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Relieving Cough and Congestion in a 1 Year Old

I am looking for suggestions on how to help relieve coughing and congestion in my 1 year old. He has been sleeping with a humidifier on and Vicks on his feet with socks over it.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Thanks for all of your advice and suggestions. When I heard him wheezing at 5 this morning, we decided to call the DR. My son is now on antibiotics for the next 10 days due to the ear infections in both ears and he is going to have breathing treatments 4 times a day.


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I have been battling this problem with my 15 month old. I have done the other suggestions. What I found helpful for the cough part, was half of a teaspoon of honey and half teaspoon of lemon or lime. I couldn't believe the dramatic difference it made. Good luck.

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The only advice I have for that is to take him into the bathroom and steam the shower for about 15 minutes as often as possible. 2,3X per day. Bring toys or books in there with you for entertainment. Also chicken soup is supposed to loosen mucus. The other thing I would do is talk to the pharmasist at your local drug store they ususally have some good advice.

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I have been battling this problem with my 15 month old. I have done the other suggestions. What I found helpful for the cough part, was half of a teaspoon of honey and half teaspoon of lemon or lime. I couldn't believe the dramatic difference it made. Good luck.

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I think you will find the breathing treatments work wonders! They certainly did for Connor. Hope your little one feels better soon.

My little guy is FINALLY getting over the same thing.
We finally took him to the doctor. I was surprised but they did say that very small dose of Benedryl was okay. It seems to be helping a little. I never had any luck with the saline drops and syrgine thing, even though it is supposed to be good for them. Good luck..and may the boogers stop soon :).

My husband recently read an article ....inhale a vapor mist of boiling water and vinegar .......in order to relieve congestion.

(Now, I know that means holding your child by the flame lite stove, which is a "no no" to begin with...but we did this with our 21 mos old, and it appeared to work).

We are dealing with the same thing right now. Kinda stinks doesn't it especially around the holidays. The only other things we are using is saline nose spray and the "sucker" from the hospital. Good luck. Hope it's over with soon.

Saline drops in the nose as often as needed,bulb syringe to suck out his nose, cool mist humidifier in his room, tylenol for fever if needed, warm bath to make him comfortable. Not much else to due for a cold other than let it run its course. Keep him hydrated if he is having a fever. If he's not better or gets worse after a couple days, or starts to run a fever that he didn't have take him to the doctor to rule out an ear infection or sinus infection. When little kids get a bad cold, they don't know how to get rid of the mucus on their own and sometimes it will just go down the tubes and cause those infections. Trust me I watch 4 kids under age 2 (including my own daughter) and they all just got over terrible coughs and sore throats that ended in ear infections for three of them. Most docs don't reccomend using the congestion medicines for kids in this age group, so that is your choice. (I mean like the robutussin or tylenol plus cough/cold)

Most of the time with a cough its just irritation in the throat from mucus draining from the nose. give him 4-6 ounces of pedialyte in place of his formula or breast milk for 12 hrs this helps to thin the mucus in the throat due to nasal drain, if he still has a bit of a cough try giving him a tbls. of honey this helps to coat the throat and relieve any irritation in the throat. And it taste good!!

I don't know what good the Vicks does on the feet. That's a first for me. Vicks the chest and back (rib cage and pectoral area)and get a vaporizor. Put Vicks in the drip spout of the vaporizor also. I've found humidifiers to give cold dampness to a room which doesn't keep a child warm. Hot steam comes from the vaporizor. Vicks that little guy down, put a teeshirt on him and rub the back and chest rapidly to warm up the areas and p.j.s on. He'll sweat it out quicker. Good luck mommy. By the way, my 30 year old daughter still comes home for me to rub her down when she's sick. She knows mom knows best (in some things anyway-haha).

We have used the Johnson and Johnson Vapor Bath, which works really well to loosen the congestion right before bed. Then we put a pillow UNDERNEATH THE CRIB MATTRESS where our kids lay their head to elevate it somewhat so they can breathe easier.

Our kids recently had colds at the same time and they share a room, so we used .....I think it was called the Sudacare Fan - works on batteries and is a fan that blows the homeopathic medicine throughout the room - smells like cherry Vicks - works great and the fan can be placed as close or far away from the kids as you want.

Good luck - I hope your son feels better soon!

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