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Reading Tutor Needed for 6, Almost 7 Year Old That Has Already Repeated K

I need help but can't afford Sylvan or Kumon. My son has already repeated kindergarten and still can't read. He is shy and acts like he can't sound out words. He knows the sounds of his letter but seems to get overwhelmed with blending the letters for words. Unfortunately my husband and I work full time and don't have much time to work with him in the evening or weekends on his reading and writing. I believe he would do better with someone else. When we try to work with him he whines and complains and throws little fits. His teachers do not have the same problem with this behavior. I would really like to find a student or someone who maybe has their own kids they are teaching to work with him to catch up and be able to do well in first grade. Please give me your thoughts and ideas on this dilemma.

K. A

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First of all I don't mean to offend you in any way, I just am giving my opinion. I'm a full time working mom too at one point I was even a full time working single mom... I think it is our responsibility as parents to teach our children, and reading is something we can do with and for them especially at age 6 and 7. I know kids whine, but still set aside 1 hour every night and on the weekend, 2 or more hours, you don't even have to do it all at the same time, but spend quality time teaching your child. You aren't teaching them calculus, it's reading, you know how to read.... I hate hearing my kids whine, discipline them, if that means taking TV time away, play time.. do it, they might say ugly things like they hate you, well, later in life they might really mean it when they look back on their life and realize, hey if my parents would have just spent time with me, make me read, worked with me, give me some direction but no, they were tired because they worked all day, so I'm 2 or more years behind everyone else my age... how will that really make them feel???
My son was in daycare/preschool since he was 1 year old, I thought he was learning in there too... When he started kindergarten I found out he didn't know his ABC... I bought flash cards right away and I worked with him every day until he knew all the letters (upper and lower case), we worked on the sounds, I read to him, I had him read to me, my son was not going to fail kindergarten. My son learned, not only that, he's been a straight A student in the gifted program, he's in 6th grade now. I was a single parent at the time, I had an older daughter in school too, I had a lot on my plate, but my kids are my priority... Something that helps when learning to read, is find a book they really like, and read it over and over, when you read to them, point to each word. Then after a few times, have them read to you.
I understand sometimes having someone else teach your child is a little easier because they aren't going to act up, but I would really give 100% before doing that. My daughter is notorious for asking for help, especially with math, when I go to help her I don't solve the problem the same as her teacher taught her, I do it old school, however, I do help her, and after she's done throwing her fit, she listens and understands what she's doing.
Time is all I'm suggesting, work with your child, sure you've had a hard day and you would like to just sit back maybe turn on the TV and relax... You are giving your child more than you will ever realize. I once heard a pastor say that he's been with a lot of people on their death bed and they never talk about working more, they regret not spending more time with their family and friends...
I don't mean to sound harsh, I just think as parents, we need to spend more time with our kids, especially when they are young... They grow up too fast...
I do wish you all the best!

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Go to the school counselor. They usually have leads on who tutors and has openings. You might also have him checke d for dyslexia to be in the safe side.

SO many people use tutors who are teachers just trying to make a few extra $$$ on the side. The going rate is about $50 per hour.

Another option could be a high school or college student. High School students ho are in the Honor Society have to do co many community service hours...this might fit into that category. So, check with your local high school counselors and honor society leaders for possibilities.

I know we are all very busy with our families and activities but your son also also needs to be reading at home, both him reading to you and you reading to him.

Good luck.

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I agree with approaching the school counselor and getting him tested for dislexia. Scottish Rite has a great center that can do it, you need a referal from your pediatrician.
It's a good idea that someone else can take over the "teaching" and that way your free time with him is not a battle, but a fun and loving one.
Good Luck!

I do tutoring in my home in Frisco. I work with children with special needs and behavior problems also. You can call me for more info, if you are interested. ###-###-#### and then I can send you, my resume and some parents phone numbers of children I work with.

