hi A. Instead of trying all these home remedies, take your daughter to see her pediatrician!!! It could be something else going on with her. Remedies are okay to try for adult but for children take them to a doctor.

I found the best thing for my 21 mos. old is Vicks plug-in's. Its a plug in unit with small tablets that go in it. The scent is very strong, so instead of it being plugged in all night, I would plug it in a few hours before naps & bedtime & I also would run the humidifier to circulate it around the room. This worked wonders for my daughter. I also used a baby syringe in her nose frequently through the day (even though she hated it). Try putting a flat pillow under her mattress as well to help elevate her head while she sleeps. Thats really all I can think of. Hope she starts improving!

We go through this a few times a year with our 2 youngest (3 and 6 yrs old). Before bed we take the infant nasal asperator (sp?) and remove as much mucus as possible, usually helps them fall asleep. If they wake up in the middle of the night, we repeat the process. I dislike medication unless truly necessary, so we tried this and it works well.

Are you sleeping with the windows open? Try running the air and leaving the windows closed and see if you notice a difference.


It sounds like allergies. The humidifier will only make that worse. :( And yes, she should be in an air conditioned home with the windows closed and see if that makes any difference. I know how hard it is to go through. I hope things get better soon.

Do you have an aspirator that you can use to pull all the stuff out of her nose? that will help, too.

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