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"Red and Crusty Belly Button"

My 3 1/2 year old son's belly button has become red and irritated over the past 3-4 days. He has an incredible "innie" and it has some crusty discharge coming from it. We have put some peroxide in it for the past 2 nights and then some neosporin tonight. Does anyone know what this could be or how I can correct it?

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I appreciate everyone's input, it was all very helpful!! I called his doctor and she said unless it was red around he outside of the belly button or appeared to be hurting him alot to keep up the regiment I was already doing. So after about 2-3 days of the peroxide and neosorpin it started to clear up. I have continued to put triple antibotic ointment in his belly button for safe measures and all looks good. I am definelty going to make sure it is good and dry after each bath now.

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Sounds like a fungal or yeast infection; the stuff for athlete's foot works wonders, plain anti-fungal cream from wal-mart.

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Please take him to the dr. There was a lady on Oprah one day (I watch when Dr. Oz is on) and she was in her 30s and had this for a long time. He said this is NEVER normal. He diagnosed it (I don't remember what) and said she needed to see her doctor. Even if it is just lint or whatever, it is better safe than sorry. Plus it HAS to be unconfortable for him. Good luck and God bless.

Definitely go to the doctor. I saw an adult on TV with this problem, but unfortunately, I can't remember what the diagnosis was. I do remember though, it had the potential to be very serious, so don't wait! Go see your pediatrician! good luck.

Sounds like a fungal or yeast infection; the stuff for athlete's foot works wonders, plain anti-fungal cream from wal-mart.

P., use the peroxide again. Then dry his belly button gently with a Q-tip. After drying, take a small amount of triple antibiotic cream (which can be purchased at Wal-Mart,) and apply to the belly button. By tomorrow, it should be much better or completely healed....if not, call the doctor.

Hi therePearl:

Sounds to me what your child has is a transfere of germs (contact dermetius) from their fingers to their belly button resulting in the rash and drainage. So far ,your home remedy treatment is good. If the matter does not clear within the week , talk to your doctor's service. Not exact, recommending an appt, but if the problem is not cleared with in the week, like the Neosporan recommend do it. Hugs

I would check to see if maybe there was a tick hiding down in his belly button. I know my children have had them there before and it would cause that kind of reaction.

It could be a yeast infection. If the anibiotic ointment doesn't clear it up, try an ointment for athlete's foot.

My husband had something like this a couple times. I had him clean it and dry it really good. I put A&D ointment on it and it cleared right up. I didnt use the medicated kind but Im sure you could.

It sounds like he may have stuck something in it and got it irritated. It sounds like it could be infected but you are doing everything right. Just continue to monitor it and try to keep his little fingers out of it. Keep using the neosporin, very good for cuts, scrapes, etc.
J. B

I have in innie myself and when I get a cut or have had a tick in it and pulled it this happens. The peroxide is a good thing but not neosporin. Go get some triple antiboic sab. this stuff is great.

It will take a while to heal has this area of the body does not get much air. When he is inside let him run around with no shirt on to help dry it out. Also try to get him not to pick at it. it could take a couple of weeks to heal. But you will see improvement all along the way. If it does not get to looking better within a few days of treatment you may want to take him to the doctor.

Hope this helps.
S. Jane

I also have a deep "innie" belly button. Mine used to get red and cracked inside when I didn't dry it out good after bathing. It sounds like it may have gotten infected since you said it's oozing. If the Neosporin doesn't clear it up, definitely take him to the doctor; but for future reference, make sure you dry it out with a Q-tip after bathtime. That's all I've had to do to prevent mine from happening again.

Not sure, I haven't dealt with that yet, but I asked my mom because I remember something like this happening with my little brother, and she said that there was a seed tick in his belly button and it had caused him to scratch and irritate it. Not sure, but it could be a tick.

Dear P.,

Probably, like all skin, the skin in his belly button is shedding. Because it is so deep, it can't slough off like outer skin. Mine was like this as a child and my mom would put baby oil on a cotton swab and swab my belly button after every bath. It really helped keep it soft and not get irritated.

Hope this helps.


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