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Recurring Ear Infections in 21 Month Old Boy


My 21 month old son has been ear infections quite often this winter almost 4 in 2 months. We just got him a dose of antibiotics and 4 days later again he had ear infection..Doctor asked us to think about tubes. I researched little bit about this. But anyone give their experiences and any ENT specialists that you recommend in the twin cities? Thanks for your time!!

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Thank you all for your wonderful advice.I didn't know that chiropractor is an option...so wanted to try that first. But now I have questions.

1) How long does the treatment take? Does it take more than one session?
2) Any recommendations on childcare chiropractors in twin cities area? I live in Savage, MN .
3) aproximate estimate on how much it is going to cost for the treatment ? (dont know if my insurance covers)

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Stop milk, ice cream..and take him to the chiropractor! It's worked for my daughter and many other kids I've seen. Only one kid out of probably ten still ended up needing tubes.

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Have you looked in to taking him to a Chiropractor? They can help with chronic ear infections and avoid surgery.

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CHIROPRACTIC, CHIROPRACTIC, CHIROPRACTIC. I have been a chiropractor for the past 20 years and it is wonderful the results that we get with ear infections. Tubes should be your last resort. My step knephew had them and he has a permanent hole in his eardrum from them. Always better to try the non-invasive route first. Any questions, please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to talk with you about it.

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You will not be dissapointed if you go with tubes. Both of my girls have had them and literally once they get tubes, they never get an ear infection again. It's wonderful! My recommendation is Dr. Griebe out of Ear, Nose and Throat Specialty care. He does surguries out of Children's West in Eden Prairire and also out of Maple Grove Hospital. Note that I did have to do 2 sets of tubes for my youngest because she got the first set at 11 months and they last about a year but if you get them for your almost 2 year old, you shouldn't ever have to do it again.

No recommendation on an actual ENT but I would highly suggest the tubes. It sounds like an ear infection that is not actually clearing up and could be antibiotic resistant (my daughter's was....we went through 5 antibiotics and Rocephin antibiotic shots in 45 days and poor thing had a 103 fever for 30 out of 45 days! at 10 MONTHS OLD). She ended up getting the tubes at 10 months and has only had 1 other ear infection -- to which we just put drops in her ear. She is 3.5 years old! I would recommend not just any ENT but one who specializes in SMALL CHILDREN -- not just peds but really tiny kiddos. We had an older man who is an ENT practice but is very very good with little ones and does tubes on a regular basis for kids under 2. It makes a big difference on bedside manner and relating to the little ones plus the ear canals are way way smaller...so I would want someone who does that kind of procedure regularly. Good luck!

I do not have a referral for you on an ENT but I will advise that tubes CHANGED MY LIFE!! For the better, not only did it boost my son's ability to communicate but changed his mood and overall energy. Now he is still a typical "tigger" adhd kid with sensory issues but the agression has curbed by 70 or more percent on a daily basis because 1. he can HEAR WELL 2. he is not in PAIN 3. he is not on antibiotics everyother week

Both my sister and I had tubes in our ears multiple time as children (we are now 25 and 31). . . to this day if either of us drink cow's milk we get an ear infection.

Before putting your baby though surgery, I would recommend as others did to visit a GOOD chiropractor (I see a great holistic chiro at the woodwinds campus in Woodbury) and to try taking dairy out of the diet (for my sister and I we are ok eating cheese and yogurt, but can not drink cows milk) . . .

My youngest had the worst time with ear infections and fluid on the ear. We took her to Dr. Thomas Ayre that is out of Burnsville. The staff was great and the procedure was a breeze. She didn't have any ear infections again until we had to flush them out when she was almost 4 because they had come loose. We were told that the would more than likely fall out on their own by the time she was 4. Mothers day weekend a red flag went up when she told me she couldn't hear me unless I was looking right at her. Sure enough we were back to the same problems with fluid on the ears. My daughter also had huge tonsils that were ready to come out. So the week after the July 4th she went in for her second set of tubes (easy part) and tonsil/adenoid removal. Completely different child. No hearing issues, sleeps great, is growing more, no more snoring. On a side note Dr. Ayre also ended up taking my husbands tonsils out because they were literally falling off.


I LOVE my ENT. Having tubes put in my son's ears at 1 year - yes, 12 months old - saved my sanity and my son! He could NEVER sleep laying down - ALWAYS had be sitting up - had ear infections up the wazoo...pediatrician told us to see an ENT - we went to my ENT and the following week we had tubes put in his ears. He slept the night through from that point on...and hasn't had an ear infection YET - he will be 9 this year.

My son was a preemie - 4 weeks - had pneumonia and stopped breathing right there in front of me in the hospital - his first APGAR score was a 2. He was touch and go there for the first couple of days before our church started a prayer chain....

Bottom line - take him to a ENT - they will run some diagnostics on his ear drums and determine whether or not he needs them or if there is a different problem!

best of luck!

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