I am the Director at Reading Friends. Our school is on the north side of Lewisville. Our program is for children ages 2-Kindergarten, but we are now offering tutoring for children K-3. We would love to help your son. We use a combination of MTS and leveled guided reading, in addition to fine motor practice and handwriting.
The details on tutoring are not on our website...if you are interested in learning more, please contact me directly.


M. Senick
Reading Friends

hi my name is B. 22 year old reading turtor and great with kid's first of all are yall from North Carolina? If so I might can help if you need to reach me please email me ____@____.com

My name is G. and I have a 9 year old son that is
in 2nd grade now in special ed. He had to go to kinder-
garten twice and he is doing very well now. In 1st grade he
would read for his teachers but not for us.He knew the sounds of the letters but wouldn't say the words right
and we would get so frustrated with him.We got him
"Hooked On Phonics" and so did the school and this helped
quite a bit. Just this year he learned to sound out his letters and pronounce the words. He still has trouble some
times or shutsdownand won't try anymore. He has about a
10 to15 minute attention span and throws fits when he
doesn,t want to do something. I hope this helps, I'd be
happy to help in any way I could. My son helps teach some
of the younger kids to read in his class now.


Good luck with the tutor thing. I also wanted to give you another option. Click N Read Phonics is an online learn to read program. It is very simple and engaging for children. The cost is a one time fee of almost $60 (I know I found a code somewhere to save a little money). There are 100 levels and by the time your child is finished with the program they will be a second grade reader. There is a money back guarantee. I am speaking from experience because I have been teaching my son to read with this program. Since you are busy you will like the fact that a lesson takes no more than 15 minutes and you can do 3 lessons a week out of 7 days.

Hope this helps.

TCU has a summer reading program - there might be an option for scholarships.

Hello K.,

I hope you find a tutor soon. In the meantime, I suggest you get him the leapfrog videos:
Leap Frog - Letter Factory
Leap Frog - Talking Words Factory
Leap Frog - Talking Words Factory 2 -code word caper

the math/numbers one is great too.
I got them at walmart/sam's club.

BTW, you may want to make sure there are no issues like dyslexia, etc.
Good luck! ~C.~

Hi K. A.

My name is A. S. and I am a fourth year college student living in the Dallas/Plano/Addison area. I would love to help you with your son if our schedules will allow. I charge $10 an hour and I have two jobs right now along with school and a new apartment with my boyfriend so the extra cash would be perfect. I can email you my full resume if you give me your email. My email address is ____@____.com. please contact me if you are interested in my services. I am studying Early Childhood through 4th Grade education and I have prior experience working with children and preteens. Maybe weekend mornings or afternoons would be good for us both? Anyways, email me for more information.


If you are in the San Diego, CA area, take a look at Best San Diego Reading Tutor for Young Children. Jeannie Ross has developed a unique, multi-sensory, musical/movement phonics and reading program. She can teach any child to read. http://www.yelp.com/biz/best-san-diego-reading-tutor-for-...

K., if you really want a tutor, ask your child's teacher or the school's counselor if they have any names of teachers who tutor on the side. The going rate is about $45 per hour, once a week. I second the recommendation of the Leap Frog videos. They helped teach my youngest child to read. Also, you really should try to set some time at home to read with your child. It really makes a huge difference in how well they learn to read. I would suggest getting the "BOB' series of books. They are very, very simple to start and they progress from there.

I just remembered.... one of the kindergarten teachers at our school, who quit last year to stay at home with her first baby informed the school that she is looking for kids to tutor. If you want her name, send me a message. She is a great teacher!!!

I also rec. Leap Frog letter factory....my son walks around singing the songs...good luck!

My 14-year-old daughter is available for tutoring this summer. She doesn't drive though so you would need to bring him here. We are in north Garland. In the meantime I recommend that you make reading at bedtime part of your routine. After the kids get ready for bed, read a short fun book. Make going to the library part of your weekend routine. Best of luck!

