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I have a question about real estate school. Any real estate agents out there have any suggestions? I have a B.S. degree. How long would it take to get my real estate license? is it really hard?

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I too have a BS and like you thought I would try real estate. I went to Champions and got my license in record time. What I didn't take into account is I was working when the rest of the world was off - mostly nights and weekends. When my kids were at home, I was out showing houses. I decided that it was not a good career move for me and switched gears. I am now a paralegal and have evenings and weekends to spend with my family.

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Hi A.,
I'm a mom of a 6 year old and a 3 year old and I am a Realtor. I got my license while on maternity leave with my daughter. The classes were not hard for me. I had to take 4 30 hr classes. I also already had a college degree. Many classes transfered. I'm not sure what state your in so your guidelines may different than Texas.I was a middle school teacher for 11 years. I did real estate part time at first to see if I could make it work after my second child I went full time. I have so many things I would tell you before beginning a career in real estate and being a mom. I have learned a lot. I have been very blessed and have a very successful business but it has come with a lot of support from my family and I have had to sacrifice a lot of time with my kids which was the exact opposite of why I did it. It has gotten better and I have learned a lot about valuing my time and making a schedule. If you would like some honest advice I would be happy to share more. It has been the most rewarding career ever and I love the flexability but it has also been the hardest thing I have ever done and I have put more into it than I ever thought I would have to. Successful Realtors don't just happen. You are not really in the business of just selling homes. You have to learn to market yourself and be able to sell yourself so that you have someone to sell homes to and lead generation is what it is all about. Call me anytime. I'm happy to help a fellow mom and a future Realtor. ###-###-#### ____@____.com www.staceymccomb.com.

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With already having an undergrad, you should only be required to take 150 hours of real estate classes.

First, send in your request for evaluation of education:


I'm in the process now of taking classes to get my license. There's an online program, that an agent-friend recommended. I've been pretty happy with it, so far. You go at your own pace, and don't have to worry about being in a classroom at set hours.


Good luck!

A. - There are very good online programs in which to get your education. Since you have a bachelor's degree, some of the hours can be counted, but you still need to go thru core real estate courses. Getting your core education courses is the longest time (check out several schools online) - it can be a quick as a week or two, depending on how many hours you want to spend on it. Then you need to apply with TREC to 'sit' for your exam - if you hand deliver your scores, etc...it will be a much faster turnaround. Then you sit for both the national and state exams, you get to find out right at the conclusion if you pass or not. Then you need to apply for a license(and it's best to have a broker in mind when you apply - it will save time later). Then you will receive your license in the mail. I am currently with Keller Williams and would gladly sit down with you to discuss the possibilities of being part of the team. I tried to 'fast track' everything and was able to get my license start to finish in about 3 1/2 weeks - it was very, very aggressive. Email me if you have any questions. Good luck and take care, T.

Great question. My husband is a Realtor and we do property management. I am assisting him right now. I am currently enrolled online with Texas A&M through celi-edu.com. I wish I had the childcare to attend the classes that get it done in five weeks and be done with it. Of course, since I enrolled, life has been a whirlwind and have not been able to put the time into it. If home life is very crazy, do the classroom setting if you can. If things are calm and you have some time at home, the online classes would be okay.

Congrats and good luck!

I loved realestate.. I was a realtor for 18 years... I dont think its that hard, I never went to college so your ahead of the game. The only thing i didnt like WAS stress and the every weekend thing (thats when people want to look) . I now work from home and make more money but that is just because i wanted to CHOOSE my hours more and spend time with my kids when I wanted. I have SIX rugrats....good luck and i hope you do well.. take care L. ____@____.com

Champions School of Real Estate is the way to go. They are VERY helpful & can answer all questions you might have. I actually just completed all of my courses & am on taking my prep test. They say not to take the state exam until you can make at least a 90 on the prep test. Good luck!

You can always do a general web search on "real estate schools" or goto www.realtor.org to see if that provides any info for you. Good luck!

I am a Real Estate Inspector and took classes at Champions School of Real Estate. I have misplaced the phone number, but you can find them online. It is a very good school and my Father previously taght Home Inspection classes there. Good Luck!

Hi A.,

I, too, have a Bachelor degree, and just got my Real Estate license in February. Like another poster said, you have to take 150 hours of classes, which includes 4 required classes and 1 elective class. I went to Champion School of Real Estate, which is a really great place.

You can double up on classes and get done in a few weeks, or you can take as long as you want. Classes are offered online and in a classroom setting. I took all my classes back to back, one a week, for 5 weeks. I also took them in the classroom instead of online because I was afraid I would have too many distractions at home and wouldn't get the full benefit of the class. I loved the classroom setting, and I came away with several new acquaintances that I still keep in touch with. Which ever way you decide, I would recommend at least taking Law of Agency and Law of Contracts in the classroom, because they are SO important, and the instructors are very thorough and make sure you understand everything.

Good luck with whatever you choose!


There are some 'schools' that specialize in real estate, go to one of those and it should take 6-8 weeks, go to a junior college and it could take a couple of semesters. It's not difficult, just LOTS of info.

I have a B.A. and I was wondering the same thing... Thanks for asking.. Good luck with what you decide to do.. and Thanks you all for your answers.. People need places to live.. hope this all works out for everyone... S.

I got my license via correspondence courses back in 1997. It was super easy back then, and I would expect to be the same now. One thing that I found is that it really doesn't teach you much about how to actually conduct a "deal", I guess that's where a good mentor/Broker would come in.
Good luck and plan on working hard ... there are thousands of real estate agents and brokers in the Houston area.

Hi there!
I took my classes at North Harris College (now Lonestar College) and it only took me six months to take all classes. Each class it about a month long. I took my exam and passed both parts on my first try! The lady at the testing center was surprised and stated that not many pass it on their first try, and when she asked me where I took my classes i told her and she said a long "oh". You can take classes at a "real estate" school which are pretty good, but keep in mind that they are more fast paced and you will really need to keep up with all the information they give you so quickly. I have many friends that chose to go to a real estate school and they've all had a hard time when it came time to pass the exam. Once you finish your courses you have to find a sponsor if you want to be active right away and then submitt your application to the texas real estate commission and wait for their response and the rest of the paperwork and fees of course. Now you also need to get your fingerprints taken, but that's all minor stuff. I agree with some of the other posts about the working hours. It's not easy to work nights and weekends when the rest of your family is off, so I only do it part time. As a Realtor I try to work around my clients schedule and I don't have the liberty to really choose a set schedule like i would an any other job so I'm considering doing something else. However it is fun and the knowledge you'll gain is one that in my opinion you'll only learn by doing it hands on. Good luck to you, whatever you decide to do!!

I too have a BS and like you thought I would try real estate. I went to Champions and got my license in record time. What I didn't take into account is I was working when the rest of the world was off - mostly nights and weekends. When my kids were at home, I was out showing houses. I decided that it was not a good career move for me and switched gears. I am now a paralegal and have evenings and weekends to spend with my family.

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