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Red Rims Under the Eyes?

OK Mamas,

I have looked at my sweeties red rims under her eyes too long. Has anyone ever experienced this. The turn red, just under her lower lashes, they they get a little crusty(sometimes crack), then they go away again, only to come back in a day or so. Her pedi said that it is just from tears drying out the area and to put some vaseline on it daily. Seems a bit odd to me, but I have been trying it, but it does not seem to be helping a whole lot....plus now she walks around looking all greasy....and of course she rubs it after I go through the wrestling match of putting it on her(ha ha). Have any of your little ones experience this? She has had this going on for some time now(she is 15 months old). ANY IDEAS?

What can I do next?

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Hey K.,

Have you had the little one tested for allergies? If you haven't this is the start of allergy season. My two younger daughters had this many many times. I just gave them an over the counter med and they were good to go! You will usually see the redness disappear within a day or so.

I hope that this helps!


Hey K.,
Sounds like your baby have a condition called blepharitis. You know how some people have dandruff on their heads?? Well, you can also get them on the base of your eyelashes also. Too much of it causes eyelids to look inflammed. To do a home treatment - use Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo (cheap) mix it with a wash cloth to wash her eye lashes with; do it every other day and it will help. They also sell lid scrubs called Ocusoft and it works great. If it's really bad then you need to take her to a ophthalmologist, they usually will prescribed an ointment called Tobradex and it will take it away.. Good luck

DS had something similar to this, but his eyes eventually started getting infected from all the mattering material staying in the eye. We were sent to a pedi opthamalogist and he had a problem with his tear ducts not having opened. They had to be opened through a procedure where they ran a needle through them and sround into his sinuses. GL, -Jules

I used to get this when I was young and I was told it was eczema. I suffered from this both under my eyes and as well on my eye lids - I remember it hurting so much b/c I carried this through much of younger years and even into young adolescence too. Try putting a little aquaphor on it to keep it moisturized (I am not sure if there new medications out there that can be put in this area -- and consult your pedi to see if my suggestion here is what might be causing your issue here; b/c of the delicate eye area I am sure there is little you can do. In time, my issue just went away on its own - and sometimes flares up --but it does go away in time -- (or at least I hope it will for you your sweetie pie)

Hi K., Maybe a nice warm washcloth will help open the pores a little; the pores might then start naturally producing more moisture. Plus it feels so nice! Best of luck!


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