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Red Pen in Dryer

I accidentally left a red pen in my pants pocket and it went thru the dryer. Now it looks like I slaughtered a pig in our dryer, and all of our white clothes are streaked red. I don't have the time or patience to dry everything on the rack. My husband tried using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser but it didnn't really work. Any tips?

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I did the same thing with a blue pen. I think it is baked on. THe inside of dryer is still streaked with blue pen but it has not come off on anything else since I did it. Maybe try running an old towel around in there and see if it is going to come off, if it doesn't, then you are probably safe to keep using it.

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Try NON-ACETONE nail polish remover on the dryer drum. The non-acetone is key so it won't damage the drum (if it's plastic or metal) and you can get it anywhere. We dealt with a blue pen some months ago and it was ALOT of elbow grease but it got 95% of the streaks completely off the drum and the rest just wouldn't relent and luckily didn't stain any of our clothes. Just go over every stain on the drum with some saturated cotton balls and get as much off as you can. Make sure to open a window, if possible, while you're doing this so that you don't apss out from the fumes...but this really does work! You've probably lost the clothes, although there are a ton of great recommendations in the other posts to try, but you've definitely not lost the utility of dryer.

Best of luck--R. P
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I don't even use hairspray anymore for my hair, but I always have a bottle down in my laundry room. I haven't had a full laundry load to deal with, but it usually works great in my experience.

Soak the spots with hairspray. Really soak them. Let them sit a few minutes. Then rub the material to loosen the spots. I usually just throw them right into the washer after that. If they're all really bad, you might need to soak them, let them sit a lot longer, then soak and scrub them again.

The hairspray has a solvent that breaks up the ink. It may look like it is spreading and scare you, but I've found that it works amazingly well. Any hairspray will do. I usually just cheap out with Suave or something like that.

Good luck!

Hairspray works on ball point pen. It is amazing. Sometimes it takes a few rounds of it, but it should take care of quite a bit of the pen. Spray it on, I use a pump not an aerosol, and you can see the pen start to lift out. Wash and then if it is still there don't dry, just reapply and wash again. Good luck, K.

try dye remover by RIT, they are the same folks who make the dyes for tie dyeing. look in the laundry section of your supermarket or at WAlmart or MIcheals or AC Moore

Hi R., I may have a solution. First, I must tell you that I am a Shaklee distributor, and I think one of our laundry products may help. Instead of bleach (which is so bad for us), Shaklee has a laundry booster called Nature Bright. You mix it with water and add to your wash right on top of your detergent in the washing machine receptacle for the detergent. Shaklee's laundry detergent is also an amazing stain fighter.
First - for your streaked clothing -- put warm water in your laundry sink or any sink large enough to accommodate the streaked clothing. Add about 1 teaspoonful of Shaklee's laundry detergent and one scoop of Nature Bright - stir until all is dissolved completely. Add clothing and push all clothes under water, even if you must put detergent bottles and/or other heavy things on them to keep them under water. Leave them soaking for a few hours or even overnight. Then rinse and wring them out & throw them in the washing machine. Add normal amount of Shaklee's detergent and another scoop of Nature Bright (mixed up in a cup of warm water first)to the washing machine receptacle and start wash.
For your dryer -- you might try mixing up a scoop of Nature Bright in a cup of warm water and scrub on red parts of your dryer with an abrasive scrubbie. I have never tried to remove dried-on stains in a dryer before; so I have no idea if it will work. However, if it doesn't, I have my doubts that it will come off on any more clothes either. You might want to run the dryer with a bunch of rags or old towels to see if any of the red is still coming off. Shaklee also has a fantastic product called Scour Off which we use to clean ovens, grills, and tubs and tiles. It also removes yellow stains in toilets. It is a pink paste made from cherry pits (all of our cleaning products are non-toxic so are safer for you, your family & the planet). The most effective way to use it is to spread it on and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Then go back and scrub it with a scrubber like the ones we sell, and usually everything comes so clean. This may work on your dryer also, but I cannot be sure. The red ink may have permanently stained your dryer, but it may not come off on any of your clothes again -- it might just be baked on forever from the heat of the dryer -- I just don't know. Do you live in the area near Georgetown? I could give you a sample to try if you wish. You can also contact me to ask questions - ###-###-#### ____@____.com The products can always be ordered directly through my website also www.emilytaft.com I hope this is helpful. I am always happy to chat about cleaning issues, so please feel free to contact me - no obligation. E. Taft

I did the same thing with a blue pen. I think it is baked on. THe inside of dryer is still streaked with blue pen but it has not come off on anything else since I did it. Maybe try running an old towel around in there and see if it is going to come off, if it doesn't, then you are probably safe to keep using it.

I've used rubbing alcohol to remove ink on clothing days after it mysteriously appeared. Works great. I keep it stocked in the house as my daughter draws and colours practically in her sleep. It also takes out non washable markers. Good Luck

Rubbing alcohol is good on ink (in clothes and on surfaces). Good luck!

I don't know about something being dried but try hairspray. It takes ink out. I've used it on my couch, clothes and walls.

Try Oxyclean. I used in on my son's shirt. He had eaten an entire cup of blueberries (wearing most of them, I think!) and my husband ran it through the wash setting the stain. I tried Oxyclean on the dried stain and it took the blueberry stain out without affecting the colors on the shirt.

I know how you feel, I have done this twice. One with a blue pen and another time with a blue crayon!
I swear by the Spray N Wash dual power stain remover. It comes in a bottle that is clear on one side and pink on the other. That is the only thing that took the pen out and most of the crayon.
Good luck getting the stains out of the dryer mine is still blue!

My Dad owned a dry cleaning business for 50 years. He says to get most kinds of ink off clothes you soak them in a little warm water and lots of rubbing alcohol. You could even run the wash with rubbing alcohol in it. This usually works on ball point pen ink and some felt tip. If this doesn't work- there's no hope.
A few years ago I washed new khaki pants with a blue ball point pen then heavily doused the pen stains with rubbing alcohol. Then washed again and everything came out. Just recently I was able to get red roller ball pen ink out of jeans and a winter jacket the same way. No suggestions for your dryer though. Good Luck!

ps(the old wives tale of using hairspray to remove ink is because it usually has rubbing alcohol in it!)

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