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Red Shirt Caused Stains on Other Clothes in Wash

Help! I have a red shirt that bleeds every time it is washed. It accidently got in the wash with other colored clothes. I now have red stains on some other clothes. I tried Shout with no success. Any thoughts?

What can I do next?

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Isn't it puzzling how that dye can easily come off of something and onto something else, but won't come back off? I would try Chlorox 2, color safe bleach.

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Try using Avon bubble bath on it, it is not a soap or detergent but it takes stains out of my boyfriends clothes like magic.I pour a half capful on the stain let it set scrub it with a old tooth brush and wash, afterwards I check it to see if it is gone occasionally It will need a second dose but usually it works. I accidently turned al of my boyfriends white under pants pink one time. Oh I laughed so hard. I rewashed them with the bubble bath and they were snowy white again.
You might want to get rid of that red shirt or only hand wash it. Clothes should not bleed after being washed several times.

Avon Bubble Bath is an excellent streak free cleaner. It cuts grease, leaves a shine you won’t believe and it is gentle on the hands. It is not a soap, has no detergent so it leaves no residue or film. Plus no rinsing is required.
Dilute approximately one capful of Avon Bubble Bath in an ice cream pail of warm water and give it a try in some of the following ways:
1. Use to clean chandeliers or any light fixture.
2. Clean windows, mirrors or any glass, even china and ornaments in your china closet. Clean your reading glasses with it.
3. All appliances: stoves, fridges, toasters, microwaves, etc. will shine like new.
4. Wash your plant leaves. They will shine beautifully. Then water (&fertilize) the plant with the remaining solution.
5. Wash all floors with it, especially no wax finish floors. Solution will cut grease, yet be gentle on all finishes. Leaves no dulling residue, floors look as though they have been waxed.
6. It is a terrific jewelry cleaner.
7. It is an excellent pet shampoo. There is no soap to irritate the skin. Just rinse your pet after washing. The hair will be soft and shiny and will smell so nice.
8. Wash cars with it. Use inside and outside. It leaves no hard water streaks.
9. Use it to clean your mini blinds. Just wipe them with a cloth wrung out in the bubble bath solution. There is no need to rinse. AND they will shine!!!
10. One or two capfuls does a whole load of wash. The clothes will be clean, colors bright and they will smell good. Does an equally good job on dirty greasy work jeans or delicate lingerie.
11. Ever notice a grease spot as you're removing an item from the drier?
Next wash day put straight bubble bath on the spot, let it soak a few minutes and then wash as usual.
12. Wash your delicate drapes with it. They will smell nice and fresh and they'll be clean.
13. To clean spills or spots on upholstery, rugs, car seat, etc., use straight bubble bath on a damp cloth and rub the spot. It removes just about any stain, and will not leave a trace of where the spot was. Don’t wet the spot with water, just use a damp cloth with bubble bath on it. It’s the water that will leave a trace of where the spot was. Use it as a total rug shampoo. Carpets will come out soft, clean and smell nice too
14. Great to use when cleaning walls and ceiling. No rinsing... and NO streaks. Can also be used very successfully for wiping down paneling. Works equally well on cupboards; painted or natural.
15. If you have a potpourri burner, try some bubble bath in it with a bit of water.

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Wash you stained clothes again but this time use tide & add vinegar to the wash! Works great!

Any time I have stains on clothing, I spray the area with Oxy, let it soak for at least 20-30 min. Then I'll put the clothes in the washer with my regular detergent and some color safe bleach and let them soak in the water literally overnight. This works for about 90% of the stains, hope it helps. I know I've gotten colored stains on clothes before like you did and can't remember doing anything different than that to make them right.

Soak stained clothes in either oxyclean or another non chlorine bleach or borax. Rewash a couple of times. Hopefully that will get it. It helped when I accidentally washed a cloth I had used to wipe up dying stains (I was tie-dying) in with my whites and my fave white shirt turned a pale ugly pink. As for the shirt that stains everything. Wash it with a product called Retayne. I know you can get it online or at quilt stores. You may also look at Joannes. You may also want to invest in a dye magnet. Don't use the disposable ones, use the cloth ones. Best of luck.


I'm not certain how to get the red out of that load of clothes, but I did discover a product that I use with my baby laundry since I wash all colors together. It is called Dye Grabbers and I have no idea how it works, but you put the sheet in the wash and it grabs all the excess dye from clothes that bleed. I have only found them at Marsh Supermarket. Might start putting that in all your colored loads in case you have items that bleed. Good luck!

Try Oxy clean laundry stain remover, it's in a dark blue spray bottle. It's very good stuff. If that don't work, try soaking them in club soda over night.

Not sure how to get stains out of other clothes, but ANY clothes you think may bleed, you can soak in sink with water and vinegar and it will SET the color. I have done this in the past and the clothes have NEVER bleed!
Good luck.........try calling a cleaners, they may know!

I guess this is a silly question, but don't you wash reds with your dark colors in cold water?
I was taught to wash reds with blacks, dark blues, etc., and always in cold water. Especially new clothes for the first year as red tends to bleed. You can soak your new red clothes in cold water with a cup of white vinegar which will help to set the dye.
I would suggest Tide with the other clothes and a cup of white vinegar to help remove the excess red dye. Oxyclean may help to get the stains out of the other clothes, even bleach for colored clothes can bleed out more of the color than you want to lose but it is an option. The other suggestion is Rit dye makes a problem solver you can purchase to help bleed out dye stains. It is usually found in the section by the dye.
Good luck.

Try Bizz. Follow the directions on the box for a soak.

Shout makes a product called 'Color Catcher'. I've never really used it, but it's probably worth a try. I've heard Oxy Clean works, too.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

I use the Shout Color Catcher to PREVENT the bleeding. I used it on my darks and then on a separate load of reds/pinks. I actually tear the strips into thirds and have even reused them if the sheets look like there was not much color to catch. They are wonderful. I have even tried the color catching cloths that are like a washcloth. I do not like those at all. You have to actually count how many times you use them and when it's all said and done you are throwing away fabric! Just seems wrong to me. I think maybe I have used RIT color remover for the dye on clothes. Hope this helps!

L. Etta ,Mother of two kids, 6 and 8.

You could get the oxyclean spry and use it there is a new extra strengthe one but I recommend that you gett he oxy clean powder make a mixture and let soak for a while and then wash - it most always gets it out.

There is also a wonderful book to buy and have around - it is Talking Dirty Laundry with the Queen of Clean - by Linda Cobb - she has wonderful recommendations

Rit makes a product that is formulated specifically as a remedy for problems like this. I cant remember the name of it, but if you check the Rit Dye section at your store, you should be able to spot it easily. I haven't needed it for a long time, because once you've done that, you remember not to do it again for a long time! :-D

Oh! You can also try soaking the red shirt in cold water with about a cup of white vinegar added to it. the vinegar sets the dye and mskes it less likely to run. I've also heard the Dye Grabbers are great, but if you set the dye first, the color will stay nice a bright longer.

Good luck!

Isn't it puzzling how that dye can easily come off of something and onto something else, but won't come back off? I would try Chlorox 2, color safe bleach.

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