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Red Kool Aid or Gatorade Stain on Carpet

Has anyone successfully removed a red kool aid or gatorade stain from carpet without changing the color of carpet in the process? If so, what process and/or process did you use?

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I haven't had red kool-aid, but I did have a huge red wine stain that set overnight. I looked it up online and it said to use hydrogen peroxide. It worked great. There is not even a hint of the stain or any discoloration to the carpet. It may work for kool-aid too. Good luck!

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Club soda is supposed to work on such things (I've not tried it). Also, 'Totally Awesome' spray ($1 for a spray bottle of it at most dollar stores) takes kool-aid stains (and lots of other stuff) out of laundry, so I assume it'd work on carpet, too. If you have a wet/dry shop/shampooing vacuum cleaner(or a Rainbow), you can apply the club soda and/or the spot cleaner, let it set a little while, pour on some plain water, then suck it up. A 'Sham-Wow' (chamois/shammy) cloth is great, too, but you need to have it wet (and wrung out) first so that it'll soak up the liquid.

Not sure how well this will work since the carpet has likely dried by now, but ages ago we used plain ol' Windex and got Big Red out of my mom's celery green rug and newly reupholsterd couch (w/cream background) - might be worth a shot as this is a product you likely have on hand!

So far Folex has been working great for us on carpet and upholstery. It's taken out colored juice (I don't ever have koolaid or gatorade around). It is with the household cleaners, I believe (not the carpet cleaners).

I haven't had red kool-aid, but I did have a huge red wine stain that set overnight. I looked it up online and it said to use hydrogen peroxide. It worked great. There is not even a hint of the stain or any discoloration to the carpet. It may work for kool-aid too. Good luck!

Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover

You can find it at Lowe's hardware in the cleaner section. I've been using it religiusly and haven't come across a stain it didn't remove, even my 3 year old's grape juice spills and my MIL's dog's "accidents!"

It's pet safe and child safe because it doesn't have any solvents in it. And it doesn't require rinsing or vacuuming afterward. Good luck!

Oxy clean has worked fine for me, but let me warn you...whatever you decide to use, it will probably take the scotch-guard off the carpet, too! Then you'll notice more stains (every day grit and grime) on that spot you cleaned! Be sure to replace it - you should be able to buy it in a spray bottle, or have a carpet cleaning company give you some suggestions on reapplying it.

Hi T., Nice to meet you, Where in Tn. are you? I live in Bristol Va,right on the Tn. line. I love to meet my neighbors. I have a friend who got 4 year old hot pink nail polish out of her carpet with a product called sol-u-mel. You can only get it thru Melaleuca. I work for this company and would be glad to share a little more info on how to get the product. It really is great and it is only one of the many products that are awesome. Please give me a call at ###-###-#### so I can help you get the stain out of your carpet. Have a great day. Oh, I will be glad to call you if you would rather, just let me know. T.

Sadly enough, I have become an expert at getting Red Kool Aid stain out of carpets. The reason it is sad--my husband spills his drink, not my daughter! Anyway, Resolve Pet works wonders even though it's not a pet stain or this cleaner called "Awesome" from the Dollar Tree. Good Luck!

I do not know if anyone carries it where you live. Walgreens and Walmart USED to carry it here... but anyway. Holy Cow is what I use. http://holycowproducts.com/ I LOVE their products. I dont use anything else to clean my house. It even took out CranberryGrape juice out of our carpet. It also took some unidentified red juice stain out of my sister-in-laws rug, that no other cleaner could get out.

Natures Miracle is very awesome. If you are in the Tullahoma area, I carry it in my store. Kramers Pet Boutique. It seems to do the trick on most everything. I will double check when I go in and make sure it includes that type of stain. I know it says blood and wine, so?!?!??!

My husband works in the printing industry and had to remove ink and oil from a rental car....my point is he swears by just regular shampoo to remove stains.

Hope this helps.

I actually managed it to my surprise. I had soaked it woolite, used every carpet cleaner on it imaginable, and cried over it. (I was living in a rented apartment and felt horribly irresponsible for the stain having occurred.)

I opted to rent a rug doctor before moving out, and it actually came out. The stain had been there for about a month. My husband got the water that we put in it as hot as he could before starting up, and then it was just following the directions. We even got the carpet whiter than when we had moved in.

I hope it all works out for you.

OxyClean always works for me as long as I get to it while it's still wet. It's worked on dried mud and blood but never had to try it on red kool-aid. It also works for carbonated drinks, but the best results were while the carpet was still wet. Good luck.

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