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Red Nose??

I am not sure if this is the place to put this but it is kind of a two part question that I don't think has anything to do with the other.

1) Since I had my son (19mths ago) my face has been like I am 16 again. I break out ALL THE TIME! I wanted to know if there is a product out there that any of you would suggest. I have tried so many of them. Avon, Mary Kay, Clean and Clear.. Pretty much everything from Walgreens (not everything but quite a bit) - Any suggestions?

2) This is the one I am more concerned about. For about a month and a half I have looked like rudolph on my nose. It is not a zit, not raised, doesn't hurt but I have had a red circle at the tip of my nose. It started out as the shape of a dime and now is more like a penny. It is almost like my skin is gone from that spot and isn't growing back? I have put cream on it but doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Has anyone ever had anything like this? Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!!

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Thank you so much to all of you ladies! You are wonderful! I have made an appointment for next Monday so I will let you know what it turns out to be.

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Stop the home remedies and see a dermatoligist.
It could be serious and only aggravated by the products you are trying.
Good Luck

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You could have also have rosacea. It can sometimes be mistaken for acne but the treatment is very different. A dermatologist could tell you.

Good luck

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Stop the home remedies and see a dermatoligist.
It could be serious and only aggravated by the products you are trying.
Good Luck

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I wouldn't use any tea tree oil - or any oil at all, for that matter - on your face. With breakout prone skin, it's best to use all oil-free products. Oil free cleanser, moisturizer, make up, etc. Hormones can wreak havoc on your skin, it just sounds like your hormones have changed since having your son. I used proactiv for a while, it was a little harsh on my skin, but it did help. I've honestly had much better luck with a simple oil-free, fragrance-free & dye free face wash by Olay. It's very gentle. Then when I use witch hazel as an astringent.

As for the red nose, I highly recommend seeing a dermatologist, especially since it's changing in shape and has gotten worse.

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Hi L.,
1) I had a developed a skin problem that I thought was "acne gone wild", but was a little different than acne because I had red patches of dry, irritated, bumpy skin. I finally went to the dermatologist, and it turned out to be a type of yeast on my face. He gave me some cream and medication to get it under control and told me to stop using all harsh cleansers (made it worse b/c I was stripping away necessary bacteria controlling the yeast).
Now, I use a very mild soap to wash my face and it seems to like it.
2) If you don't see a dermatologist about your first concern, I would definitely see one about your second concern. Both my sister and my mom had similar spots on their face and it turned out to be pre-cancerous spots. Thankfully, they were able to have them removed before turning into skin cancer.
I learned that 3 major factors (other than the obvious sun exposure) contribute to skin cancer:
A) Family history
B) Serious sunburns acquired as a teenager
C) (here's one that surprised me) Asthma!

Please don't take that spot on your nose lightly. Make an appointment today!

I ordered the products from acne.org last October and have been VERY pleased with the results. It's a daily 3-step routine (similar to Proactiv, which had stopped working for me). Even though it seems really expensive, I ordered the economy sized product and still have about 1/2 bottle left of the face wash and more than that of the treatment and moisturizer. It has lasted me 6 months and counting, so it was well worth the initial expense. At this point, I only use the face wash daily and a tiny bit of benzoyl peroxide when I need it for the occasional spot. You definitely need a good sunscreen while using it, though since it encourages you to use benzoyl peroxide on your entire face.

For the acne I would use Tea Tree Oil. It is an essential oil with antibacterial prperties. My midwife recommended it to me while I was pregnant with my second child. My son used to get little red spots that looked like pimples and a pediatrician recommended using Tea Tree Oil before resorting to antibiotic cream. It is much safer than any prescription becuase it has virtually no side effects and most medications, prescription and over the counter, for acne have side effects that range from sensitivity to sun to skin cancer. It would not hurt to try it on the spot on your nose because it could be caused by bacteria. It could be caused by many things.
This website allows you to follow a flow chart that asks questions about the spot to help you make a more informed choice.
It may be something you want to address with your family doctor. You can then get a referral to a specialist, if that is what is needed. Also, if you begin running a fever, I would seek care quickly, as it would be an indication that your spot could be an infection.

1) Products: Have you tried Proactive?

2) Professional: See a dermatologist.

Time for a check with a dermatologist. My annoying little spot on my nose turned out to be a skin cancer. I, too, had tried nearly everything available and that little spot just sat there and laughed at me until I checked with the doctor.

You could have also have rosacea. It can sometimes be mistaken for acne but the treatment is very different. A dermatologist could tell you.

Good luck

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