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Red Nose??

I am not sure if this is the place to put this but it is kind of a two part question that I don't think has anything to do with the other.

1) Since I had my son (19mths ago) my face has been like I am 16 again. I break out ALL THE TIME! I wanted to know if there is a product out there that any of you would suggest. I have tried so many of them. Avon, Mary Kay, Clean and Clear.. Pretty much everything from Walgreens (not everything but quite a bit) - Any suggestions?

2) This is the one I am more concerned about. For about a month and a half I have looked like rudolph on my nose. It is not a zit, not raised, doesn't hurt but I have had a red circle at the tip of my nose. It started out as the shape of a dime and now is more like a penny. It is almost like my skin is gone from that spot and isn't growing back? I have put cream on it but doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Has anyone ever had anything like this? Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!!

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Thank you so much to all of you ladies! You are wonderful! I have made an appointment for next Monday so I will let you know what it turns out to be.

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Stop the home remedies and see a dermatoligist.
It could be serious and only aggravated by the products you are trying.
Good Luck

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You could have also have rosacea. It can sometimes be mistaken for acne but the treatment is very different. A dermatologist could tell you.

Good luck

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Stop the home remedies and see a dermatoligist.
It could be serious and only aggravated by the products you are trying.
Good Luck

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I wouldn't use any tea tree oil - or any oil at all, for that matter - on your face. With breakout prone skin, it's best to use all oil-free products. Oil free cleanser, moisturizer, make up, etc. Hormones can wreak havoc on your skin, it just sounds like your hormones have changed since having your son. I used proactiv for a while, it was a little harsh on my skin, but it did help. I've honestly had much better luck with a simple oil-free, fragrance-free & dye free face wash by Olay. It's very gentle. Then when I use witch hazel as an astringent.

As for the red nose, I highly recommend seeing a dermatologist, especially since it's changing in shape and has gotten worse.

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Hi L.,
1) I had a developed a skin problem that I thought was "acne gone wild", but was a little different than acne because I had red patches of dry, irritated, bumpy skin. I finally went to the dermatologist, and it turned out to be a type of yeast on my face. He gave me some cream and medication to get it under control and told me to stop using all harsh cleansers (made it worse b/c I was stripping away necessary bacteria controlling the yeast).
Now, I use a very mild soap to wash my face and it seems to like it.
2) If you don't see a dermatologist about your first concern, I would definitely see one about your second concern. Both my sister and my mom had similar spots on their face and it turned out to be pre-cancerous spots. Thankfully, they were able to have them removed before turning into skin cancer.
I learned that 3 major factors (other than the obvious sun exposure) contribute to skin cancer:
A) Family history
B) Serious sunburns acquired as a teenager
C) (here's one that surprised me) Asthma!

Please don't take that spot on your nose lightly. Make an appointment today!

I ordered the products from acne.org last October and have been VERY pleased with the results. It's a daily 3-step routine (similar to Proactiv, which had stopped working for me). Even though it seems really expensive, I ordered the economy sized product and still have about 1/2 bottle left of the face wash and more than that of the treatment and moisturizer. It has lasted me 6 months and counting, so it was well worth the initial expense. At this point, I only use the face wash daily and a tiny bit of benzoyl peroxide when I need it for the occasional spot. You definitely need a good sunscreen while using it, though since it encourages you to use benzoyl peroxide on your entire face.

For the acne I would use Tea Tree Oil. It is an essential oil with antibacterial prperties. My midwife recommended it to me while I was pregnant with my second child. My son used to get little red spots that looked like pimples and a pediatrician recommended using Tea Tree Oil before resorting to antibiotic cream. It is much safer than any prescription becuase it has virtually no side effects and most medications, prescription and over the counter, for acne have side effects that range from sensitivity to sun to skin cancer. It would not hurt to try it on the spot on your nose because it could be caused by bacteria. It could be caused by many things.
This website allows you to follow a flow chart that asks questions about the spot to help you make a more informed choice.
It may be something you want to address with your family doctor. You can then get a referral to a specialist, if that is what is needed. Also, if you begin running a fever, I would seek care quickly, as it would be an indication that your spot could be an infection.

1) Products: Have you tried Proactive?

2) Professional: See a dermatologist.

Time for a check with a dermatologist. My annoying little spot on my nose turned out to be a skin cancer. I, too, had tried nearly everything available and that little spot just sat there and laughed at me until I checked with the doctor.

You could have also have rosacea. It can sometimes be mistaken for acne but the treatment is very different. A dermatologist could tell you.

Good luck

Good Morning L., your red spot needs attention ASAP with a dermatologist or Family Dr. I was hoping it was the tiny red dots I have on my body which are only corpuscles rising to the surface, until you stated the size has gotten larger. Please have it check quickly!!

