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Red, Swollen and Itchy Right Ear

Hello everyone,
I have a 5yr old son who woke up this morning with his right ear red, swollen, and itchy. He said it does not hurt and it is only on the outside from the top to almost to the earlobe. I thought it was a bug bite of some kind but I can't see a place where it would've bitten him. He has not had an ear infection ever. I was just wondering what it could be. I am putting Benadryl on it. He doesn't complain at all. He just says mommy why is my ear fat? lol Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you all very much!!

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I would like the thank everyone for their input and advice. My son's ear is doing much better. I guess it must have been some sort of bug bite because now his ear is back to normal. Again thanks so much!!

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I am not an expert but it sounds like a bite. I have had a mosquito bite before on my ear and it gets "fat" and itchy!

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mines is doin the same thing i don't know what it is

It sounds like an ear infection on the outside. Yes it can happen.I would call the doctor.

perhaps a spider bite. I would keep an eye on it. if it gets hard, it's definitely a spider bite. If it gets bigger, redder, or gets rings like a target, call the dr immediately.

could also be hives as was formerly suggested. Have you changed detergent/softener? could be food allergies... Was it the ear pressed to the pillow or facing out? give him benadryl orally. the effects of benadryl cream doesn't last more than 30 minutes....

good luck!

That's cellulitous and it's a staph infection in the skin of his ear. It needs antibiotics immediately. It's caused by mosquito bites. Call your pediatrician right away.

My son had this one evening after my parents let him stay out a dusk and get mosquito bites. I called and our pediatrician sent us to the kids ER. They took him right back for an exam and prescribed antibiotics. They gave him a shot and the swelling went down quickly. Had he not received treatment it could have entered his blood stream.

It sounds like cellulitous and it's a staph infection. My sons ear did the same thing last year. It didn't start to hurt until it started to heal. Staph is nothing to mess around with and he needs to see the doc right away!!!

this happened to my son last week. i think it was a bugbite. it was pretty much gone the next day

Sometimes it's hard to find where a bug bite happened. Since the swelling is isolated to the ear, I would watch it and make sure it doesn't get larger. Give it 24 hours and continue the Benadryl. If it doesn't go down then I would see the doctor. Two of my children were very allergic to any type of bug bite until they were 7. It didn't matter what it was - they would swell at that spot like crazy. Their immunity is picking up and each incident is less than the previous.

I would advise benadryl by mouth. If it calms down I would just watch it, otherwise a doctor's visit would be a good idea. Bugs can be boogers this time of year so it's best to be careful. Good luck and hope he feels better soon.

My daughter had hives due to a food allergy..still don't know what caused it exactly but her ear puffed up too. It only lasted a few hours though. I agree though, give the doctor a call to make sure it's not infected especially if the benedryl is not making a difference. Best of luck in figuring it out. :)

I am not an expert but it sounds like a bite. I have had a mosquito bite before on my ear and it gets "fat" and itchy!

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