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Red Dot on Nose

My son has a red dot on his nose. It's flat, not raised. It's a faded red color, not bright red. He's had it since the day he was born. I asked my pediatrician and she wasn't sure, (not the typical birthmark) so I was wondering if anyone else has a child with a birthmark like this. It's right in the center of his nose! LOL! Oh, and I had a C-section because my angel was breech! Thanks!

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I have a couple of those but not on my nose. i have always assumed it was a birth mark. I've had them all my life.

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I am so glad you asked this. My son will be six in a couple of weeks and still has a small red dot on his nose. It is about the size of a pinpoint. It is on the side of his nose but bright red. It doesn't bother him though. The doctor doesn't think anything about it.

Hi J.! Could it possibly be a hemangioma? If it is, it will gradually disappear over the next few years. A hemangioma is usually bright pinkish/red. If you are concerned, check with a dermatologist. Especially if you notice any change in it size or shape.

My daughter has a red spot on her hand, and numerous people have tried to scrub it off, they forget it is one of her many birth marks. I would just keep an eye on it occasionally to see if it changes in shape. My children's birth marks have gotten less noticable with time and hopefully his will to. Just don't make a big deal out of it and hopefuly that will prevent him from becoming self-conscious about it.

Hi J.,

My daughter, a twin, was born w/ a large flat red birthmark on the back of her head. It eventually went away. She was head down, and the first to be born (Twin A), so I'm guessing it was from a lot of pressure to that area.

Maybe a dermatologist could help if you just aren't sure and want peace about it.


My second daughter has a birthmark on the back of her leg near her booty - it looks like a big freckle. My first daughter has a patch of skin on her tummy that's a little tanish colored she's had since birth too.

I'd keep an eye on it to see if it changes, but probably wouldn't worry about it just yet.

J. my daughter who is now 7 also has one on the bridge of her nose. It has grown quite BIT over the years and i just recently took her to a plastic surgeon, and it is in fact a spider hemangioma (SP). she will have it removed by a laser with a local if that treatment does not work then she will have to have it cut out and be put completely under. Good luck with your little man and remember that this condition if that's even what it is is in no way serious.

I have a couple of those but not on my nose. i have always assumed it was a birth mark. I've had them all my life.

My daughter has the same mark on her nose. It was just a pinpoint when she was born but started to get larger. Her pediatrician sent her to a dermatologist a couple of years ago just to make sure everything was okay. It checked out fine and her dermatologist said that it would probably go away by itself. It has not gotten any larger for a couple of years (she is now 6). He also said that if it doesn't go away when she gets older and she is self conscious about it, it can be removed with laser surgery. She was a little self conscious about it for a while (because other kids kept telling her that she had food on her nose), but I started calling it her "beauty" mark. Now she sees it as a unique part of her and is quite proud of it.

My niece was born with a "red" birthmark on the side of her nose. The doctor said it was a birthmark. However, she is now 16 and the birthmark is gone - as she got older it faded away. But if it would make you feel better I would go to a dermatologist and see what they say.

My daughter had a red dot on her cheek for many years. It kind of fanned out and got lighter on the outside. I forget what the doctors called it, but they all said it would go away eventually. It did, and one day we just realized it was gone. She's 20 years old now and we were watching home movies the other day and remembered it.

My son has red marks between his eyebrows. THe doctor told me it was from pressure coming out from birth. I pushed for 3 hours. YUCK. They said the marks would go away in time, but he is now 2 1/2 and he still has them. I guess they are his birth marks, they aren't real noticable but I know they are there.

My 1 year old has a red mark on her ankle. I have a red pin point dot on my cheek. I wouldn't worry much about it.

Dear J.,
My niece's daughter had the red mark on her nose at birth but had it removed. I don't know what kind of procedure was used to remove the birthmark. L. J

Thats wierd that you say your son has had this since he was born. I got mine about two years ago and its on the tip right in the center of my nose haha. but it's so unattractive, and sometimes hard to cover with makeup :/ i wish there were something to make this go away

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