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Red Jello Stain on White Linen Upholstery, Yikes!

How does one get red jello out of white upholstery? I have found out that red jello stain is not organic, as an all day soak with Nature's Miracle only spread the stain out over the whole seat, spreading a small red stain into a huge pink stain. Darn chemmy food dyes!
I would love to know what to do at this point. It is on one of my dining table chairs, so I can't pull the cover off and wash it. Thanks!

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My go-to stain remover is Folex, though I have to admit I haven't tried it on red jello... it's gotten everything else out for me. Good luck.

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My go-to stain remover is Folex, though I have to admit I haven't tried it on red jello... it's gotten everything else out for me. Good luck.

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You have lots of great advice. Did you check the website to see if there is advice on stain removal? Many CPG companies now offer that kind of advice on their website. In addition to that, I would add that I find Oxy Clean removes some of our most stubborn stains. Just soak in water mixed with Oxy. Good luck.

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You can remove the upholstery from most dining room chairs. Turn the seat over, remove the screws holding the seat to the frame. Once the seat is off, remove the cover by removing the staples.

The next most important question is, is the fabric washable? If so, soak it in Oxygen Plus. I've found that to take out most stains. If the fabric is not washable take it to a dry cleaners. They may be able to remove the stain.

I'm guessing that the stain has now been absorbed by the stuffing since you treated it with a liquid. You may need to replace the stuffing. Just do over what you see.

I've replaced the upholstery and stuffing on my dining room chairs and had no difficulty.

When a stain is small and on white fabric, try Tide's Stain Removal Pen. Tide has a web site explaining the pen's use.

I've seen clear plastic placed over the chair seat by taking off the seat, stapling on the plastic and replacing the seat. This would be a great temporary measure for households with kids. You have the beauty of the original upholstery without the worry of stains. The plastic can be taken off once the kids are older.

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I have gotten every stain out with Shaklee's Nature Bright. It is both natural and remarkable at getting stains out of everything I have ever tried it on. Good luck.

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Hi B., My advice would be to try Oxyclean. I have sprayed it on a whole glass of wine on my very light carpeting, using warm water. It first became very dark, almost black and then it all but disappeared. Just had to blot up the excess water. Check to directions on the container. I really think it will work.

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You can try Borax (find it in the laundry isle) mixed into a paste. It took grape juice out of carpet. Another idea is white vinegar just make sure you have something else to get rid of the smell, or your chair will smell like dressing.

try windex, I know it sounds weird and its a chemical but its taken red crystal light and red wine out of my white carpet with no problem

I would also suggest an oxygen bleach. I like Marda's idea about covering the chair with a plastic cover and then resetting it again.

Jello isn't organic or vegan... hope it wasn't for your girl ;)

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