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Red Wine Stain Removal ~ How Do I Remove the Stain

My husband handed me a glass of red wine tonight that he wanted me to try. As I took the glass, it slipped right thru my fingers and spilled all over the light beigh carpet. I blotted it up the best I could, but what can I use to get the stain out? The only thing I had was a stain remover called Lloyd's. It did take out the red color, but a dark grayish color remains. I hope it's not too late to try anything else. Anyone have any ideas what works?

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Bio-Kleen's Enzyme Remover, you can get it at the Coop, will get out ANYTHING, and it uses enzymes rather than harsh chemicals.

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Here's a link to a laundry and spot remover that uses natural enzymes:
My friend used it in her carpet shampooer after the cat used her carpet for a litter box. The results were better than expected.

I have heard white vinegar does wonders for cleaning ANYTHING around your house, including harsh carpet stains.

My husband spilled a glass of red wine on all of our bedding (white!). I used baby Dreft stain remover of all things and it totally worked! Get the spray bottle and go nuts, at first it turns it purple and then it magically comes out. With carpet you're probably going to have to keep soaking it with water and mopping it up since you can't rinse it, but I'd bet it will work.

Good Luck

Cheryn where do you live? The company that I use for cleaning etc has the perfect answer. If you are in Boise Id I can have you come get some.If you are elsewhere I might be able to find someone where you live too.

With 3 small children are you concerned about the hazardous ingredients that are in the cleaners that you are using in your home?

Please call me at ###-###-#### or respond to ____@____.com and I will try to help with the stain removing product I have. thx. M. b.

My husband told me a story once, I don't know if it's true, it's from his collage days in a frat house. He told someone spilled red wine on white carpet and he got it out with shout.
We recently carpeted our basement and we glued the carpet down. You have to let it sit for awhile before you can lay it down. Our two cats got downstairs and got glue on their feet, which was actually funny watching them. But they tracked carpet glue on the parts of carpet that were already laid down and on our white carpet in our bedroom. You couldn't see it right away, but as time went by dirt started to stick to those spots and I tried everything to get it out. I finally found a cleaner that is actually very cheap and it took it right out with a little elow greese. Its called spot shot. It comes in a orange can and I get it at walmart. J. S

Bio-Kleen's Enzyme Remover, you can get it at the Coop, will get out ANYTHING, and it uses enzymes rather than harsh chemicals.

I thimk it's vinegar that takes it out try that and baking soda 1/2 of each. or go to soapsgoneby.com

have you tried club soda yet? I understand there is something in the carbonation that may help remove the stain. If the stain is set, you may want to try a chemical remover such as "Resolve". I hope this helps you out.

Well prespot from melalueca will get it out and its not harmful to your children its all natural, they also have sol-u-mel , which it a miracle worker on anything that is dirty. grease , gum, glue, paint, and it won't hurt you carpet it is all natural also . I only use natural products in my home. it has made a big difference in my kids allergies , etc.
call my if you would like to make your home safer and healtier and CLEAN! ###-###-#### or ____@____.com .

Peroxide. I know crazy but it works and it wont hurt the color. It even gets out blood stains.

I usually do a paste of cream of tartar and put it on the stain and let it work for awhile then wash it but that is with clothes, i'm not sure what to do with carpet.. I find that the cream of tartar works really well you could try if you have a carpet cleaner so you can suck it up after it's set on the stain for awhile.. Thats all I got.. I hope you can get it out.. thats such a shame..

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