Your hormones have changed since the birth of your little Prince, it may take a while to get them back in sync. Any thing you use on your face will cause it to become red, as cleaning removes the dirt and oils and causes the skin to become irritated. Just use whatever you like the best and keep it up, because it will no matter what look worse before it gets better.
I struggled with the same thing, so got out my Cosmetology book just to be sure, Yup I was just irritating the pustules by keeping them clean and germ free. We have oils on our hands too so try as much as possible not to touch your face, what we wash off gets replaced by excess touching. Pimples are formed from the blocked oil glands in our skin, so it is normal when they are cleaned they get a little angry.. ;)

God Bless you L., hope you had a Wonderful Mother's Day
K. Nana of 5

I have no idea...but if I were you I'd see a dermatologist asap. Good luck!

I had major problems with acne too while I was pregnant and while breastfeeding. The only thing that helped was when I finally went back on birth control. Just a thought about your nose, a similar thing happened to my friend at work. She said that it seemed to get worse when she ate tomatoes...no joke! So, it could be an allergic reaction to even some type of food, but I agree with the rest of the posts and would get it checked out by a doctor immediately!

I can't help you with the acne because I have the same problem, but definitely see a dermatologist for your nose. While you are there she can address your acne too. Good luck.

Go to the dr. For your nose. Go right now, don't wait.

As for your acne good luck. I'm still battling it and my youngest is three.

Go see a dermatologist. I finally broke down and saw one and my face has never been better. She gave me an explanation of what my skin was doing that caused my specific type of acne and a routine that was far easier (and more consistent) than anything else I'd tried to figure out on my own.

I had brown spots that appeared around my bra-lines, on my chest... she said they were an overgrowth of yeast! Nothing serious, but I had no way of knowing that until I went to the Dr.!

Go see a dermatologist!!! It's the best gift you can give yourself!

Let us know how it goes, I think we're all worried about that spot.

Hi L.,

I think the best thing to do is just have it checked as soon as possible with a doctor or mostly with a dermatologist.
Take care


Hi I don't know if I can help but I will tell you what I know. I am a BeautiControl Consultant and I help women with skin care. I have a great acne skin care line and it includes cleanser, a sulfer scrub/mud mask, tonic, oil control mosturizer, and a duo pen for day and night cover for break outs this is a 3-4 months supply for $75 and if it dosn't work I will give you your money back! As for the nose I would need to see it but what I am thinking is maybe a tonic that would balance out the PH in the skin just for the nose area but again I would need to see to understand. You can check out my web site, email or call I would love to help you get back to normal.


T. Billington

I feel your pain. I too started to develop acne again like I had it in my teens while I was pregnant with my daughter. The only thing besides medication from a doctor that has helped me is Proactiv Solution. You can order online and join the club with automatic shipments for reasonable. It really does work to help keep your skin under control. Now I generally only have breakouts the week before my period. Good luck finding something that works!

Nu Skin's 180 system, developed by Dr. Nicholas Perricone... amazing! First thing that ever cleared up my acne, at 29, and I've loved it for 11 years. Everyone who tries it falls in love with what it does for their skin. If you don't love it, 100% money back. We also have the Galvanic Spa... go watch www.nsevideos.com and then e-mail me and I will do a demo for you on 1/2 of your face. It helps with all skin types, flatlining the free radicals in your skin that cause aging. Watch the results on the video... even Nicole Kidman swears by it now! I KNOW how you feel, and it isn't pretty. Check it out as soon as you can and I will help you!

My skin has gone nuts since I had my youngest son 4 years ago! Turns out it is now very dry as well as acne prone. I've found that the stridex pads and gel combo in the purple jar and some sweet oil at night really helps. You may want to have the spot on your nose checked - it sounds like maybe ringworm if it is spreading...T tree oil may help, but it really STINKS!!
Hope some of this helps!

I'm not a physician and I think that you should see one if you want to resolve the issue with a trained professionals opinion. It may be an issue with bacteria and all those chemicals are doing is drying out your skin and irritating the problem. Either way your doctor can shed some light on the issue.

Hi L.,

1) Yes, I broke out at different times with each of my 3 kids. With my daughter, I broke like a teenager after my pregnancy and with my sons I had lots of pimples when I was pregnant. So yes, this is normal. I really didn't put anything too special on it...I just make sure I always wash my face and neck every night first with a makeup removing cleansing cloth, then I use Biore astringent on a cotton circle to deep clean. I know this sounds crazy but going to a chiropracter did an amazing job. I first went because I was having major migranes, and those were fixed within the first week and my skin cleared up as well.
2) As for your red circle on your nose...does this look like a blood blister? Or it is more rash-like?

I would schedule an appointment with a dermatologist!

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