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Red Spot on My Sons Face

My 8 yr. old son recently has had a little red dot on his face. It's about the size of a freckle. I really notice it and have no idea what it is. It doesn't look dry or irritated. He said it does not bother him. But it just never goes away. My Mom said it looked like a broken blood vessel maybe. Should I just take him to the doctor? Anyone have any idea what it is?

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First of all Thank you to everyone! This website is awesome. I am going to watch the spot and make sure it doesn't change or grow. Then the next Doc appt. I will have it checked. Thanks again to all

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It could just be a red mole or some other pigment spot. Don't worry about it unless it grows or changes shape.

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My 13 year old son has the same spot on his face, thats been there for a couple of years. When i took him to the doctor, she said it was nothing to worry about , and that it was probly a broken blood vessel. Please dont worry about it being anything bad until you have the Dr look at it. It will make you feel better once the Dr confirms there is nothing to worry about.

A Little about me:

Married 16 years, with 2 boys ages 13 and 12.

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Hi K.,
From what you describe, it sounds like a broken blood vessel to me too. I have had several of these, and the doctor says they are harmless and painless.


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It could just be a red mole or some other pigment spot. Don't worry about it unless it grows or changes shape.

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Us mothers worry over the littlest things. Most people say we are crazy, it is nothing, we worry to much. Well that is our right. So I have always done what I thought I should do, but also take all other advise and listen and try it.
To ease your mind, call your doctor and ask him if you should have it checked out frist. That way that little re spot won't become a mole hill for you. If the doctor says, nothing to worry about, well that phone call just saved you an office visit. So now sit back and take all the and take all the advice you will be getting FROM ALL US WONDERFUL MOM'S.
good luck

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hey K., i read a lot of the responses and thought that the "hemangioma" sounded familiar to me so i looked it up to get a picture of them. at a drs visit i just happened to ask what the little red freckles on my chest/arms/chin...were called and he explained to me what they were.

when i just looked up the picture of a hemangioma or "strawberry hemangioma" and that is NOT what i have at all. it expressed that those can be common in newborns but typically go away by toddlerhood. those pictures didnt look at all like what i have and what i think your son has.

soooo i kept looking and typed in "red freckle". i found it!!! its often called a cherry angioma. you should look those up and see if the pictures look like what your son has.
this is one of the sits i looked at.....

let us know!!!
best wishes :)

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if you are worried about anything with your kids then take them to the doctor. I doubt it is something serious, but it's better to get it checked out so you can put your mind at ease.

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Dear K.,

Melonie here, I am the mother of 3. A 19 year old Girl, 17 year old boy, and a two year old boy. The 17 year old nearly died from childhood disease shots and is motor sensory disordered with dislexia, and a bunch of other troubles that have kept me home as a mother/teacher and unable to expand our family as we desired until he was old enough to be with his father on the job of general contractor. Just a bit about me.
To answer your question about the little red spots- they are liver spots. It is a sign on the skin that your sons liver is slowly failing and is unable to keep up with the load of toxins in his environment. Bad water, bad air,(Smog) and bad food choices, childhood disease shots and medical drugs are killers of the liver. 20 years ago we only saw these kind of spots on 90 year old people in nursing homes now due to vaccines, drugs and environment they are on even children.
With my 17 year old son who had alot of damage to the liver, and had many red dots on his body. I took caster oil and spread it over the right side of his body (liver area) and put a hot wash cloth over it then a wool cloth and a thermafore and heated the area for about 20 minutes a day then rubbed the area down with ice for 30 seconds. It made the difference, his liver began to work after nearly a month of this treatment. I also gave him a liver cleanse as found in the book "Cure for cancer" By Hulda Clark. It consists of 1 cup fresh squeezed grapefruit juice in 3/4 cup virgin olive oil gentley shaken together and drunk before retiring at night. But if you want to clean all the sledge out of the liver without pain they seggest drinking one teaspoon of epsom salts in water every two hours starting six hours before the oil and juice is drunk. That opens the gall bladder and liver doors by relaxing the muscles. You might want to do a study of this as liver cancer is extreamly fast, very painful and very fatal. God bless you go with God! Love and prayers, Melonie and family

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It sounds like my daughter. One day she just got a red spot on the bridge of her nose. It was a little bit raised, looked like blood pooled into a teeny tiny spot.
We did eventually take her in to see a dermatoligist and she called it a broken blood vessel, or spider mole. She offered to "fix" it, but our daughter wasn't down with that idea at the time. It was a little pointy electric thing, like a zapper or something. She also said that eventually it might go away on it's own. That they are not uncommon and tend to appear durin growth spurts of life, so in children and teenagers, though I got one in college too. (I poked mine with a needle, and it healed;-))
Best Wishes!


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Better to be safe than sorry! I would take him to the dermatologist.

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I agree with many; if it worries you, go and put your mind at ease but if it were me...... if it doesn't bother him, doesn't grow or change, I'd wait until his next regular appointment.

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