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Red, Swollen, Hard Circle Around Vaccination Site on Thigh - Normal???

My baby got his HIB and pneumococcal vaccination yesterday and now there'S.a red, swollen circular area around the vaccination site on his thigh. It'S.hard to the touch and is pretty big (diameter of about 2-3 inches). This is the first time he'S.getting this sort of reaction. All his previous shots just left a small dot where the needle went in. Is this normal?? Should I call the doctor? Thanks!

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Normal - it happened to my daughter for several vaccines, but never for my son... it goes away in about a week I think - don't worry!

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yes it is normal although the nurse should have massaged it really good after giving it to her that would have prevented most of that. But if you feel it is more swollen or redder than it should, a quick call to be on the safe side is never an unimportant call.

I would put in a call to your pediatrician. My husband got a Dpt a few years ago when our 1st baby was born because we wanted to get the Pertussis vaccination -- he had that happen and it turned out the site got infected. And, it happened quickly, like the next day. S., if it starts to get warm to the touch, hardens, seems to be bothersome to your baby, and fever persists, I would call the pediatrician and possibly take him in.

Good luck!
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Both my daughters had the same thing. From what I know it is normal and will go away in a while. If everthing else seems fine, don't worry too much.

Normal - it happened to my daughter for several vaccines, but never for my son... it goes away in about a week I think - don't worry!

I'd definitely go to the Doctor... it'S.better to be safe than sorry.

My younger daughter gets this every time she gets a vaccination. It goes away in 24-48 hours. My older one never had that happen. I think it just depends on the kid and the shot. (Also, my younger one had really fat thighs, S. they always used bigger needles, and maybe that was part of the reason.) Anyhow, nothing bad ever happened as a result, and the hard red spot always went away on its own.

My 5mth old son just had this last month from the same vaccine. My first never did have any injection site reaction S. I was shocked. It appeared about 24 hrs later, and continued for about 3 days, but was getting better. What worried me the most was how hot to the touch it was, but about 48 hrs that resolved. He didn't like me touching it or put anything on it. S. I just let it be. I did mention it to his peds today, (he just got his Dtap) and they said its normal. As long as it resolves in about 2-3 days, and there doesn't continue to be a fever. BTW he still has a huge knot on that leg too!!

Any time something is bright red and hot to the touch, there is local infection/toxin.

NCD liquid zeolite - look it up online. It can clear out the mercury within 2-7 days.

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