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Recurring Vaginal Redness in Toddler

My 19 month old daughter has been having recurring vaginal irritation problems for about 2 months now. I've taken her to see the doctor at least 5 times for the problem. It seems that for each visit, the redness clears up a bit so the doctors don't see it as red as I have. In any event, they tested her for a urinary tract infection and it came back negative. They also suggested I try hydrocortizone cream, which seemed to clear it up, but once I stopped the cream it just came back. Another suggestion was to use a yeast infection cream. Same result, the redness seemed to go away but came back. She is potty training and I thought it might be the pull up brand I was using. I switched diapers and switched diaper cream. I, of course am taking her back to the doctor but wanted to see if anyone else has ever experienced this problem with their toddler. It hurts her when she goes potty and she doesn't even want to take baths when the redness flares up. I know kids get diaper rash but this is getting really frustrating. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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So the redness in the vaginal area spread to the anal area after I sent my request out. When I took my daughter back to the doctor, he diagnosed it as a perianal strep infection. Apparantly it's the same type of strep that can cause strep throat but it can impact the anal area as well. He said the bright red "sharply demarcated" rash around the anal area (I know this sounds gross!) was an indicator of the strep infection. The strep infection can also be around the vaginal area. He prescribed an antibiotic. She's only been on it for a few days but the redness has completely cleared up and, hopefully, will not come back. Thanks to everyone for all of the great advice and suggestions. Maybe this information will be of help to all of you having similar problems. Basically if you see a vaginal and/or anal rash that has a sharp line of where it stops and starts, like a red ring around the anal area (rather than a rash that's kind of all over), ask your doctor about a perianal strep infection. Thanks again and good luck to everyone!

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She could be allergic to citric acid. I have seen this exact same reaction in my daughter and the daughter of a friend. My DD grew out of it, but we had to keep her away from anything containing citric acid until she was about 3 years old.

Hope this helps!

If potty training, she is probably just not wiping good or is irritated by toliet paper. I found this with my 3 girls when potty training.

I have two daughters ages 9 and 5. The only product I ever used for this type of irritation when they were small was A & D ointment. It's been around for a long time. It doesn't smell great but it really worked.

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I am experiencing the same situation with my 3 year old daughter right now. We've been to the Dr. 4 times in the past 3 weeks. I think I finally have it under control for the time being. Here's what I have been doing. When we get ready for bath time I have been washing her hair and letting the water drain completely. I then take her out and rinse all the shampoo bubbles from the tub. Then I fill it back up and let her have her play time in clean soap free water. When it is time to get washed I have her stand up and rinse her while the water is draining. That way she doesn't sit in the water with the shampoo or body wash bubbles. The Dr. also suggested to wash her 2 or 3 times a day with unscented Dove or Ivory and let her air dry. So far it has been helping and she isn't complaining as much and the redness is going away. I hope this helps you in some way and good luck!!

My daughter had that when she was little--ask the doc to test for strep. Sometimes it presents in other areas of the body. Hope this helps

What kind of diapers are you using? Have you tried switching diapers and wipes?

So much good advice! Wipe her from front to back, avoid bubble baths, rinse down there with her standing up (right before she gets out of tub, as hair shampoo can even irritate below), use corn starch to keep moisture level down, use a barrier cream like A&D ointment (which does noo have as many items to be sensitive to as Desitin), have Dr. do another test for urinary tract infection or culture on urine (sometimes needs more time to grow bacteria than the typical dip test)or yeast infection or Candida or foot-in-mouth desease. Make sure Dr. or nurse or you are doing a 'clean catch', so urine can be tested properly. My youngest had those issues and more. I also have had numberous UTIs. She ended up years later needing to go to the voiding dysfunction clinic at Cinti. Children's hospital, so I know firsthand about all the tests. Some pediatricians are better than others at treating what they see as "typical diaper rash that all kids have". Hopefully, this will give you plenty of questions to talk to the Dr. about on your next visit. Good luck. P.S. This rash does not mean that she will have additional UTIs or need more medical care - mine just worked out that way.

Oh my gosh! My daughter had this for about 6 months. I took her to the pediatrician many times. I even took her to urgent care once because it looked like she had a horrible sunburn down there. I finally made an appt. with a pediatric dermatologist who said to use original Desitin and she also prescribed an ointment that starts with a "d", but I can't remember off the top of my head what it's called. (My pediatrician recommended not using desitin, but using a maalox/aquaphor combination, but that didn't work on my daughter.) It took a while to get into the dermatologist, they had her appt. scheduled about 3 months out, but I called every couple of days to see if they had a cancellation and they finally did. I also don't use wipes, I just use wet paper towels in case the wipes were irritating her. My daughter hated baths, too. We put arm & hammer baking soda in the tub and that seemed to help. She has been completely cleared up since she saw the dermatologist (in early December) and I am so glad. I was so upset to see her in pain like that. I guess if it's a yeast infection, Lotrimin will work, but it takes a couple of weeks and you should still use it even if the redness has cleared up because the infection could still be active. If it's not a yeast infection, try original desitin every time you change her. It's very thick and stays on for a long time. Good luck--I know how hard that is!

My almost five year old has had this problem for a while too. Same thing, doctor's office and tests... no results. Let the area dry out naturally.. run in their birthday suit. Sometimes diaper rash creams sting at first before they do their job. Sometimes their skin is sensitive to bath soap, sometimes it's dry air. We were recommended to use Lotrimum, ended up using Cortaid. I have used good old Vaseline. We also let our daughter apply the cream herself and nick named it "tickle cream".
Mind over matter, I guess. Hope this helps!

If potty training, she is probably just not wiping good or is irritated by toliet paper. I found this with my 3 girls when potty training.

I have two daughters ages 9 and 5. The only product I ever used for this type of irritation when they were small was A & D ointment. It's been around for a long time. It doesn't smell great but it really worked.

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