Hi K.! I believe my daughters 1st grade teacher tutors and I can promise, she's excellent! She teaches my strong willed kiddo and Maezi loves and respects her without a doubt. Here is her info:

Lori McWilliams

Hi K., I understand how it is to be full time working parents. Just keep in mind though that learning to read is crucial for a young child. Not reading can have an impact on so many things as you're probably already aware. This all said, just find a few minutes in your evening to sit and read to him, whether he's responding or not. Even if you get a tutor or someone to help him, your combined efforts will make a greater difference. And we all know reading schools can be expensive, but sometimes it's worth the investment. Good luck!

The TCU reading program will be offered this summer in Garland and other locations. The number is 1-800-979-9151

check out "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD. She's on some videos on utube as well. I have 2 kids with ADD/ADHD and learning issues and after years on the "journey" through different tutoring, meds and supplements, I think what she is saying really makes sense.


I'm currently booking my summer tutoring students. I'm a teacher with 15 years experience. I have a Master's degree in education. I have taught in California, Tennessee and now for 5 years in Texas. I have recently begun tutoring after school and am enjoying the one-on-one with students so much! I'm a natural with kids and a born teacher. For what it's worth, I've won teacher of the year and other awards. I also have experience as a live-in nanny. My expertise is with grades 1-5, and I'm certified in grades 1-8. Feel free to contact me and discuss your needs. My email address is ____@____.com. I typically see students at local libraries. My fees are reasonable. I hope to hear from you! Thanks, L.

Hi K.,

You've gotten some great feedback here. I wanted to also suggest the LeapFrog videos already mentioned. They are FABULOUS supplemental tools you can use at home. They are FUN and educational! You can get them at Target as well as the stores the other mom mentioned. They are $9.99 a piece but COMPLETELY worth it. The Word Factory ones teach the children how to put words together using the sounds they know the letters make. My children have enjoyed these videos and still request. They have catchy songs in them. :-)

Good luck to you and your son!

Scottish Rite, as suggested, is indeed an excellent option. Some of the responders have already suggested testing which is exactly what you need to do. Whether it is dyslexia or some other issue, you have to know what you are dealing with before you can discover solution. The Shelton School and Diagnostic Testing Center is a comprehensive and affordable option. We paid far far more than what Shelton charges to find out the same basic information. Keep the faith and don't lose hope. Although some may say "gut up" or it's just a matter of "making time" or my favorite; "discipline", they clearly do not understand the real issues. Individuals with learning differences learn in a different ways. It really is that simple. Traditional methods won't work no matter how many times tried. He doesn't learn the way he is being taught. Forget trying to do it yourself. Besides if you could it would be happening already. Your son learns in a different way than he is being taught. It isn't bad or wrong, just different.

My dyslexic 9 year old daughter went from reading below 1st grade level to reading at the 6th grade 6th month level in 18 months. I used to fear she would never read for pleasure and now it is impossible to imagine her without a book near by.

Best of luck to you and yours. And no matter what, keep reading to him and his 13 year old brother every chance you get. Studies show it is one of the most powerful tools parents have.

I would recommend considering testing for dyslexia if this continues too long. My daughter has mild dyslexia and the first sign for me was when she couldn't sound out words. She knew her letters but when presented with words could not put the sounds together. She would come up with the most bizarre combination of sounds. School was reluctant to test early but with prompting they finally did early in 2nd grade. She is now 15 and though reads slower than others - she likes to read and has good comprehension.

For tutoring I would definitely check with the school counselor first to see if they have a list of tutors.

contact your local high school honor's director. your child could meet with this honor's student at the local library. might have your child tested for dylexia and a good eye exam. also, you might get a stack of easy reading books from the public library and instruct your child to read one each night before bed rather than watch television. since he knows how to pronounce the words maybe you could have him read the books on his own into a tape recorder ... good luck.

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