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Re-using Pull Ups...

Say your child is pretty much potty trained, but you still don't *quite* trust her not to have an accident when out and about. So when you leave the house, you put her in a pull-up. Then when you get home, after say 3 hours or so, YAY! The pull-up is still dry! :) You then put your child into her big-girl underwear for the rest of the day. Would you throw that pull-up away, or or save it to use for the night? (DD isn't quite ready for night-training yet..)

I feel like this is perfectly acceptable, because hey, if it were underwear, she would wear them all day, not just 3 hours. Besides, they are SOOO EXPENSIVE to throw away when they aren't even soiled. Hubby thinks it's gross...

What do you think?

What can I do next?

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While they are $30, worth it to get a Bumgenius FLIP Trainer that comes with 3 inserts. They are waterproof. Love mine.

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If it is clean and dry I would do the same thing. I wouldn't use it after a bath though, then I would use a new one. If you do the underwear under the pull up thing when you go out then definitely reuse if clean since there is another layer between the pull up and the kid.

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Typically I would always throw them out if they were worn for any amount of time, even if they weren't peed in they were sweated in and munched up and the paper was sort of scuffed and torn up. Pullups don't breathe like underwear so it does collect up the sweat etc and it always was too much "eew" for me.

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I re-use them. I think it's obvious if they have been urinated in.

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I treat it like underwear. No pee, no problem. Only if I'm sure there's no pee, though. You can usually tell, as the weight of the pullup changes with pee in it. And if potty training, I'm assuming that the child would tell you and you'd get to a potty if you could.

I don't see it the same as reusing a pad, because a fully grown woman's lady parts are a whole different story than a kiddo's "maturity free" parts.

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I think i would do a sniff test to be sure. But, she sounds like she is trained. I would go with panties all day. Just pack extra panties and shorts in a freezer baggie and keep them in the car or your purse.

Meaning.... make sure the pull up does not smell like pee, even though it looks dry.

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While they are $30, worth it to get a Bumgenius FLIP Trainer that comes with 3 inserts. They are waterproof. Love mine.

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Does your husband change HIS underwear every 3 hours? :)

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Save it for later if it's clean.

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To me, it's kind of like reusing a pad.
If you wore a pad for the afternoon thinking your period might start, but then it didn't, would you roll it up and put it back in the box for later?
I wouldn't, but that's just me.
No right or wrong here, just a matter of preference :)

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We always re-used. I never threw away a dry pull-up.

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